Thursday, June 5, 2014

Book Review for Uncovering You by Scarlet Edwards Part 2 Submission

Uncovering You : Submission

By: Scarlett Edwards
Reviewed by:Tonya
Published:Edwards Publishing LTD
Source:Purchased Gene: Erotica Romance


I have survived the worst. I have come out of the darkness with my sanity intact. 

Now, I get to meet the monster holding me here. For the first time since my captivity began, I get to meet Stonehart. 

Whatever he wants, I'll be ready. The collar may be tight around my neck, but I will not be a prisoner. 

A prisoner has no choice. A prisoner has no purpose. 

But a concubine, on the other hand? She always has a choice. 

And today, I choose to fight. 


Uncovering You 2: Submission continues the story begun in Uncovering You: The Contract. It contains scenes of intense emotional and physical abuse. Readers with sensitivity to such subjects are advised to proceed with caution.

Our Review

First let me say be prepared to yell, be prepared to scream because you will be so shocked and angry at what happens in this book. But OMG it's as good as book one is...

The author has again done an amazing job bringing Lilly's captivity to life. And Jeremy and the truly twisted man he is really comes to light.

I warn you there are some very intense moments and that's putting it mildly. If you can't handle abuse, rape, depravity in a book please do not read this. But if you can look past that, realize the honorifics of it, the cruelty of it as part of the whole story the author is unraveling you will enjoy the book.

I wont lie I threw my Kindle when events unfolded, I couldn't believe it. It took me some time to calm down, picked my Kindle back up because I had to find out what happened to Lilly. I'm so happy she fought back no matter the out come.

Rose has me stumped. I can't figure her out yet. Why would someone willingly work for Mr. Stonehart knowing what type of man he is? There has to be more to the story. I hope that the author unfolds that little tidbit in the upcoming books. 

This book left my heart wrenched for Lilly. Where she was left at the end. What's going to happen next. Will Lilly overcome. Will she rise above. Will secrets unravel. Will she find freedom? I can't wait to read the next book.

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