Thursday, June 5, 2014

Book Review for Uncovering You 4: Retribution by Scarlett Edwards

Uncovering You : Retribution

By: Scarlett Edwards
Reviewed by:Tonya
Published:Edwards Publishing LTD
Source:Purchased Gene: Erotica Romance


I know that I am here for a reason. 

Stonehart abducted me, starved me, and left me in the dark... all for a reason. 

He is a cold man, but he is not irrational. He has his purpose. I have not yet discovered what it is. 

I should despise him. I should feel nothing but disgust when I think of him. And yet... yet sometimes, I don't. 

Because there are those precious moments when he makes me feel magnificent. Treasured. Like a real person. One who actually matters to him. 

I know those fleeting displays of affection should not sway my resolve. But I am not him. I do not possess his self-control. I cannot stay unaffected forever. 

Bit by bit, my stand is wearing at me. 

Do I still want revenge? Do I still want vengeance? 

Yes. Yes, of course I do. I want revenge. I want retribution. 

But Stonehart wants something from me, too. And the terrifying question that lurks in the back of my mind is: 

In the end, will it be his retribution, or mine?

Our Review

Okay wow what can I say but OMG Lilly you have to find a way to get out of there. I think I would have tried to find a way to off Jeremy if it were me. This man is giving me serious whip lash with his treatment, his rules, his demeanor. Just when I think he can't get any more depraved something sets him off. 

Sorry I have to say but Wake up Lilly, the man leaves you alone in the dark, and then walks you around and makes you feel like your are a princess. Okay so he turns you on and maybe you are into a little kinky or no a lot of kinky S&M type sex. But hey hunny, forcing you on all 4 and acting like you aren't even there. Yeah.... NO WAY SISTER.

If you thought what Lilly went through in books 1 through 3 were bad, yeah, the author kicks it up not one, heck not two but three notches in this one. But you know what there was a little snack in there about Rose, yeah there was, I am telling you people there is something about Rose and Jeremy and I think Rose may know more of what is going on than we are being led to believe. But hey I could be all wrong and the author is just writing Rose's part of the story that good LOL. 

Honestly as horrible and depraved as Jeremy is (and my co-worker she is reading these too - and we both keep saying "OMG he is one sick ***ef'ing*** pr_ck" LOL there are times when you really do think okay, wait, this guy, this guy is someone I would fall for. Then he has to go and screw it all up. And I am telling you Lilly does not deserve what she got in this book, not that she did in any of the others, but she really didn't in this one. 

Another great installment in the Uncovering You series. but bummer now I have to wait longer for the next one to come out. Oh come on Scarlett hurry up I have to find out what happens to Lilly....

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