Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Giveaway and Excerpt for Fates for Apate by Sue London

Fates for Apate Synopsis:
She was sent to the Congress of Vienna with one simple mission. Observe and report on the Prussian delegation. What she hadn’t expected was someone in the delegation observing her.
Georgiana “George” Lockhart grew up as a Haberdasher, one of the girls trained by Robert Bittlesworth to be both armed and dangerous. She has her first assignment through the Foreign Office and needs to distract and use a man she assumes is an opposing agent.
Casimir Rokiczana would do anything for his people. The Congress of Vienna seemed poised to tear his homeland apart and he is working frantically to find a voice with each of the Four Great Powers. In his experience men are often swayed by the opinions of their wives, but the English beauty he has chosen to woo to his cause seems to have more on her mind than a liaison.
George positioned herself in the midst of ladies chatting near the door. A dreamy gasp followed by the fluttering of fans around her made her glance to the entrance. Yes, her Prussian gentleman had arrived, but the reaction of the ladies around her was even more dramatic than she would have expected. Then she watched him saunter towards the group with a pleased smile on his face that managed to make him attractive rather than arrogant. His coat was the color of a ripe plum, the velvet flashing a deep purple where it caught the candlelight. Having approached their bevy he began to greet them individually, in each lady’s native language. George was cynically impressed with his ability to flirt with ten women at once. Then it was her turn to be greeted. Her rational mind cataloged the aspects of how he engendered a response. He stood a bit too closely, yet without crowding. His grip on her hand was firm without being tight as he raised it to his lips to kiss. His touch was warm, even through her gloves. His eyes never left hers as he murmured a greeting, his voice low enough to infer that he only wanted her to hear it, perhaps even lean closer to hear it.
“Good evening, Mrs. Appleton.”
Oh yes, he was good. Even while her mind analyzed his movements, she felt a shiver of awareness go through her. Being wise to his machinations did not, apparently, make her immune. She wasn’t sure if he had studied seduction or was just a natural at it. But thus far he was her only potential entry to the Prussian delegation so she would play his game. She dipped her chin like a shy ingénue while shifting slightly to draw attention to what chest she did have. Looking up through her lashes she whispered, “Good evening, sir.”
Sue London Bio:
Sue purple headshot
Doodlist, scribbler, thinker, planner, and all around fun chick.
What her fans are saying: “…a wit so sharp it should have a warning label…” ~ Dusk Pennington
Sue London began writing short stories about horses and teen sleuths when she was seven years old. After that she traveled to distant worlds, fought with swords and sorcerers, and played with a few undead things. As you might have expected, this means she went into accountancy. Well, maybe that was an odd plot twist, but that’s the difference between real life and fiction – fiction has to make sense.
In her twenties she developed a deep affection for romance, especially enjoying the work of Nora Roberts, Mary Balogh and, most recently, Courtney Milan, Rose Gordon, Lauren Royal, Danelle Harmon, and Diane Farr. You can thank those authors for leading a sci-fi tomboy into writing historical romances set in the Regency period.

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