Sunday, April 6, 2014

Book Review for The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne (Fairbourne Quartet #1) by Madeline Hunter

The Surrender of Miss Fairbourne
By: Madeline Hunter
Reviewed by:Angels
Published:Penquin Berkely Love
Source:Purchased Gene: Historical Romance


May 1798 London. Emma wants to keep the family business running. Before dying recently, her father Maurice knew son and heir John, missing two years, still lived. However, Fairbourne auction house is one-third owned by Darius, Earl of Southwaite, who suspects smuggling - of goods and spies. Her plain-speaking plus his curiosity leads to passion.

Our Review

This review with be short and sweet ! First let me say that I really enjoy Miss Hunters books but, I have to ask what happened here ? OMG what a sleeper this read was I forced myself to finish it. When I picked out this book I was like something different and looks to be wrought with adventure and cloak and dagger stuff.This book missed the boat for me. The only positive thing I can say is that I liked the banter between Darius and the Miss Fairbourne that keep things some what interesting.And I found even then that I would have liked to smack the Miss Fairbourne a few times for her stupidness.When I sit down and read a book if you can make me laugh cry, chuckle and few times I have enjoyed the read I don't even mind if the book is somewhat slow going in the beginning as long as it picks up but, I found that none of what I was looking for in a book happen here for me. Sigh........