Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Book Review for The Snowflake by Jamie Carie

The Snowflake

By: Jamie Carie
Reviewed by:Angels
Published: B& H Books
Source: Purchased Copy Gene:Christian Romance

Book Blurb/Synopsis-

Christmas 1897. Ellen Pierce and her brother are determined to reach the Alaska gold rush. But when ice stalls their steamship, all seems lost, until Buck Lewis makes a decision: he'll lead all who dare to follow on foot toward Dawson City.Buck is determined to leave behind a heartbreaking past. No amount of ice or weather will stop him. But he never counted on a woman joining a dangerous wilderness trek--or on falling in love with her.As their journey unfolds and Christmas approaches, Ellen and Buck discover that the greatest gift of all can't be wrapped in paper and tied with a bow. It comes from, and is received in, the heart.Come share in a soul-deep romance that gives a joyful reminder of a redeeming God who makes us each unique, yet loves us all the same.

Our Review

This was a touching story about a brother and sister who set out to be part of the Gold Rush. Being stuck on a stream ship and ice-locked they decided to venture out on foot with a part to make there way.This trip will make you or break you its not for the faint at heart and the most enduring will survive.Ellen is living in hell with and abusive brother and this trip is not making it any easier as he is a weak individual and not only does she have to survive herself she has to look out after the brother who should be looking out for her. She made a promise to her mother to take care of her brother but, in doing so has sacrificed a life of her own.On this trip Ellen sees a glimpse of hope in there guide Buck perhaps there is someone out there who will love her after all.

I had mixed feelings about this book whether to give this read 3 or 4 stars. Ellen loses her brother along the trek to safety and nearly her own life. Once in town she is taken in by a women Kate who owns a brothel and nursed back to health.My problem with the story I guess is I did not like the turn of events that happen once this party reached safety.Here is a young frighten girl left alone in the world to fend for herself without anyones help. It seemed that once they were to safety she was on her own a know one to look out for her.They all seemed to have built a friendship and a closeness on the trip and Buck obliviously seem to care for her just up and left without seeing her settled first all the sake of hunting the killer of his dead wife!

Ellen's belief and God and her kind heart and spirit saw her through her trying time. No matter what has happen to her she hasn't lost faith in God and is still wishing for her happily ever after.A touching story of endurance.Just proves that only the stronger survive.You had to love Ellen with all her strength and compassion for others this story could have ended and totally different way.