Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Book Review Rourk Keegan’s Chronicles by Julia Crane

Keegan’s Chronicles

by Julia Crane

Reviewed by:Tonya
Published:Julia Crane
Source:Purchased Gene:Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance

About Book

Rourk Kavanagh is an elite elfin warrior, and a member of a human Special Forces team. During a routine mission in Afghanistan, he crosses paths with a dark supernatural creature—a d’jinn.

His world gets turned upside down when the unthinkable happens: Keegan, his one true love, is kidnapped by an evil d’jinn. The d’jinn is seeking revenge for the death of his brother at Rourk’s hands.
Fueled by fear over the potential loss of his wife, Rourk has only one thought—embrace the rage.

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Our Review

I love the connection that Rourk and Keegan have. How attentive and caring Rourk is for Keegan and her feelings. You can really see the love they both have for each other. Especially as Rourk prepares to head off to war in that god forsaken “ass-crack-istan” (oh was that funny) for yet another tour of duty. And I love the inner strength that Keegan pulls on – she is strong.
Being a military brat and Veteran I just have to say that I appreciate the authors writing throughout Rourk’s tour of duty over there. Her attention to detail, to not embellishing anything and her descriptions of the surrounding areas and what his unit was going through from one mission to the next was very well written. I appreciated that a lot and it really lends to the story, drawing you in. I actually was on a “pull me back into the moment type feeling” the adrenaline rush while Rourk and his team are in the mountains shooting it out with the enemy. Or another mission where they come under attack. Let’s just say thank the good lord for Kevlar jackets. I laughed at Rourks description of terrorists “Fire Ants – They Just Keep Coming Back.” LOL yup pretty much nailed that one.
But as soon as she gets your heart up there racing from all the action with Rourk and his team, the next minute you are on a downward spiral. Keegan is in trouble and my heart just about ripped out of place when Thaddeus tells Rourk and tells him what the outcome will be thanks to the nasty evil d’jinn. I wanted to throttle Thaddeus I mean HELLO how can you have the gift you have and not use it to stop something so heart wrenching and devastating? Tissue, where are the tissue. The pain and anguish that Keegan was feeling, the sheer anger and heart wrenching grief that Rourk was feeling just broke my heart. I wanted to grab them both and hold and hug them.
Fate, Destiny, Written in the Stars, whatever it is, they say that good always comes from the bad. For Rourk and Keegan that is exactly what happens. They suffer a terrible loss but are later rewarded two fold. Double the trouble – oh world look out. I can’t wait to see where this goes.
I absolutely LOVED this book, it is the first one I have read of this authors and I am very impressed and have already downloaded more of her books and can’t wait to get to the next one. Kuddo’s Julia Crane excellent book.