Monday, March 31, 2014

Book Review for Knotted Roots by Ruthi Kight

Knotted Roots

 5 stars
Reviewed by: Tonya
Published: Ruthi Kight
Source:author copy Genre:Paranormal Romance

About Book

Partying with friends and scoring a flawless tan is about all Roxie has on her list of things to make her Hampton's summer perfect.

Her parents, however, have other plans and Grandma Betty's farm is just one of them.

Just as her life is in shambles and the quaint town is suffocating her, she meets Chase.

Somewhere in the mix of bummer summer and small town doldrums, he becomes the boy she can't seem to avoid falling for. Just adding him to the picture, her stay starts to get better, even if she knows it has to end with the summer holidays.

That is until Betty drops a life-shattering bomb.
Roxie must make a choice that will change her life forever. What happens when a spoiled brat from New York learns the true meaning of love, loss, and forgiveness?

Can Chase and Roxie find a way to be together or is this just another summer romance?

My Thoughts

First let me say Ruthie is a truly amazing person it has been such a pleasure getting to know her. But what a great joy to be allowed to read her book before it was even released. My rating should be enough to tell you my thoughts on the book but let me share with you why I gave it the rating I did.

I felt l could relate very much to this book. No I never grew up having everything my heart desired, money to spend whenever and where ever. But running from feelings, confusion, anger, hurt. I have had all those as I am sure we all have and that is what makes this book so phenomenal.

Roxie is a teenager who grew up thinking she had it all and never wanted for anything. Then out of nowhere she is thrust into a new world she knows nothing about to meet a grandmother she has never known. Her planned summer of beach parties and everyone knows everyone and your status will be ruined if you are not there has been totally stolen from her. Her parents deliver some news and she is fuming that thought so little of her they couldn’t share it before deciding to ship her off. She is angry, hurt, confused and she is ready to lash out at anyone and everyone.

But in walks mister adorable, cat got your tongue, mouth hanging open looking like a fool was exactly how Roxie was feeling when she met Chase for the first time. I laughed so hard at this scene I could see it and I have been her at that moment. I felt for Roxie and at the same time wanted to just shake her and say wake up girl say something.

For the first few weeks Roxie really struggles with her summer at her grandmothers, they are not getting along, she isn’t getting along with anyone really. Now I will say I totally understand how she is feeling but boy she is good at laying on the poor me stuff. LOL she is so much like my 16 year old daughter sometimes I keep saying okay Roxie show me it gets better. Roxie doesn’t fail me – as her days and weeks go on she grows, she learns, he sees. She opens up her eyes and she sees.

She sees love, caring, friendship, happiness and then it all crashes in. Bad news, devastating news, worse news than when her parents said they were getting a divorce and shipping her down south. She is angry again and she runs from the one who can help her get through it. It isn’t the first time, it may not be the last time, it is what Roxie is used to, and it is all she knows.

But in time with the help of her new real friend Katy and the ever present, ever adorable, ever surprising Chase she comes around. Roxie decides to take steps to better her life and to change her life, she finally realizes where she wants to be and refuses to allow anything to change that.

The romance between Roxie and Chase is so adorable I absolutely loved it. I loved the up and downs they went through. The struggles, the laughter, the very tender moments. I am sure we all remember being a teenager or maybe you are a teenager, remember those first kisses, the ones that blow you off your feet, make your mind spin out of control, steal your breath and your words. You will find those within the pages of Knotted Roots. You will fine pure unadulterated laughter, uncontrollable tears, and moments of pure “CAN I SHAKE HER AND WAKE HER UP”. Your emotions will go from one end to the other with Knotted Roots.

I picked up this book on a Monday afternoon during my lunch break at work and finished it on a Tuesday evening. If I could have sat and read it in one sitting (i.e play hooky from work) trust me I would have.

Ruthie – B-E-A-UTIFUL!!!!!! Waiting impatiently for the next book – LOL