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Not Another Soldier Book Tour and Giveaway with Author Samantha Holt

Title: Not Another Solider
Author: Samantha Holt
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
Release Date: 17th January 2014

I’ve just buried my husband. I was going to divorce him and now he’s dead.

After five years as a military wife, Sienna is moving on. She’s keen to leave behind the misery of her marriage to Rob but for some reason the past won’t let her go. It doesn’t help that her closest friend, Nick, is also a soldier.

Unfortunately Sienna is struggling to deny her attraction to the sexy marine, even knowing there can be no future in it. When the injured soldier admits he wants her just as badly, and has always wanted her, the fight to control her feelings becomes harder.

And now she’s learning things about her late husband that surprise even her. When the secrets of Rob’s life come to light, Sienna finds herself involved with some very nasty people and Nick is determined to protect her, no matter what.

As the danger grows to both her heart and her life, Sienna needs to decide if it was the army that was the problem or her late husband. Is Nick worth the heartache of being a military spouse again? And will he be able to protect her from the ring of drug dealers slowly closing in?


Our Author Interview

What would you have done differently if you were the main character of your book?

Probably fallen straight into Nick’s arms! I wouldn’t have resisted for long!

What was your inspiration behind this book? 

My life as a military wife certainly played a big role in it. My heroine is very scarred by her experiences and some her journey mirrors my own. Part of it is about adapting to the situation and making the best of it. 

Why did you become a writer?

It was an accident. I never even considered it as a career. I wrote something for fun, I thought I’d share it, people bought it and it went from there really!

Do you have a favorite author or authors?

Sue Grafton is one of my favourites but I have many, many other faves too.

Do you like to write your books in a continuing series? 

I’ve never written a serial, where it’s the same characters over and over but I’ve written one series with stand-alone books and I’ve just started another. I enjoy doing that but some characters just demand your full attention for one book and one book only. Writing a series can often mean you have to think carefully about the setting and any supporting characters whereas a stand-alone means you can focus much more on your main characters and just tell their story as it stands.

If you could date any character from any book, who would it be and why?

I’ve just finishing Somethin’ Dirty by Em Petrova and Griffin from that is my latest love. He’s slightly older—so experienced (yum) and insanely sexy and caring. 

What kinds of books do you like to read in your spare time?

I generally read contemporary romance. I used to read a lot of historical but when I wrote it, I found it interfered with my work. I don’t find that happens with contemporary somehow.

As a reader and writer I think it is important to get to know your fans and make a connection with them as an author who takes the extra step to hear what their fans think and want in their continued writing is continued success and key to selling more books .Do you agree with that?

I think readers love to see you as a person and have always strive to connect with them through Facebook, email etc. However, I think it can be easy to spread ourselves too thin and not concentrate on the important thing, which is writing. I’ve recently cut back on the various ways readers can connect with me. I no longer do Twitter and I’m cutting out one of my blogs soon. I still have all the important ways of getting in touch with me available though and my fans totally understand my need to stop doing everything and anything.

Do you cry when writing sad scenes?


Did you have a Cover Designer?

For my trad published stuff, I have Valerie Tibbs of Tibbs Design and I also use Kim Killion from the Killion Group. Not Another Soldier was actually designed by me. I don’t generally do my own stuff although I’m fully fluent in Photoshop but I had an idea that I wanted to show to my cover designer at the time and it came out so perfectly, I just left it.

Do just re-read your favorite books? 

Oh yes. I have a few I’ve read many, many times.

Do you ever get in a reading slump like your readers do? 

Yes. I find if I switch to paperbacks it usually gets me over it.

Not Another Soldier
by Samantha Holt
5 stars

Our Review

Another enjoyable read from Samantha.Fast paced read from cover to cover.Enjoyable like-able characters easy to relate to.The story had a little bit of everything mystery, romance a touch of erotica.

My favorite character would have to be Nick a fierce soldier who was injured during the line of duty.Nick was a generous loving individual also kind who had and abundance of patience .Nick is in love with his best friends wife.Not wanting to come between them he keeps his feelings to himself. You felt his pain being torn between giving up your friend you considered brother and perusing his own feelings for Sienna who he suspects feels the same way as he does.I love how Nick finally took the bull by the horns and finally went after what he wanted taking no for an answer.Sometimes you just need to shake things up a bit and give someone a nudge out of there comfort zone but in a loving and caring way.

Sienna was a military wife and nurse who was really no more than a trophy wife.Physically and mentally abused she is at lowest point in her life.No longer in love with he husband and seeking divorce her husband dies in an accident leaving her relieved and guilty at the same time.You really feel bad for Sienna she's torn thinking she must feel something for her husband but does not.I was glad to see Sienna assert herself.She was really trying hard to create a new and happy life for herself.Does she finally act on the sparks that are there with Nick or not ?

Love is never easy.This couple had a lot of ups and downs.They both are trying to come to grips with there feelings for each other and now someone is out to hurt Sienna. Why she is a nobody? Sienna husband Rob had many secrets that she new nothing about.Those secrets are now putting her in danger.Danger is now lurking at every corner for this couple.

This story always had something going on in it.Little bit of mystery and romance and secrets coming to life.Shocking secrets that change ones life.Loved being on Nick and Sienna's adventure with them.A touching love story.You felt sad for Sienna and Nick it must be really hard for them not to feel guilty for not crying over there loss of Rob.Nick's heartache at not being broken up at his longtime friend death.His guilt at knowing your best friend was doing unspeakable things to his wife and never stepping in.This was a rocky romance for this couple with so many complications.

I was hoping for a happy ever ending for this couple.I really liked both character's and wanted them to be happy.The couple had so much to overcome.The guilt they felt for Rob and what they might have done different.Sienna feelings about not wanting to love a soldier and entering that kind of life again.Do you take a chance hoping things with be different this time? Do you give up your new found independence to enter back into a relationship with a domineering man again?Do you let go of the past and take what is offered a chance at a family and happiness or give it up because your afraid ? Nick and Sienna make a great couple if only they can both overcome the past and trust in each other and live long enough to find out...

What a fast paced sweet romance with tons of intrigue really hot sex scenes and intriguing characters to read about.A recommended read to all those who love contemporary romance and hot Military men.

As always looking forward to see what Samantha will dream up next for us to read in her next novel.

About the Author

Samantha lives in a small village in England with her gorgeous twin girls and husband who is a trained bodyguard and ex-soldier (Yes, seriously!). She traditionally writes historical romances involving chivalrous knights and hot highlanders, but occasionally dabbles in contemporary romance. When she reluctantly leaves her computer, she enjoys exploring old ruins and indulging an early midlife crisis. Adrenaline filled suggestions for the bucket list are always welcome!

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Drawing in a breath, I open the door. Hopefully Nick’s all settled and I won’t even have to—
He’s sitting on my bed. 
Damn the man. He studies me, slow and languorously, and I flex my fingers, longing to splay my hands across myself. My simple PJs now feel sexy and I’m definitely showing off too much skin.
“Can I—” I cough. “Is everything okay?”
Nick nods slowly, his eyes saying everything is more than okay. My skin heats and I hope he can’t see the redness that’s no doubt in my cheeks and on my chest.
“Yeah,” he says finally, gaze lingering on my bare legs. “I just wanted to make sure you were okay.”
“I’m fine.” 
Though I don’t sound fine. Having your heart going the same rate as a freight train or your blood boiling beneath your skin probably isn’t fine. But that wasn’t what he meant.
He doesn’t look convinced.
“It’s been a crazy day and I am a little shaken but I’m okay, I swear. I just need a little rest and I need to get this place back to normal and then I’ll be great.”
Nick takes a moment to study me once more and stands. “All right. Just checkin’.”
“Oh.” I go to my closet. “Here’s some blankets.” I draw out two old ones that I usually use if the temperature drops and pass them over.
“Thanks.” He takes them from me.
“Do you need something to sleep in?” I bend down and rummage through the bottom drawer. “I might have some old T-shirts.” I find one and come up to standing.
His eyes are wary and he looks tense, slightly like he’s going to explode at any moment. 
Baffled, I thrust out the T-shirt. “It’s one of Rob’s. I don’t know why I still have them really. Or would it be weird wearing his stuff?” He doesn’t respond so I hesitate before turning around and chucking the T-shirt back in the drawer. That was a stupid idea. “Sorry, guess it would be.”
With a wry laugh, he nods. “Yeah, I don’t want to be wearing his stuff, but I got to tell you, babe, I’m more worried about your night clothes.”
“If you’re sleeping like that,” he motions with one hand down me, “then it’s going to make me sleeping there,” now he points to the couch, “a real trial. ‘Cause when you bend over in those shorts, all I want to do is take you to bed and peel them from you.”

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