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Book Review for Three of Spades Hamden Series Book # 2 by W.Ferraro

Three of Spades
Hamden Series Book # 2
by W.Ferraro

Reviewed by:Tonya
Published: Authorhouse
Source:Purchased  Gene: Contemporary Romance 


Dylan Cross is the type of man that enjoys everything female, and enjoy it he does, but always on his terms. However, his terms are pushed to their limit when Natalie Parker proposes an offer; teach her and her delectable little body, all about sex and desire.

There is one catch. He has to play the part of Natalie's madly in love boyfriend for her dying mother. Dylan signs on, and finds that separating the two is harder than he thought. Natalie's days of shyness and lack of confidence come to a quick close as she learns what her body craves and demands in the bedroom. 

Soon, Dylan becomes the student as Natalie teaches him things he didn't even know he wanted. Will Hamden's notorious playboy, bachelor be able to keep calling the shots, or will he find that, he, himself, is just another player at the card game of life, as we all are?

Our Review

Oh how I loved this book, a continuation of "The Hamden Series" by author Wendy Ferraro. I was given this book for an honest review - so here we go.

Dylan Cross what can you say about him? Deliciously gorgeous, devilishly handsome, down right sexy and a lady's man. Known for his womanizing ways and no plans of every settling down.

Natalie Parker, teacher, caretaker, beautiful but unaware. One really messed up family or should I say screwed up, self absorbed, no good, slime ball brothers.

Natalie is taking care of her dying mother Gloria, who is worried her daughter will be all alone when she passes so decides to give something a try forcing Natalie into desperate measures. Nothing like a good ole' fashioned proposition only normally it is the guy propositioning the girl. But not in Three of Spades. Nope Natalie offers a deal to Dylan that he justifies in his mind is the right thing to do because with him she can't be taken advantage of or hurt.

Talk about whirl wind relationship, it doesn't take long for Dylan to get Natalie right where he likes all women, but Dylan doesn't see it coming, he doesn't see Natalie stealing his heart. Not until something happens of course. But that is usually how it is with those male type. LOL.

The relationship that Dylan and Natalie have is explosive and dynamic and so fun to read. Their banter, the absolutely AMAZING sex scenes - phew talk about a lot of cold showers reading this book. I loved it. Wendy sure has a way with drawing you in like you are sitting there watching every scene unfold.

………"Feel that, Natalie? That is what you do to me. That is the reaction your innocent ways and naive little oral activities cause. So, you ask why I call us in a relationship, because what you feel against you right now, cannot be faked. I'm going to pop that cherry of yours and I'll make sure you love every minute, before, during, and after. So, we are in a relationship from this moment on. Get used to it, Babe."………

HELLO - um can I be in a relationship with you Dylan? I am single? Available? And oh you can talk to me like that any time - LOL.

Oh I do so love the parking lot fight scene coming I can't believe Dylan waited that long to kick this guys butt but oh when he does he does it with flair. LOL

The banter between Dylan and his best friends Seth (Married to Mae in book 1 - Three of Hearts) and Wes (who you can read about in book 3 - Three of Diamonds) is great, they know how to get each other riled up yet are always there for each other. Seth and Mae have no shame flaunting their amazing relationship and marriage in front of their family and friends. The guy guys always know how to give Seth a good ribbing.

………'Mae bid the men adieu. Seth watched as her heart shaped ass Swisher in harmony with her signature flowing ponytail as she walked out of his office. "Yes your wife has a fine ass indeed, by t can you not state at it if we can't," Dylan said, as he playfully threw a pillow at his business partner. "Keep your roaming eyes off my where's attributes, Cross" Seth warned, as he chuckled at the original description regarding Mae's physique.'………

And I absolutely loved all the sports watching and especially the way Dylan used baseball to explain necking to Natalie.

………' "Necking is like baseball they each have bases. First base is kissing. Second is where my hands get to roam over your top half. Third would be where we both get to explore each other's lower halves and a Home run is exactly that," Dylan purred.' ………

I could share so much more but best you go get this book and read it to find out yourself how great this book really is.


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