Friday, December 27, 2013

Book Review For Kink the Halls (Hers #3) by Dawn Robertson

Kink the Flowers
Hers Book #3

By: Dawn Robertson

Reviewed by:Tonya
Published:Dawn Robertson
Source:Purchased Copy Gene: Adult Fiction Erotica


’Tis the Season for an inappropriate Christmas tale!

Seven and Levi are celebrating their first holiday together.
Star is pretending to be domesticated.
And siblings are banging each other.

Seriously, what more do you expect from the Seven James-Parker/Star Bloom crew?

One thing is for sure, this is a Christmas no one will be forgetting anytime soon!

Our Review

‘She laughs at me and continues on her way. I am officially going to start calling her Scrooge McDuck. Anything that has to do with Christmas is like pulling damn teeth. I guess her upbringing is to blame though.

OMG Seven and Levi are back I love it I was laughing so hard my side still hurts lol I absolutely love them as a couple like oil and vinegar but so good together. Sevens mouth hasn’t changed that woman can sling it worse than a sailor. LOL

I can’t say enough how much I loved this book. I mean, sex, sex, sex, Kinky hot effing sex oh and did I say sex!!! LOL Dawn has done it again with Kink the Halls. Levi and Seven are pregnant and adjusting to a change in their sexual appetite that has Seven wound tighter than a guitar string. Chrome and Star wow I love what they have. I love Levi god that man is one fine specimen but Chrome, lets just say I’m still stuck on his hot body and those ever loving cock piercings OMG I was sold after that. And we are introduced to the budding relationship of two more characters and let me say they are following in the footsteps of Seven, Star, Levi and Chrome with this kinky, slam, bam, thank you ma’am hot as frick sex. LOL

This book had me laughing almost from start to finish, I swear Dawn I abso-fan-frigging-LOVE-you LOL. And I am so stealing your “Dick Bag” term lol I almost fell out of my chair when Seven said that. Or wait when they are having some really serious sex and Seven has that new experience with her breasts after taking the nipple clamps off. I roared out loud on that one.

Dawn rocks she knows how to take a story and make it so much more. There is no putting this book down once you pick it up, so I suggest getting a super large Margarita or Martini, some snacks, kick back and be ready for one seriously kinkafiably awesome read.