Saturday, December 7, 2013

Bad for You (Mad, Bad, & Dangerous to Love) by Anna Antonia Giveaway !

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Standing on a literal pedestal, with my

 arms securely bound in front of me with

 yards of red ribbons and my body draped 

in a short virgin-white Grecian gown, I 

experienced a twinge of divinity. I was his

 goddess for the moment—one to be

 admired yet possessed. I wondered what

 Gabriel’s expression held as he looked at


Pride? Lust? Yearning? Love? 

I didn’t know because I was blindfolded.

Gabriel’s kiss ghosted on my upper thigh

. Warmth settled low in my belly. I itched

 to run my fingers through his golden hair

 as my lips crashed into his. My captivity

 punished even as it heated my blood. 

Gabriel was right—this truly would be an

 exercise in patience and control. The

 ache for him already etched itself deep in

 my bones.

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