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Book Review for Shuttered Affections by Rene Folsom

Shuttered Affections
by Rene Folsom
5 stars
Reviewed by: Tonya
Published: Rene Folsom
Gene: Romantic Suspense

After escaping to a college town, Juliana Petersen was determined to put her troubled past behind her and make the most of life. She was satisfied with her current situation, or so she thought. It wasn’t until the day her new photography professor stole her parking spot that she realized there was such thing as lust at first sight. Now, she must struggle with the decision to break the rules and fall in love, or step back and let the chance of a lifetime pass her by—all while her past relationships come back to haunt her.

How many men will it take to break Julia’s hold on reality?

The electricity in the air told me he was coming closer. Footsteps, barely audible, whispered along the floor behind me. My hands fumbled for the canister. I needed to pop the top off and carefully remove the film.
I could feel him close behind me. He was really close. As I successfully removed the film from its canister, I could feel him move even nearer. I felt his breath by my ear and heard him gasp slightly as a curl fell forward and must have brushed against his face.
I was just about done putting the film around the reel when I felt his finger slowly push the tendril of hair back behind my ear.
I deftly finished coiling the film and placed it in the developing tank. Once the lid was in place, effectively protecting my film from light exposure, I spoke.
“Okay. I’m good.” My voice was barely a whisper. I didn’t seem to have the strength to muster any more volume.
“Mmhmm…” he moaned in my ear. “Your hair smells divine, Angel.”
I felt his hand brush against the back of my ear and push my hair to the side, exposing my neck to his touch. I felt his breath on me and, suddenly, it was as if all the oxygen in the room had been used up completely. I couldn’t breathe.
“You’re so beautiful, even in darkness,” he said adoringly and I felt the tickle of his breath on my neck.
Warmth sizzled through my abdomen, my clit pulsed, and my nipples hardened. His words whispered through my ears, seductive and alluring.
His body pressed against my back and he wrapped his hands around my waist, sticking his thumbs into the waistband of my jeans. His fingers gently touched my hipbones. His touch made me arch my back and tilt my head to rest on his shoulder.
His lips, hot as fire, brushed along the column of my neck. I wanted to turn my body and wrap myself around him, but he held me in place.
“Aiden, I thought we were going to try and behave ourselves,” I said breathlessly as he continued his assault on my neck.
“I don’t care,” he mumbled, clearly aware he was melting me to the bone.
Animalistic lust took us over. Grabbing my shoulders, he quickly turned me so my chest pressed against his and shoved my back up against the wall with just enough force to tell me he was turned on as much as I was.
As if attempting to control his urges, he let go of me and I felt his hands press against the wall on either side of my head, just above my shoulders.
“Oh, God. I want to touch you,” he said hoarsely. “I want to touch every inch of you.”
I could tell his lips were so close. The tip of his nose brushed against mine, causing me to involuntarily tilt my head upward, attempting to close the gap between our lips. As if he sensed me pouncing, he turned his chin up, causing me to meet the scruffy facial hair on his jaw.
Unable to see my prey, I reached out and dug my nails into his strong back, pulling him closer to me and lightly sinking my teeth into his jaw. If he wasn’t going to offer his lips to me, I was going to take whatever part of him I could get between my teeth.
As if on cue, a rumble echoed from his throat. His hands snaked down my body, grabbing my ass and pulling me against him.
The move was so bold; I thought for sure he was going to kiss me. Instead, he tilted his head up, exposing his neck to my nibbling assault.
His body, hot and hard, pressed me against the cold, concrete wall. His hands, still on my ass, lifted me slightly so I was forced to the tips of my toes.
I felt his mouth on my neck again and couldn’t help voicing my pleasure.
“Oh, Aiden. Kiss me now,” I begged. I didn’t know why I had to beg this man to press his lips against mine. I only knew I needed more. So much more.
“Tell me, Juliana. Do you want me?” he asked softly, caressing my ear with his lips.
“Christ, yes!” My answer left my mouth before I even had time to process what I was saying. I was quite simply speechless.
“Then you shall have me… eventually.” With that, he let go, opened the door, and walked out.
I was left standing there, completely overwhelmed, and aching with desire.

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Holy Hot Flash!!! I was fanning myself a lot in this book right from the very start. I think I heard my sister calling the fire department as the flames were flying out of my kindle reading this book.
Ladies let me tell you Chapter 3 – phew hold onto your hats, clench your legs ladies because WOW oh WOW and that is just an indicator of what is to come. That chapter was so seductively hot – no lie – I had to take a cold shower and that was just the start of the book.
I loved Juliana aka Julia or as the hot and very sexy photography teacher Aiden Stone calls her “Angel”. She has a past, don’t we all, but her past, its dangerous. I LOVED the very first meeting between Julia and Aiden OMG way too funny and imagine her surprise when she finds out who this man from the parking lot is. Talk about total embarrassment and I love how she plays it off. She really gives it to him too.
New photography teacher Aiden Stone – you lose your train of thought just at the mention of his name. Gorgeous is a total understatement. The man just oozes carnal seductive, hot, pleasurable, downright make you quiver sex. To die for melt in his gaze eyes, surfer style hair and ripped body. I mean come on Rene what are you trying to do to us poor readers – sexual overdrive induced heart attacks. LOL This guy is beyond swoon worthy.
Of course you know a story can’t be all ohhy gooey lol there has to be some bumps along the way and just when things were getting really good and hot and all that stuff with Julia and Aiden – BAM!!! He has to go and let something slip and she ran. Yep they always run, but then again I don’t blame her, well sorta. They never stop to listen to the explanation LOL but then it wouldn’t make the story good would it. And this story oh it’s beyond good. But she has secrets too – don’t worry a coin always has two sides. LOL
And talk about twists yes leave it to Rene to toss in not one but two sex gods, twins no less. OMG I don’t think my poor body can take it. Aiden and Coda, Coda and Aiden. Okay I won’t lie – BOTH, I WANT BOTH. I am thinking Julia wants them both two, but then again what woman in their right mind wouldn’t.

This book had me laughing one minute, crying the next, panting in another minute, and worrying. No this isn’t a roller coaster ride book. The story line is really great and Rene does a phenomenal job bringing the characters and their story to life. Yes the book ends with some suspense, but oh it makes the wanting for book two that much better. I can’t wait to see what happens with Aiden and Julia and yes Coda. I can tell it’s going to be super steamy and amazing.

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