Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Nadege Richards has a New Novel Coming Soon !

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5 MILES - a NA contemporary romance novel

Coming 9.22.13

“This is a story about survival.
Letting go and learning to let in.
Getting along and moving on.
There’s no make-pretend or fairytales.
This is a story about the truth of life.
The things left unsaid…”


It’s been four years since that night at the river. That night on the alabaster hill where Trinity Ayala swore on her soul that she’d fallen in love with a heart-breaker, willingly.

2 months, 7 weeks, and 1,460 long days. They were carefree—limitless and infamous, he’d told her.

But after the accident that nearly cost her everything and her father called it quits and ditched, Trinity vowed to make something of herself and someday leave town with hopes of becoming a writer.

Four years is a lot of time. Enough time to forget Elijah Marciano and move on from her life on the streets. But when she runs into the hazel-eyed dare devil from her childhood at a fraternity party, one drunken night of passion lands her back in his clutches. And he’ll do anything to keep her there, even if it means turning her away from her fiancé and the mirage of a life she’s built to forget her past. Trinity soon finds herself shrouded in a world of heartbreak, betrayal, and one ugly affair with no way out.

Only, Eli—once the troubled kid from apartment 309—has a few secrets of his own. Secrets he’s kept hidden for months, and Trinity is no better. When they discover just how deep the lies run, vows are broken and, in the end, hidden truths are bared to the open.

Their love will be INFAMOUS.

Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18338863-5-miles

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kimbacaffeinate said...

This sounds intense, secrets, lies, cheating ..eep! Thanks for sharing it with us Joelle :)

Jenea Whittington said...

Ooohm this sounds really good. Thanks for sharing it.

I love the new look too.