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Book Tour and Giveaway for The Black Swamp Mysteries Series by P.M. Terrell

Book Info-
Title- Exit 22
Series- Black Swamp Mysteries Book #1
By- P.M. Terrell

 Political strategist Christopher Sandige is driving along Interstate 95 in North Carolina when he is involved in a one-car accident. Stranded for the weekend, he meets a beautiful but mysterious woman and is immediately pulled into a double homicide. Now he’s on the run from law enforcement—and a hired assassin. As he falls deeper for Brenda Carnegie, he begins to
wonder if she is the killer. As he pieces everything together and comes closer to the truth—time
runs out.

He placed his hands on the dock ladder, the frigid steel biting his hands with an unexpected
ferocity. Quickly, he began to scale the ladder as Brenda knelt down beside him.She had just started to hold her hand out to assist him when a great blue heron cried out, it’s trumpeting voice aggressive and hoarse as it floated on the wind just above their heads. Chris watched Brenda as she pulled back and tilted her head to admire the huge bird, the wind catching her hair.

He heard the sound of the shot in almost the same instant as he felt it whiz between them in
the exact location where she’d knelt only a moment ago.

“Jesus!” he cried out, releasing his grip on the ladder and plunging into the water.

In a flurry of activity, Brenda threw herself back into the boat with a sudden fury, crossing the
open stern as another shot rang out and echoed across the lake. Chris bounced out of the water
almost the second his body struck it, flinging himself onto the deck in a fluid movement borne
of a rapid surge of adrenaline. He half-crawled, half-propelled himself toward the rope that tied
the boat to the dock as Brenda frantically tried to start the engine. As it sputtered and stalled and
another bullet barely missed his bobbing and weaving body, he frenetically loosened the rope,
his fingers feeling fat and uncoordinated and the rope stiff and unyielding.

His eyes darted toward the house as he threw the now-loosened rope into the boat and raced
toward the bow, where it bobbled in the water with one remaining rope tethering it to the
dock. The man from the hotel was walking calmly from the back door, his arm raised, his eyes
measured as he crossed the small yard toward them. He was too far away for him to strike his
target, but Chris knew it would be only seconds before he was close enough for his aim to be
sure. Maniacally, he worked at the rope as the engine coughed, its slow groan in contrast with his rapidly beating heart.

As the last inch of rope was freed, he threw himself into the bow as another bullet whizzed
past him and the engine sprung to life.

“Jesus!” he screamed again. “He’s trying to kill me!”

Then he was throwing himself toward the steering wheel, pushing Brenda away as he thrust
the boat into reverse. The boat’s sudden movement knocked his breath from him, but his hands
continued to grip the wheel with stubborn ferocity. Brenda pulled herself from the floor and
raised her gun over the windshield. As he turned the boat from shore, he vaguely sensed her

moving through the vessel, returning the man’s fire as they sped away toward open water.

Book Info-
Title- Vicki’s Key
Series- Black Swamp Mysteries Book # 2
By-P.M. Terrell

 Following a flawed CIA mission, Vicki Boyd leaves the CIA to begin a new life in a new
town assisting an elderly woman. But when she arrives, she finds Laurel Maguire has suffered a
stroke and her nephew has arrived from Ireland to care for her. Vicki quickly falls in love with
the charming Dylan Maguire, but all is not what it seems to be at Aunt Laurel’s house. And when
the CIA arrive to recruit Vicki for one last mission, she finds her past and her future are about to
collide… In murder.

Vicki found herself in Dylan’s bedroom as if she was a phantom hovering in the far corner.
She could see her own body sound asleep, curled into a ball under the covers. As her eyes
roamed around the room, she found her pocketbook on the coffee table, the contents strewn, her
driver’s license and CIA identification in plain view.

Her heart began pounding so hard it left her breathless. She turned back to the bed, where her
body lay still and quiet. Dylan was no longer curled up behind her, keeping her warm. He was
sitting on the floor beside the bed, watching her sleep, dressed in jeans and a cotton shirt. At his
feet, laid across the floor, was the newspaper article of her parents’ plane accident.

And standing just behind him was an elderly woman with tightly curled hair, dressed in
a sheer gown that reached to tiny feet that were so frail, the skin so thin, that they appeared
almost translucent. As Vicki watched, she leaned over Dylan’s shoulder and glowered at Vicki’s
sleeping body with opalescent eyes. Her red hair almost appeared to be exploding in angry
flames as she screamed at the still body.

“Run!” she screamed in a voice so shrill and so loud that the sound sent a wave of terror

through Vicki’s soul. “Run!”

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Title- Secrets of a Dangerous Woman
Series- Black Swamp Mysteries Book # 3
By- P.M. Terrell

Irishman Dylan Maguire is back and in his first assignment with the CIA, he must interrogate recently captured Brenda Carnegie. But when she escapes again, it’s obvious that she’s had help from within the CIA’s own ranks. Psychic spy Vicki Boyd assists him in locating
her again—but when he discovers Brenda’s true identity, he realizes his mission has just become very personal.

Brenda turned to fully face Dylan and he found himself unable to tear himself away from
her eyes. They were like liquid pools a man could drown in. She continued staring at him,
expectantly waiting for his response.

“You shouldn’t keep me here, Irish,” she said. “It’s only a matter of time before he finds me.
You’re harboring a fugitive. You’ve got to know it carries serious consequences.”

“The last place they’ll be lookin’ is right under their noses.”

“Is that so?” She sounded unconvinced.

“They think you’ve gone to Washington, you know.”

“Is that what they think?” She cocked her head.

“It is.”

“What would make them think that?”

“Now, why do you think?”

They stared at one another for a long moment. He knew his brows were knit, his eyes
narrowed, and he could feel his lips slightly turned down. But her face remained completely
expressionless. She stared at him with neither malice nor friendship and though he felt as though his soul could be sucked into those amber pools and lost there, he couldn’t read what the woman behind them intended to do.

“You know,” he said slowly, his eyes moving from her eyes to her lips and back, “you
wanted to be seen on that camera.”

“What camera?” Her lips turned up slightly and one eyebrow rose.

He felt the heat rising in his cheeks and his brows knit tighter.

“Oh,” she said, perhaps sensing his mood, “that camera.”

“You wanted us to be searchin’ for you northward. And all the while you knew you’d be here.” She didn’t respond and after a moment, he added, “And these little games you keep playin’ with me are beginnin’ to foul m’ good humor.”

Title- Dylan’s Song
Series- Black Swamp Mysteries Book #4
By-P.M. Terrell

Dylan Maguire returns to his native Ireland with psychic spy Vicki Boyd. Their mission: to locate and extract a missing CIA operative. But when Dylan receives word that his grandmother is dying, his mission plunges him into a past he thought he’d turned his back on forever. Now he must confront his past before it results in murder. And as Vicki discovers the real reason he left Ireland, she is harboring a secret of her own.

When Dylan reached the water’s edge, he set Vicki on the ground long enough to strip her of
the blanket, which he tossed on the ground. Then despite her growing protestations, he scooped
her into his arms again and waded into the pond. As she felt the water against her backside, she
squealed and buried her face against his neck. “Don’t drop me in here!” she begged.

He threw his head back and laughed. “I’m goin’ to do a lot more than that,” he said as he
waded in above his waist.

As they neared the middle of the pond, she pleaded, “Please don’t drop me. It’s freezing!”

He stopped and looked at her, a broad smile across his face.

“What are you doing?” she asked. “Are you insane?”

He raised one brow. “Perhaps I am, at that. But it’s high time you learned to live life to its

He shifted his arms so she was half-floating in the water. “It’s warmer under the surface than
it is above,” he whispered. His voice had grown husky. “In the deepest part o’ this pond, it’s
under five feet. So when we go under, your feet can still be touchin’ the ground.”

“Don’t put me down,” she warned, her voice growing serious. “Don’t—”

Before she could continue, he dunked them both under the water’s surface. Seconds later, she
re-emerged to find him grinning from ear to ear.

“I didn’t lie to you, now did I?” he said. He let her slip from his arms. As her feet found the
bottom, he continued, “It’s warmer now, isn’t it?”

“I ought to brain you,” she said in mock anger. She leaned back, allowing the water to soak
her long hair. As she pulled her head above the water once more, she finger-combed it away
from her face.

He stepped toward her as a lock of water-soaked hair fell across his forehead. His eyes
had turned to vivid green in the light of the moon. With the initial shock wearing off and her
body warming under the surface of the water, she pressed herself against his chest. As his arms wrapped around her gently, she tilted her head back and draped her arms around his neck.

His lips were full and soft as they brushed against hers. He looked into her eyes and smiled,
causing his laugh lines to crinkle and his irises to sparkle. He had an uncanny ability to live in
the moment, she thought as she parted her lips. This gift was infectious, and as his lips found
hers once more, she felt her heart grow lighter. She felt weightless as he held her, his strong
hands rubbing against her back and through her hair while his chest pressed against hers. She
didn’t ever want this moment to end.


Can you share the playlist you listened to while writing Dylan’s Song with us?

I would love to share that with you, but I actually have a habit of not listening to music while I am working. I found that subconsciously, anything I listen to can make its way into my writing—whether it’s a turn of phrase or the pacing of a song.

So when I am writing, I want total silence. I can then close my eyes and conjure up the image that I need to have—and write without subliminal messages from other media interfering.

If Dylan’s Song was made into a movie and you could cast anyone you wanted, who would you cast? 

There’s Vicki Boyd, the CIA psychic spy who is the “good girl”, the one who always tries to stay inside the lines. When I think of Vicki, I always picture Amy Adams.

Vicki’s sister, Brenda Carnegie, is just the opposite: a computer genius but a bad girl, one who prefers to tread on the dark side, the one who loves danger and who can be sexually charged. I know Lindsay Lohan would do an awesome job.

The charming, handsome Irishman Dylan Maguire is more difficult to cast. Black hair, hazel eyes, muscular, romantic, kind and caring but a CIA operative who can kill when necessary—Dylan’s character is intentionally complex. Eduardo Verastegui could definitely do him justice, if he could master the Irish accent.

Father Thomas Rowan is Dylan’s boyfriend friend, a burly man with red hair and mustache who seems better suited for a pub than a bar and who allows the lines between religious fervor and illegal activities to become blurred. He’s also the subject of Brenda’s lust - though at this point, he’s yet to display the same interest in her. Irish actor Kenneth Branaugh would be great.

There’s only one woman who could play Dylan Maguire’s beloved grandmother, the woman who raised him and whom he called Mam: Irish actress  Fionnula Flannigan. Sharp as a tack, no-nonsense, but loving and kind with a decidedly soft spot for Dylan, she appears in flesh and blood in Dylan’s Song... and as a ghost in later books.

Sam Mazoli is the CIA supervisor who manages Vicki and Dylan. Multi-faceted, he is gruff, he is no-nonsense, he’s the kind of boss that can have employees quaking. He can also be unintentionally funny and uncharacteristically surprising: the crotchety man who murmurs sweet nothings to his very feminine Persian cat, the brusque supervisor who frets over sick angelfish. There’s never been any doubt in my mind who should play him: Robert De Niro.

P.M. Terrell is the internationally acclaimed, award-winning author of more than 18 books, including Vicki's Key, a 2012 International Book Awards and 2012 USA Best Book Awards finalist and River Passage, winner of the 2010 Best Drama Award. A full-time writer since 2002, p.m. previously founded and operated two computer companies with a specialty in computer crime and computer intelligence. Her clients included the CIA, United States Secret Service and the Department of Defense as well as local law enforcement agencies. Her expertise in computers and intelligence often finds its way into her books. She is also the co-founder of The Book 'Em Foundation and founder and chair of The Book 'Em North Carolina Writers Conference and Book Fair, which raises money to increase literacy rates. As a hobby, she raises freshwater angelfish - the same thing her characters do as their front for the CIA. For more information about p.m.terrell, visit and for more information on the upcoming Writers Conference, visit

What would you have done differently if you were the main character of your book?

If I was Vicki Boyd, I would have fallen lock, stock and barrel in love with Dylan Maguire before she did. And I would have insisted on moving to a small Irish village with him.

What was your inspiration behind this book?

The book first set in North Carolina became a series called Black Swamp Mysteries. I’d been asked to write a series for several years but had hesitated because I didn’t want to become a formula author, where the reader would always guess what was going to happen next. I became inspired to write a series when I happened upon declassified information on the real United States government’s psychic spy program. I knew that a psychic spy could have adventures around the world, while appearing to be “just the average girl next door” …

As I was researching a love interest for Vicki, I happened upon a survey of the sexiest men in the world. Turns out, the Scots are those considered the sexiest, followed by the Irish and then the Australians. Since my ancestors were from Ireland, I chose that location and Dylan Maguire was added to the mix. He was originally to be just in one book - Vicki’s Key - but when the editors and readers encountered him, it became quite obvious that he had to remain a main character throughout the entire series.

And in the fourth book of the series, Dylan’s Song, I loved taking Vicki and Dylan back to his native Ireland - to that picturesque Irish village and a simpler life.

Why did you become a writer ?

I have a vivid imagination and I love to dream up plots and adventures. I live vicariously through my characters; their travels around the world become my travels. I also have no idea what I would do if I could no longer write.

As a reader and writer I think it is important to get to know your fans and make a connection with them as an author who takes the extra step to hear what their fans think and want in their continued writing is continued success and key to selling more books .Do you agree with that ?

I do agree with that. I know you can’t please everybody, but I do enjoy hearing from fans and knowing what they liked or didn’t like about the characters and the plot. In the publishing industry, there is a lot of emphasis on “the numbers” - number of books sold, number of books written, number of followers on social networking and blogs... And really the only way to reach those numbers is to write something that people want to read.

Do you have a favorite author or authors?

I don’t have favorite authors but I do have favorite books. I love Erin Quinn’s Haunting series, for example, and I love Terri Brisban’s romantic suspense.

Do you like to write your books in a continuing series ?

I do. There is something warm and familiar about characters that aren’t “put on a shelf” at the end of one book. It allows me to make them multi-faceted; like onions, I can peel away the layers and reveal more depth than one book allows. I can also have a plot or two threaded through multiple books, as well as the one that gets wrapped up at the end of each book.

If you could date any character from any book, who would it be and why?

It would be a tough decision between Dylan Maguire, the charming, handsome and good-humored Irish CIA operative in the Black Swamp Mysteries series... And Ryan O’Clery in my upcoming book, The Tempest Murders. Ryan is also an Irishman but more brooding and silent--but he can feel passion with a depth of soul that is seldom encountered.

If it’s someone else’s work, I am totally in love with Sean Ballagh in Erin Quinn’s Haunting Beauty.

What kinds of books do you like to read in your spare time ?

I love time travel books, especially when they transport me from the current day to Ireland or Scotland in times past and they involve both romance and suspense.

Do you cry  when writing sad scenes?

I don’t know if I have ever cried during a scene - either while writing or reading. But I have laughed out loud.

Who is your fictional boyfriend or girlfriend crush ?

Oh, there have been so many! Through my 20’s, it was definitely Rhett Butler. Now I often have a crush on the male character in whatever book I’m reading. 

Do just re-read your favorite books ?

There are some books I go to time and again, such as The Mummy by Anne Rice and any of the books in Erin Quinn’s Haunting series.

Do you ever get in a reading slump like your readers do ?

If that ever happens, I switch books! But also because I work with words all day, every day, I find that I often need to get away from the printed word altogether and do something different, like watch movies. I love romantic comedies, something very light that takes me out of the world of suspense.

Your writing process

Most of my books are suspense/thrillers so I begin with the plot - or the crime. I enjoy watching documentaries - from science to history - and often I’ll discover a snippet of information that interests me. In Dylan’s Song, for example, I was watching a documentary about a CIA operative that had gone missing, and the rescue mission that resulted in another operative’s death. Soon after, I watched a show on the Science Channel about the bogs in the United Kingdom and how they had discovered castle remains, weapons, and signs of life from centuries past long-hidden in the peat bogs. I took the two stories and interwove them into a plot in which Dylan would have to return to his native Ireland to rescue a CIA operative held in the remains of an underground dungeon in the Irish bogs.

I try to write six days a week and often I will write seven. I know the upcoming scenes and often know how the entire book will unfold before I begin to write. I focus on the action initially; on moving the story forward and getting down the “bones” of the story.

When I am about ¾ of the way through, I will stop and return to the beginning, where I carefully round out each scene - adding in necessary descriptions that make the writing richer. I’ll correct punctuation and grammar issues and take the time to look for just the right words. That’s when I might get bogged down for half an hour while I ponder a particular sentence or phrase.

But by the time I get back to that ¾ mark, I know exactly how those final scenes are going to unfold. The adrenaline begins to kick in, and the writing comes swift and sure.

Once I’m done, I’ll edit the entire manuscript at least twice more before it goes to the editor. Then I take their suggestions and edit a third and sometimes a fourth time, before I turn over the manuscript to the publisher for the remainder of the process.


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