Sunday, September 8, 2013

Book Review for Hugged by An Angel by Roberta Capizzi

Hugged By An Angel
By: Roberta Capizzi
Reviewed by:Tonya
Published: Roberta Capizzi
Source:Purchased Gene: Romance /Adult

About Book

How can you ever love again when tragedy has crushed your heart?

Kathleen used to love life. She had plans, dreams, and faith in life; but that was before the accident that took it all away from her in an instant. Now that her beloved brother is dead and she's confined to a wheelchair, her future is but a dark cloud hovering above her head. How can she ever find the will to move on and keep living without him? Even the cares of the happy-go-lucky American physiotherapist who's helping her with her rehab therapies are all in vain. Life seems to have lost its meaning, until one night she receives an unexpected celestial visit…

Colin has been working as a physiotherapist in Dublin for almost five years, but he’s never bonded so much with a patient like he is bonding with Kathleen; there's something about those sad blue eyes that makes him want to help her, to take away the pain that reminds him so much of his own. Having lost both his parents in a plane crash when he was only sixteen, Colin knows how it feels to have someone you love taken so abruptly away from you, and he makes it his mission to help Kathleen find her faith in life again. But something changes along the way…

Sometimes love can work miracles. If you believe

Our Review

OMG what can you say heartbreaking, funny, tender, touching, happiness, tears, laughter, joy, peace, those are just a few words to describe the emotions you will feel when you fall into the pages of this book. And fall is exactly what you will do. Hugged by an Angel its a very touching story of tragedy, struggle, finding ones self again, growth, love and happiness.

Roberta does an amazing job bringing you into Kathleen's life from the moment she wakes up in the hospital. You can feel her pain, her raw emotions. In walks Colin who makes it his mission to help Kathleen get past this tragic accident, help her find herself again and find a way to cope and move on and enjoy life again. Along the way you are brought into Colin's world and are given a glimpse at the pain he still harbors from his own past tragedy. Somewhere along the way things change. 

I couldn't wait to get to the next page to see if Kathleen finally, if she got to, if they well. Okay I can't spoil it you have to read it. But this is truly an extraordinary read, excellently written. The tender moments, the raw emotion its so real. I won't lie there are some very heart wrenching moments within the pages of Hugged by an Angel. But for every one of those there are equally funny and tender moments as well. I do not give out to many 5 stars. But this one it deserves nothing less than 5 stars.