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Book Review Forever and A Day by Delilah Marvelle

Forever and a Day
The Rumor Book # 1
 by Delilah Marvelle

 5 stars
Reviewed by:Angels
Source: Purchased
                Gene: Historical Romance

About Book

Roderick Gideon Tremayne, the recently appointed Duke of Wentworth, never expected to find himself in New York City, tracking down a mysterious map important to his late mother. And he certainly never expected to be injured, only to wake up with no memory of who he is. But when he sees the fiery-haired beauty who's taken it upon herself to rescue him, suddenly his memory is the last thing on his mind. 

Georgia Milton, the young head of New York's notorious Forty Thieves, feels responsible for the man who was trying to save her bag from a thief. But she's not prepared for the fierce passion he ignites within her. When his memory begins to return, her whole world is threatened, and Roderick must choose between the life he forgot and the life he never knew existed.

Our Thoughts

Delilah is a new author for me and I have been enjoying her Rumor Series.I really have enjoyed all the characters that I have read about its a great cast.Its important to like the characters and found them like-able and engaging .

The main character's Roderick Gideon Tremayne the Duke of Wentworth aka nickname Robinson and Georgia Milton were a blast to read about loved both there characters as the were a lot of fun to get to know and read about.

We are going to be calling Roderick Robinson as that what Georgia calls him.Roderick was involved in an accident on the streets of New York while engaging in conversation with Georgia but, the accident has left Roderick without a memory of who is or where he is from.Georgia with her generous heart decides to take him in until her remembers things and can return home.

This couple experienced a fierce attraction between them upon there first encounter but, Georgia new he would be looking for no more than a toss in the hay.But, perhaps her perception is wrong as we learn more about this titled gentlemen other than that his favorite book is Robinson Crusoe.

George Milton is a leader of the Forty Thieves an illicit group that protect the district that they live in which is filled with nothing but crime and poor people.A group that helps to protect those who can't protect themselves.Georgia is now bringing Robinson into her way of life as it is the only place he has to go.Knowing Robinson is from money she is worried how he will cope with all his new surroundings and living with herself.

My favorite character is Georgia .I have to say that girl and fire and spunk.She had a backbone and it showed in her actions.I found her to be funny at times to as she spoke like a drunken sailor and her vice was that she liked whiskey.What a generous heart she had. A women with barley the means to get buy takes on a man with no memory just so he is not alone in the world but is highly attracted to.

This couple's journey was not a easy one.Robinson life has turned completely around and we feel his distress and pain of never regaining his memory.We see a very compassionate and loving side of Robinson also.Being of the upper class you would think he would be giving off airs and making demands but he pitches right in to helps Georgia in her daily life but also makes the lives of others just a little bit easier to.

The story lurked with danger and romance and a bit of sadness. We were sitting on pins and needles waiting for Robinson to regain his memory knowing that it was going to bring heartache and pain to both him and Georgia once it did.The story also let us into the lives of the poor growing up and New York City and what the conditions were like for them as there was really no advocate to speak on there behalf.

A chance meeting brought this couple together and you can see that they are meant to be but, life gets in the way and knowing the two are from different classes a lasting relationship was not in the cards for them.But, my favorite character Georgia has many surprises up her sleeve and has no intentions of permanently letting her man go she will take us on a journey with her to do just that !

This is another keeper for me a favorite of the series as Georgia made it so for me.I like that all the characters from one book to the other grace the pages in the current story as well because they were interesting characters as well.

Look forward to reading more of The rumor series and I have an I have enjoyed them all.

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