Thursday, July 25, 2013

Book Review for Share You (Roommate Romance) by Rene Folsom

   Share You (Roommate Romance)   

Reviewed by: Tonya
Published: Roommate Romance
Source:Purchased copyGenre: Romance

About Book

After werewolves attack her family, Amelia Singer escapes to Cutter's Folly in search of her long lost grandmother. There she finds the strangest revelation yet: not only is she descended from a long line of shapes-hifters; Amelia's firstborn is destined to lead the pack to dominion over all others. Now power hungry shifters everywhere will stop at nothing to share in that prophecy. Choosing a mate is the only way to end the violence, but how can she be expected to choose a man she's known for less than a week? At the heart of this struggle, Amelia is torn between Chase, who makes her pulse race with a single sultry glance, and Cutter, a reclusive but tempting loner with secrets of his own. Can fiercely independent Amelia find happiness with the pack, or will she rebel under the pressure and take her chances on her own?

My Thoughts

I don’t normally do this but let’s just start with the cover. Hello sweet cheeks can I grab that amazing arse of yours too? Rene sure does a great job making sure the cover completely fits the story, and gets the steam going right from the start.

So this little erotica is a husband and wife looking for a roommate when hot little Ava comes along. Imagine my surprise when it’s the wife who is fantasizing over being with her instead of the guy. Now there is a real twist for you. Of course in true male form Nick things that is the hottest thing ever asking his wife to tell him all about it. Making their love session even hotter than normal. I mean this couple is hot to start with, she is beautiful, he is down right gorgeous so you know they are already knocking the boots without any issues but throw in a girl on girl fantasy and this man is going nuts and the wife is over the edge. LOL

Okay and I think this is probably the hottest book of this Roommate Romance series that Rene Folsom has written so far and worse yet I chose to read this while I was sitting at my daughter’s softball practice. Yeah not a good idea – no cold showers LOL. There are so many sexually charged ions floating around the pages of this book you could recharge batteries with it.

The bathtub scene between Kelli and Ava is pretty hot – so be ready, I am not kidding when I say you best be prepared to take a very long and very cold shower or have your partner handy because this book, this scene and the following bedroom scene are going to get you extremely revved up. This is a very mature book, a very adult book; don’t leave this one laying around for your teenagers to get their hands on. LOL But hey it just may give you some ideas to spice it up in the bedroom or bathroom for that matter.