Sunday, July 21, 2013

Book Review for Or Forever Hold your Peace By Heather Muzik

 Or Forever Hold your Peace
              By Heather Muzik              
Reviewed by:Tonya
Published:Heather Muzik
Source:Purchased Gene:Contemporary

About Book

Does loyalty trump everything?
When friends reunite in Atlantic City for the tenth wedding anniversary of two of their own, the summer sun isn’t the only thing that’s heated. Old perceptions die hard, and after a separation and almost-divorce, not everyone feels this is a marriage worth celebrating.
Over the course of one long weekend, friendships, relationships, and marriages are tested as secrets begin to surface…. In the end, these friends will have to face the truth about themselves and each other… or forever hold their peace.

My Thoughts

This book starts out about a group of friends, or couples, all making the trek to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of two of their friends. You go through each character in this group, how each one see’s themselves and what they really think about the couple in question and others in the group. Right away I connect with Sistle and her ex husband Grant as well as Ben and Tina, out of the entire bunch I seemed to like them the most and silently was rooting them on throughout this adventure.
As each character is described by themselves, their lives at that moment, you find your head shaking, or scratching your chin in wonder and often laughing out loud at what is going through their minds as they get ready. I personally laughed more at the men throughout this book, like when Jake is describing his sex life with his wife, or lack there of, after the birth of their daughter Olivia stating ‘his wife is closed for entire seasons at a time.’ LOL poor guy.
I honestly laughed so hard at how each person truly disliked the couple whose anniversary they were attending, for one reason or another, but wouldn’t ever think of saying it out loud. So for one reason or another they decided to attend this farce. I wondered what Linda and Mark would think if they both knew how everyone felt. I had a feeling this weekend get away was going to blow up into a full blown tropical storm and boy was I right – this was full force category 5 for sure.
This is one really messed up group of friends. Everyone keeping how they really feel just under the surface, on a low boil just waiting to flow over. Each one had issues with one another and as the weekend unfolds, and a new girl is unfortunately brought into the mix, things start to come out, the tight thread beings to unravel and oh lord the roller coaster ride from it is truly amazing.
I have never laughed so hard or so much reading a book as I did in this one. The drama is truly eye opening and outrageously funny. The underlying issues everyone has with someone else in the group, the secrets, the lies, the couple fights, the make ups, the total misunderstandings, all of it. Made for a perfect read.
My heart went out to Sistle when her ex showed up with Regina “GENIE” ROFL, and poor Tina when she falls victim to a rumor started by snarky Regina. Oh I so didn’t like her and the whole time I kept hoping someone, one of the girls in the group would just put that snotty under aged little twit in her place. The men all they could do was ogle her goods ROFL typical men.
This is a great story, a truly awesome read. I couldn’t put it down, I just fell right in and had to get the next dish in this 12 course meal – I can not wait to read more by this author.