Saturday, February 16, 2013

Book Review for Forgotten Love: An Action-Packed Adventure Romance (The Forgotten Chronicles) by Kameron Scott

Forgotten Love: An Action-Packed Adventure Romance 

(The Forgotten Chronicles)

Reviewed by: Tonya
Published:Kameron Scott Romances
Source:Gifted Copy
Genre: Teen, Romance,Fantasy
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About Book

An ancient legend...A thrill seeking archaeologists...An intoxicating woman...Some things are better left undiscovered.

From international bestselling author, Kameron Scott comes Forgotten Love, the first book in the adventure romance series, the Forgotten Chronicles.

When a weather phenomenon causes the Greenland ice sheet to melt revealing areas that have not been seen for centuries, Professor Theo Cutro is determined to join the race of archaeologists, professional and amateur alike to find uncovered history and treasure. He's got the knowledge. He's got the money. He's got the equipment and even a really cool private plane, now about those permits...

When Theo asks his friend Saul Eversteen, director for the Chicago Museum of Antiquities, to back his expedition, he says yes, with one condition...researcher Gillian Langtree is coming with him.

Plunged together into an icy world of death and darkness, Theo and Gillian make a discovery that will rock the archaeological community. But will they make it out alive to share their discovery?

Find out now in Forgotten Love.

My Thoughts and Review 

Professor Theo Cuto is in a race to find what he believes would be the biggest find of the century, the polar ice cap has melted over Greenland, not just melted completely disappeared one day it was there, then it was gone. He turns to long time backer Saul the director for the Chicago Museum of Antiquities for backing. After some back and forth Saul agrees on the condition that his girlfriend Gillian who works in the museums research department goes along "to keep Theo in line". Theo reluctantly agrees - he prefers to work alone.

Once in Greenland and at the site he had already planned out he and Gillian begin to rappel down into a cavern he believes was carved out over thousands of years as water would drain off from the ice packs. He believes it will take him into caverns that may be where people once lived long forgotten through the years. Suddenly the earth shifts violently and Theo and Gillian are in a race to not only stay alive but find a way out.

As they make their way through this underground maze of tunnels and caverns the amazing and frightening things they come upon have you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what happens on the next page. Old myths believed to just be stories come true, the government wants to hush things up and Theo and Gillian want to stay alive.

Oh and I almost forgot Theo has a thing for Gillian but does she have one for him? Get the book today and find out. This really is a great read.