Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lessons in Loving a Laird by Michelle Marcos

Lessons in Loving a Laird
by Michelle Marcos

5 star read

From award-winning romance author, Michelle Marcos, comes the second installment in the "Knaves of Scotland" series. As rugged and bold as the Scottish hills, the Highland Knaves take no prisoners when it comes to love…

My Thoughts

First time author read for me and I throughly enjoyed this book.Of late I have read some real crapper's and this was such a nice and funny refreshing read.It is really just a cute love story between a Highland Laird who is also a lord and a young indentured servant.Shona and her twin sister go to the live with the Laird to work in lieu of back taxes owed by there current masters. Shona and her sister have lived a hard life being abandoned and having there whole family slaughter before the eyes has not been easy for this couple of young girls and also being branded with a traitor brand hasn't helped there chances in life Conall is now a Laird but grew up being a doctor so he is so different from the regular Lords. Shona and Conall have many heated embraces as he learns there is more to her she is very smart ,out spoken , caring both for her sister and her new lords tenants and she has a big heart when it comes to saving animals.These two develop a slow budding romance while teaching each others what the each knows best, he medicine to her and she how to run and estate and take care of your tenants and crops and implementing ways to generate money. But, once there romance is to come out in the open a setback happens and it looks like the pair will part. But, these two are destined to be together they just have to find a way back to each other.Loved this book and glad I picked it up in the library.Shona made this whole book come alive you could not help but love her. She is so many things funny ,humorous and yet loyal, protective and a survivor where many would have given up.The book was filled with a mystery, treachery and so much more. Hooked from page one !What a fun read.This is my first book by Michelle Marcos but, won't be the last..