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Book Review for Bikers Librarian by Shayla Colt

Bikers Librarian
by Shayla Colt
Reviewed by: Angels
Format: Kindle
Published: Hot Ink Press
Source: ARC
Genre: Contemporary Romance,
MC Romance,Romance

Recovered from an abusive relationship, Juliette Moore is ready to live life on her own terms. Successful, intelligent, and slightly timid, she makes a pact with her best friends to seize the day. She gets more than she bargained in the tall, dark, and dangerous biker Shooter.

Drawn to her purity and charm, Shooter, finds himself smitten before he knows what’s happening. With his claim firmly placed, he’s ready to go to war when she’s threatened by a madman from her past. Together they weather life’s storms and find common ground as they merge their two very different worlds.

We are starting off by saying that this is a new author for us and that we really enjoyed this first novel by her.I really loved it.Looking forward to future reads by her.

One of the things I liked about this story is when two complete opposites meet but have amazing chemistry together. A librarian and Biker who would have thought that they would have anything in common.Who would have thought that a librarian could be sexy too a Biker but, the sparks this couple had scorched the pages.

I always pick a favorite character in a story and mine is going to be Shooter.I choose him because he was just sexy as hell.When he spoke with that velvety voice it made a girls panties wet.When he spoke the only thing a girl would have on her mind would be jumping that bad boys bones.

Shooter had all those bad boy traits that makes a girl want to walk on the wild side.We saw a totally different side to him though.I found him to be patient,kind,possessive,love able,smoking hot,endearing but also had one big heart.
Shooter has closed off his heart but, after meeting Juliette his hearts starts to thaw and we see him opening up little by little.I loved Shooter's interactions with Juliette they were sweet,gentle,possessive,commanding all wrapped up into that one big scary and dangerous biker.I also loved how he could be patient and kind and understanding.Don't get me wrong we saw the dangerous parts of him enough but, he understood what Juliette's past was like so he toned himself down a bit in order for him not to scare her.This made him so sweet .How could a girl not fall for him right then and there.All his qualities just made him more love-able.We saw the most growth in his character throughout the entire story.

I loved Juliette's character as well.Juliette could be sweet,kind,fun loving,and had a rare innocence about her.I loved her interactions with her friends.As a reader the interactions and playfulness give us more then a few smiles along with some laughs as well. Juliette had that wholesome feel about her but, she was a girl that came from a very complicated past full of verbal and physical abuse.This past if hers constantly intervened with her current situations.In doing so it made her current relationship with Shooter tense at times.She treated a judged Shooter for someone else's past deeds constantly which was so unfair to him when he was trying so hard to be supportive.Even though he understood the situation it made for tense encounters but he treated those episodes as he normally did with patience and kindness.I really felt bad for both of these character's and my heart went out to both of them for their past betrayals is just one more thing this couple had in common.

I always wondered what really attracted Juliette to Shooter.His good looks, that bad boy aura,that velvety voice,that danger he represented?I think it was more that she could find someone to trust and protect her and be open with.Him being dangerous and his protective instinct made her feel safe something that she hadn't felt in a really long time.You would think with a touch of this kind of man in her past she would stay clear of a man like him.Shooter's dangerous aura though worked in a positive light in this couples relationship creating that safe environment for her which she needed to feel.I think all in all these things and his protective nature and possessiveness along with their amazing chemistry won her heart in the end.But, in the end she felt safe with him something she hadn't felt in a really long time.Prop's to shooter for accomplishing that.

I love a story were opposites and attract and make a relationship work.Their different personalities helped them learn for one another to make them both whole again.They found themselves doing things that they would not normally do but, and tries to put the other first in most cases.All the character's were engaging and added just what the story needed to keep your interest.You have Juliette's friends the straitlaced good girls and then the dangerous bad boys mixing together making things quite interesting.I love when your able to connect with the character's you read about and I was able to do that with this cast of character's.I liked that it made you have a vested interest in their future.I would love to read more about the other brothers as well in the near future.

Danger,romance twist and turns,love,healing,betrayals and secrets coming to life graced the pages of this story making it quite the page turner.The sexual tension and sparks and the chemistry this couple had added that touch of erotica to the story that heated a girls lion's enough to make this one hell of a hot read as well.Loved it from beginning to end.

5 star read from us !

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Shyla Colt is the sassy international bestseller of the popular series Kings of Chaos and Dueling Devils M.C. This genre-hoppers stories feature three of her favorite things: strong females, pop culture, and alternate routes to happy ever after. Listening to her Romani soul, she pens from the heart, allowing the dynamic characters, eccentric interests, and travels as a former flight attendant to take her down untraveled roads. 
Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, this mid-west girl is proud of her roots. She used her hometown and the surrounding areas as a backdrop for a number of books. So, if you’re a Buckeye, keep an eye out for familiar places. 

As a full-time writer, stay at home mother, and wife, there's never a dull moment in her household.
She weaves her tales in spare moments and the evenings with a cup of coffee or tea at her side and the characters in her head for company.

You can interact with Shyla Colt online via her website 
Facebook: and 
Twitter: @shylacolt

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Book Review for Step by Step by K.C. Wells

Step by Step
by K.C. Wells
Reviewed by: Angels
Format: Kindle
Published: Dreamspinner Press
Source: ARC
Genre: Contemporary Romance,
M/M Romance,Romance

Jamie’s life is one big financial mess, and it really isn’t his fault. However, the last thing he expected to find in the library was a Good Samaritan. He might have been suspicious of Guy’s motives at first, but it soon becomes apparent that his savior is a good man who has been lucky in life and is looking to pay it forward. Guy being gay is not a problem. Jamie’s not interested… or so he thinks.
Guy is happy to help Jamie, and the two men get along fine. But when Jamie’s curiosity leads him from one thing to another, Guy finds himself looking at the young man with new eyes. What started out as a hand up is now something completely different….

Guy and Jamie's story

I have to start off by saying this is a new author for us and it was a first enjoyable read for us.I normally don't read this kind of gene so it was nice to mix things up a bit and try something new and we are so glad we gave this author a try.We will be looking forward to this authors new releases as the come out.

I loved the plot it was something you don't normally read about strangers doing good deeds and paying it forward so I am glad that was part of what brought this couple together .I really loved this couple they were so cute together.The story also touched on what couples and families encounter as well as friends when those not accepting of the lifestyle one chooses to live.I loved how Guy handled his own family none accepting ways.I really felt horrible for him at the way his ex wife and son dealt with his current lifestyle yet ,it never seem to get him down. Guy seem to take it in stride instead.I loved the fact that this wasn't the kind of story about instant chemistry and acting on it.This story was more about a straight man discovering he is attracted to his room mate and what to do about the feeling he is having.Guy was gay but never once forced his lifestyle on his room mate even though he new from their very first meeting that he was attracted to Jamie.I loved how Guy never forced Jamie to feel the same way and accepted that he was straight .As a reader we felt the struggles that Jamie was having at fighting his attraction he had toward Guy.My heart went out to him as he struggled to deal and find himself and come to grippes whether it was an attraction to all men or just Guy.I feel in this case it was more about finding your on true mate and not whether your gay,straight, or bisexual it was about trusting your hearts chosen choice.

I always pick a favorite character in a story and mine is going to be Jamie.I picked
Jamie as he was just so sweet all the time and I liked how protective he was toward Guy's happiness only wanting the best for him .I liked that he was focused and driven.I loved how he was willing to face and explore the feelings he was having toward Guy even though he had reservations about his own sexual identity.I loved how this couple gradually let things evolved and never once forced each other to feel things other than what they we feeling .I loved how Jamie was willing to explore what could be with Guy instead of letting his own fears get the best of him.I loved how this couple simply fell in love and decided that each of them is what the other needed in order to be truly happy.

I loved the story all around.I really enjoyed Guy as well I thought he was super sweet also had an amazing vibrant personality.I loved how he was willing to trust his heart to another after losing the life of his life.I loved the things this couple did to get to know one another .I loved this couple interactions with their friends they added humor to the story and gave us more than a few chuckles.I really enjoyed that Guy and Jamie had a sense of humor because I believe that it was the way this couple got over the awkwardness when they were with friends or alone.It helped Jamie feel more comfortable with the feelings he was experiencing and the decisions he need to make for himself.

This was overall quite an endearing love story that touch my heart as I loved this couple and wished for a happy ending for them.This story was a page turner for me that had me finishing this story and one sitting as you could not put it down.I loved how the author did an amazing job and creating a story that did not focus on being gay or straight and more on a couple that simply happened to fall in love with each other that happen to be the same sex.This couples sexual chemistry and their sexual encounters definitely burned up the sheets .That added element of erotica and their sexual teasing made their sexual encounters even hotter !I loved as a reader that I was able to connect with the main characters and I did just that.I could not get enough of them.

I recommended read to all.I thought that the author did a amazing job with this story that made you actually feel things for this couple as well as their struggles.

ARC given to us for and honest read and we are giving it 5 stars .I absolutely love it and its characters.

5 star read from us !

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K.C. Wells started writing in 2012, although the idea of writing a novel had been in her head since she was a child. But after reading that first gay romance in 2009, she was hooked.
She now writes full time, and the line of men in her head, clamouring to tell their story, is getting longer and longer. If the frequent visits by plot bunnies are anything to go by, that’s not about to change anytime soon.

K.C. loves to hear from readers. 
Twitter: @K_C_Wells 

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Book Review for Truly Madly Whiskey by Melissa Foster

Truly Madly Whiskey

by Melissa Foster
Reviewed by: Angels
Format: Kindle

Published: Word Literary Press
Source: ARC
Genre: Contemporary Romance,
Bad Boys,MC Romance


A new, emotionally riveting, sexy standalone romance by New York Times bestselling author Melissa Foster. Watch mysteriously sexy Bear Whiskey claw his way to his happily ever after with sassy, rebellious Crystal Moon. In TRULY, MADLY, WHISKEY... Eight months is a long damn time to have the hots for a woman who keeps a guy at arm's length. But Crystal Moon is no ordinary woman. She's a sinfully sexy, sass-mouthed badass, and the subject of Bear Whiskey's midnight fantasies. She's also one of his closest friends. Just when Crystal thinks she has her life under control, scorching-hot, possessive, aggressive, and fiercely loyal Bear pushes all her sexual buttons, relentless in his pursuit to make her his. The more Bear pushes, the hotter their passion burns, unearthing memories for Crystal that are best kept buried. But there's no stopping the collision of her past and present, catapulting the two lovers down an emotional and sexually charged road that has them questioning all they thought they knew about themselves.



Bear and Crystal

This is a brand new author for us and I have to say that we enjoyed our first read by her.This was one of the most funniest books that I have read so far this year.

I loved the characters they were funny, engaging,smart, sexy, a super hot!This was a super cute love story loaded with humor mixed with a bit of family drama .Then throw in there  a possessive dark and sexy tattooed biker in the mix and you have a super fun relaxing read.

I enjoyed  all the characters but Bear was a favorite of mind this guy was super sweet,had a sense of humor,a big old heart,was possessive,hot,was patient,kind,understanding and just a great guy all around with tons of artistic talent.I love how he was always putting family first.I loved his interactions in and out of bed with Crystal .He teased her all the time and was constantly calling her pet names and some of them just were just hilarious.I loved how he pursued Crystal with such patience never giving up knowing she would be worth it once she gave into their mutual attraction.I love the chemistry he had with Crystal and also how playful he could be trying to get her to lower her shields and let him in.I loved how he worried about if she was always alright and gave her the space she needed as it warred against his protective nature to do just the opposite.I could not help and make the fall myself when it came to Bear as he would make any girl the perfect mate..

Crystal was outspoken,kind,sexy,talented,love able .I found her to be funny and had a sense of humor but she was also carrying around one big hefty secret that weighed on her mind.My heart went out to Crystal .I know she was trying so hard to overcome her past and how it affected her now but, every time It looked like she was moving forward she was stepping back.I felt her pain and hesitation as you know that she so wanted to move forward and find the happiness she new she would have with Bear if she could just get over her own fears.

Bear and Crystal made the perfect couple.I truly believe that fate stepped in and put each other in one another's path because Bear was the perfect person to help Crystal heal. All he had to do was love her with his warm and generous heart and be the kind and patient man that he was.I loved the sexual banter that went on between this couple how they had a way with words that gave me quite a few laughs throughout this entire story.

My favorite quotes and scenes in the book were when Bear constantly teased Harley the cat for being a cock-block way to funny had me laughing out loud more than once.

A recommend read that had a bit of humor,family and personal drama,secrets coming to life, one finding love and happiness and also one cutting ties to the things that bring you  pain and unhappiness.  All these things put together made this story a enticing fun read from cover to cover.I will be sure to read more books by this author and  I look forward to getting to know the other Whiskey brothers as well .

This goes into the keeper pile for when you are feeling and bit low and you need a pick me up. This story will have you laughing again in know time at all.

5 star read from us !

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Hello everyone! I grew up in Maryland with my mother, a slew of wonderful brothers, and never a shortage of friends. I am passionate about writing, reading, living healthy, and helping others do the same, and enjoy just about anything outdoors (and anything chocolate!). I love to chat with readers and book clubs, and welcome your comments and suggestions. Feel free to email me. You can also catch me on

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