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Alpha Girl Wolfling Saga Book #1 By: Kate Bloomfield Blog Tour and Review

Alpha Girl

Series-Wolfling Saga Book #1

By: Kate Bloomfield

Genre: New Adult/Mature YA ( 15 and up) Paranormal Romance

**not intended for audiences younger than 15 years of age, as it contains scenes of a sexual nature, and coarse language.

Please do not read if you are easily offended.**


Seventeen year old Rose Goldman is highly unpopular in the little town of Halfway. Ever since the 'attack' when she was a girl, people and animals have been afraid of her. She gets bullied in school, and called 'wet dog' because of the way she smells, despite being extremely hygienic. However, life takes a turn when a new teacher starts at Halfway High. Mr. Stone, the quirky and charismatic English teacher is twice Rose's age, but she feels an unexplainable pull towards him from day one. Despite her better judgement, Rose pursues a friendship with Mr. Stone, who seems unable to stay away from her.

What is pulling this unlikely pair together?


 “I was riveted. Alpha Girl is quite intimate and has a fairly small cast of characters. The protagonist is very believable and wasn't annoying, which is a frequent problem in a lot of books featuring teenage lead characters narrating in the first-person. This is a romance (albeit a twisted one). Don't pick up this book expecting a darkly sweet, cutesy love story. This book will blast you out of your comfort zone and make you hate yourself for turning the page. But you will turn the page.”

- Review of Alpha Girl by Mark Carver, Author of The Age of Apollyon.

About Author  

Best-selling and independent Australian author, Kate Bloomfield, has successfully made a name for herself in the world of self-publishing at just twenty-three years old. Her newest and most precious book yet, Alpha Girl, is a controversial Paranormal Romance between a student and teacher. A book not for those easily offended.
Kate was born in Enfield, London in 1989, but has lived in Wollongong, Australia for most of her life.

Now working full time as an independent author, Kate has published four novels, and two short stories.

Her fifth novel ‘Alpha Girl’ is a paranormal romance that explores a complicated a student/teacher relationship. 

It is due for release on April 1st 2013.

For more information about Alpha Girl, please visit:

Excerpt (Ch 8)

 Mr. Stone’s smile faltered. ‘I like my women to have a mind of their own – to be witty. Like you.’

My throat closed up. Like me?

‘You’re an amazing girl,’ he said suddenly.

His use of the word girl made my stomach twist painfully.

‘Am I?’ I asked.

‘Of course.’

‘A girl?’

He smiled knowingly. ‘An amazing woman,’ he corrected himself.

‘No one has ever told me that before,’ I said.

‘I don’t believe that,’ he smiled. ‘You’re clever, and beautiful, and damn witty.’

Mr. Stone’s jaw tensed as he realized what he was saying.

‘Beautiful?’ I asked, the word escaping as nothing more than a whisper.

‘Don’t you know?’ he asked.

My heart thundered as I stared at him. Oh please, my mind begged. Please tell me what is going on in that head of yours.

‘D-don’t I know what?’ I asked.

‘Don’t you know what you're doing to me?’ He said as though I was torturing him.

‘What?’ My skin stung and my head swam with the possibilities.

‘Rose, I-’ He paused to collect his thoughts. ‘I’ve felt this … this pull towards you since day one. I can’t explain it.’

He didn’t need to explain it, because I felt it too. His eyes, his smile and his scent had me drawn in.

I placed a shaking hand over his, which was still on the steering wheel. He looked at our hands for a moment before allowing me to thread my fingers through his. I could feel his pulse in between each of my fingers.

Mr. Stone inhaled deeply. ‘Christ,’ he muttered, shutting his eyes tightly.

‘What’s the matter?’ I breathed.

‘That … that scent. The way you smell-’

I suddenly became very self-conscious. Bullies at school often accused me of smelling like wet dog. I

sniffed my shirt, but I smelled perfectly normal.

‘What is it?’ I said defensively. ‘I showered this morning-’

Mr. Stone laughed, and I felt my cheeks burn with embarrassment.

‘No,’ he said with a small smile. ‘You smell amazing.’

‘I do?’

‘Absolutely. You always do.’

I never wore perfume, only regular home brand antiperspirant.

‘It makes me dizzy,’ he confessed. ‘It’s intoxicating.’

‘What do I smell like?’ I asked, rather flushed.

Mr. Stone licked his lips as though he could taste me in the air. ‘Sweet,’ he said.

My cheeks burned crimson, and I wished he would look at me. I couldn't believe this was happening.

‘I want to kiss you so very badly, Rose,’ Mr. Stone said under his breath. ‘But I can't … and it’s killing me.’

My heart hammered so loudly against my ribcage that I was sure Mr. Stone could hear it from where he sat.

Suddenly, I felt powerful. He wanted me … and it terrified him.

‘Mr. Stone,’ I breathed, but he still didn't look at me. ‘Tom.’

A small groan escaped him as though his name leaving my lips was taboo.

‘Look at me,’ I said, my eyes fixated on him.

‘I can’t,’ he said, shaking his head.

Chapter Four:

As Mr. Stone drank his coffee I observed what he was wearing today. It was no different to the usual. He wore a tweed jacket with leather elbow patches. It was a little too big for him. The shirt underneath had an ugly paisley pattern on it.

I did not hide my gaze as I looked around the table to see his pants, which were a type of brown velvet. He wore the same lace-up boat shoes as usual, this time with no socks.

‘What?’ he said a little embarrassed as I scrutinized his attire.

‘You dress so strange,’ I said, leaning back against the booth and observing him.

He smiled and sipped his coffee. ‘Do I?’

‘Yeah … it’s eccentric. Like a mad professor.’

Mr. Stone chuckled, his emerald eyes twinkling, reflecting the streetlights outside. ‘Don’t you like the way I dress?’

I frowned, considering it for a moment. I liked it very much, indeed. ‘I think it suits you,’ I said.

‘Would you like to know a secret?’ he asked, leaning forwards.

‘I’m not good at keeping secrets,’ I replied.

Mr. Stone raised an eyebrow, his expression unreadable. ‘I do all my shopping at the thrift-store.’

I feigned a look of shock. ‘Really? I would never have guessed.’

He laughed. ‘All right, no need to get smart.’

Perhaps Mr. Stone is poor, I thought. After all, he was a little rough around the edges, not to mention his car was about to fall apart. It would be rude to ask though.

‘I promise not to tell a soul,’ I said, tracing an ‘X’ over my heart.

Mr. Stone rolled his eyes and drained the rest of his cup. 

Chapter Five

The doors of the library opened, and Mr. Stone entered with a book in his hands. I watched him as he placed it into the ‘returns’ chute at the front desk. I wanted to call out to him, but I was still embarrassed about our last encounter. He must have felt my eyes upon him because his gaze suddenly slid towards me.

The grin that broke across his face was heart melting. He was usually smiling but this was different; he looked genuinely pleased to see me.

He crossed the library, walking towards the desk I was sitting at.

‘Catching up on homework?’ he asked.

I nodded, swallowing hard, as if something was stuck in my throat, preventing me from talking.

‘What are you working on?’ he asked.

I looked down at the textbook that was sprawled in front of me. ‘Math,’ I said.

‘Ah. I’m afraid I can’t help you there,’ he smiled. ‘Math was never my strong suit.’

‘Me either,’ I sighed, leaning back in my chair. ‘I’m terrible at it.’

‘I’m sure you’re not that bad,’ he said, leaning on the back of a chair.

I rifled through my papers, pulling out my most recent math test. I handed it to him and he looked down at the grade written in big red letters.

‘D minus,’ he read. ‘Okay, so maybe you are terrible at it.’

I laughed. ‘It just doesn't stick with me,’ I admitted.

‘Maybe if you didn't daydream so much,’ he said, handing the test back to me.

‘I don’t daydream,’ I lied.

He cocked an eyebrow, his expression sardonic. ‘You get this glazed look over your eyes all the time. Sometimes I worry you’re having a stroke.’

I rolled my eyes and continued packing up my books. As I slung the bag over my shoulder, Mr. Stone looked around to make sure we were alone.

‘Can I give you a ride home?’ he asked.

My knees felt weak. ‘Are you sure that’s wise?’

‘Everyone has gone home for the day,’ he replied. ‘I’ll drive around the corner and you can meet me there.’

There was something about his desire for secrecy that made my skin prickle. ‘Okay,’ I agreed.

I left the library before Mr. Stone, who exited a few paces behind me. He walked towards the teacher’s car park as I exited through the front gates.

 Our Review and Thoughts

Let me start off by saying that this is a new author for me and I did enjoy her current novel.

Rose Goldman is a young teenage girl of seventeen who has been bitten many years ago on a family outing. Rose is basically a loner with not many friends an very a shy person.I have to say that Rose for me was a character that you had to warm up to probably for me was due to her aloofness making her not such a like-able character.But, once we get to know Rose you will feel differently.Can you imagine the pressure of such a young girl dealing with changing into a werewolf once a month with no guidance from any one and really not knowing what truly is happening and why?

My favorite character was Mr. Stone he was truly a kind and loving person.He really was responsible for the growth of Rose's character throughout this book.He is the one person who will help Rose grow to be a more confidant person and have more of a true understanding about who and what she has become.

Characters that I didn't like were Rose's parents.I found them both to be unlovable and very selfish people.

This was a cute and sweet romance that developed between and student and her teacher Mr. Stone.I think that some people will be put off by this because of ones moral thinking but, you also have to realize this is a work of fiction and not a real situation .Also this is a situation of Roses experience for the first time as her true self as a wolf and a Alpha one at that. They are stronger than any others .Mr Stone happened to be a werewolf who was attuned to Rose with feelings of want and need towards her knowing in his right mind he should stay away and fight these feelings he has.That being said Rose could not help the way she felt about Mr. Stone either she had the same attraction toward him as he had for her.

This was a journey of a sweet love story that developed between a couple .Also a journey about discovery of ones true self. Two strangers came to together and were able to heal one another with there love for one other.

Found this book to be a fast paced read.The story was engrossing that kept you turning the pages as secrets come to light for both couples and we experience the dangers together that this couple is experiencing in the now and the future.

 I have to say that I was rooting for this couple to find true love that one deserves knowing there plight was going to be a difficult one and the obstacles that this couple will have to face if they want to succeed at being a couple.

My one pet peeve of the story was that I found Rose to be a little selfish at times.I could understand her feelings for Mr Stone and what she felt for him but, she never realized that of the trouble or the outcome of what really could happen if they relationship were to come to light. That being said it could just have been because she was experiencing love for the first time and just got caught up in the romance and two that she was a Alpha wolf ( to be a bit overpowering)as that is there true nature.So no matter or how long and hard Mr. Stone denied himself Rose would have won in the end due to her true nature of being born a Alpha Wolf.

I can only imagine what I must have been like for Rose after being bitten and what her fears must have been. What anxieties she must be have been experiencing every month. How lonely it must be for her to keep to herself not letting anyone truly get to know her because of her affliction in the hope she might not come to harm others because of it.Not understanding what is happening to you an why?Feeling your all alone in the world with no one to understand you or someone to talk about what you are going through.What the cost of keeping this secret must have been like and what would happen for fear of discovery should it come to light.My heart truly bled for her and what she must have gone through.....

 An infectious read not to be missed.I will be looking forward to the next installment to see were Rose and Mr. Stones adventure will lead them. 


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