Monday, January 14, 2013

Book Review for The Body Departed by J.R. Rain

The Body Departed

5 stars

Reviewed by: Tonya
Published:  J.R.Rain
Source: purchased copy Genre: Paranormal

Two years ago, a man broke into James Blakely's apartment and shot him in his sleep. Twelve times, killing him instantly. Dead and confused, James discovers he has a choice: he can move on into the afterlife, or he can stay behind. Unfortunately, since James has done some very bad things, moving on into the afterlife can only mean one thing: the fires of Hell. Or so he thinks. Forgoing eternal damnation, James instead chooses to haunt his old apartment building.

Now James's days are mostly spent visiting his daughter and ex-wife, welcoming new neighbors, and talking to those who can see the dead. It's a simple, peaceful life, but with each passing day, James discovers something more and more alarming: memories of his former life—and even his own identity—begin slipping away. Faced with the prospect that he is rapidly deteriorating into a state of nothingness, James sets out to save his eternal soul. With the help of his daughter and a world-class medium, his journey to peace and forgiveness will not be an easy one, especially for a ghost who still wishes to be a father—and who fears he is destined for a fiery Hell as punishment for sins he cannot remember. Now, as James begins to uncover the devastating secret that connects his soul to earth, he will discover that even in death life has a few surprises.

My Thoughts

I love paranormal books but I really enjoyed this one. Your emotions will range from laughter to crying to happiness to caring with each turn of the page.

The story of James a ghost stuck here on earth with unfinished business visiting his daughter at night and talking to a medium while trying to figure out just how he will keep himself from hell. After the death of his most favorite school teacher James gets his medium friend to help him. He knows he has to do something and that it also just might help him.

James meets a young ghost Jacob and later learns who he is and just whats been keeping him bound to earth. While trying to figure out how to make it all right he has some fun freaking out the hot shot of a ghost hunting show. But with a heart to heart from Jesus and his special medium friend he is eventually able to mend a lot of broken fences and eventually he is able to finally let go and go home.

This was such a fun book to read I absolutely loved it.