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Book Review for Fatal Consequences (Fatal #3) by Marie Force Kindle Edition

Fatal Consequences (Fatal #3)

5 stars

Reviewed by: Tonya
Published: Carina Press   
Source Purchased copy Genre: Romantic Suspense


The murder of two members of the Capitol Cleaning Service might’ve been just another homicide investigation—that is if one of them hadn’t been romantically involved with a married senator from Arizona. Lt. Sam Holland and her team are plunged into another complex case that at first seems open and shut. But as Sam tugs on the threads of the investigation she uncovers a deep, dark Washington secret that threatens the careers of some of the government’s highest-ranking officials. Racing to catch a killer before he can strike again, Sam and her fiancé, U.S. Senator Nick Cappuano, attempt to plan a wedding while her colleague Detective Tommy “Gonzo” Gonzales faces life-changing news.

My Thoughts

Sam and Nick are back again for book 3, with Nick preparing for reelection and Sam back on the job as they celebrate their engagement yet another mystery to solve. Several women are murdered, one of Sams own is horrible attacked and the clock is ticking for Sam to figure out just who is killing women in her city. As always it hits close to home with Sam and Nick and the political world is turned upside down again from yet another scandal. This one by far the best scandal so far.

I love how Marie writes her story lines, they are so fast paced and entrenched in details. Not only do you feel like you are right there while Sam and her team are chasing down the bad guys, but you are right there while Nick is dealing with reelection, they deal with her family and a possible new member to their family and you begin to learn a lot more about Cruz, Gonzo and McBride.

Even though the main characters are Nick and Sam, I love how Marie adds in the story lines for Gonzo and Christina, Cruz and Elin as well as her father and his new bride Celia. This book starts off with the wedding of her father and Celia and what a wedding it is. And just builds from there.

Like the other books I couldn't put this one down and before I knew it I was done and rushing to download the next one. Great job Marie as always. 

Book Review for Burning Bridges (The Bleeding Heart Trilogy #1) by Nadège Richards

Burning Bridges 

  (The Bleeding Heart Trilogy #1)

4 stars

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Reviewed by: Tonya
Source Provided by author 
Genre: Fantasy,Young Adult, Romance


Do or Die...

In a world that has been divided amongst the Hunter race and the Warrior, prisoners who have fallen prey to King Cyrus' decrees are forced into the arena to fight until death. Winner is granted mercy and privilege to see another sunrise. Death unto the weak. In an attempt to get back at everyone who has ever shut her out, seventeen year-old Princess Echo becomes another victim, dragging Ayden, her forbidden love, along in a race to freedom, to find out who she really is, and to put a world that has been swallowed by lies back together again.

In the first installment of The Bleeding Heart Trilogy, life becomes a dangerous game of kill or be killed, love or let go. When death threatens the forbidden love of an unlikely couple and they are forced to do the unthinkable, to what extent will they go to be together?

My Thoughts

I was asked by a friend of mine "Angels With Attitude Book Reviews" if I would be interested in reading a book for an author friend of hers and giving an honest review. First of "HELLO" I love to read so bring it on, I downloaded the book and went right to reading and am I so glad I did and now I sit and wait for book 2 to come out :)

What a great book, I love how she went back and forth between both main characters so throughout the entire book you feel like you are getting the full picture, the full story as both Echo and Ayden are telling the story, not just one character. You get to see and feel what each of them are going through during the story.

I can't imagine growing up as a princess, what a life that must be, but to grow up as a princess and feel like you don't fit in, don't belong, that your life isn't what it should be and you belong somewhere else - I could never imagine until being sucked into this book and through Echo's eyes I could feel how lonely, sad, angry and then for a brief time happy, joyful, the moments of freedom and love.

We all live in a society that daily we see someone struggling, and unless you have been through it yourself can't even begin to imagine what it must be like to be poor, fighting every day to survive. Welcome to Ayden's world. Living in a society that dictates when you can come and go from where you live. When you can come and go into another village that is better off than your own. Having to work endless hours, scratch and claw your way around. Having to humble yourself, be looked down upon and talked down to just to survive. This was Aydens world, between the bullies, his alcoholic worthless father, sick mother almost on death's door at times and two younger siblings hew as practically raising on his own and a good friend Feven who came and went as she pleased but took advantage of Ayden as she saw fit.

Ayden and Echo's lives collide in the palace and Ayden lashes out after getting in trouble thinking she is a spoiled rich brat just like all the other royals. Little does he know how very wrong he is. Echo is drawn immediately into his violet eyes and every day tries to find a way to get to know him, be near him, with him. After bumping into him she beings to realize even more how very different she is from her family.

Echo is being forced into an arranged marriage, the man Noah she is set to marry loves the women and Echo is very aware of his wandering ways. Her mother, father and sisters tell her this is her duty for the good of the kingdom. She loathes Noah, detests being around him and wants nothing more but to get away.

And with Ayden's help she does just that, she gets away. And though their time is brief, she is happy, they are happy, its almost like living in a dream world and having to pinch herself to make sure it is real. Until it all comes crashing in and they are forced to fight one another to the death for their very life.

But tables turn, and she learns she isn't who she has believed she was all her life, events change her, her life and her pending future - and now I wait for book two.

I have never been drawn to a character like I have been to Echo and Ayden their plight is one I look forward to watching grow and I hope they get their happy ending.


Book Review for Fatal Deception : Book Five of the Fatal Series by Marie Force

Fatal Deception: Book Five of the Fatal Series

5 stars

Reviewed by: Tonya
Published: Carina Press   
Source Purchased copy Genre: Romantic Suspense


The wife of the White House deputy chief of staff has been beaten to death, and their one-year-old daughter is missing. D.C. Police Lieutenant Sam Holland is in charge of the murder investigation, but she's forced to collaborate with Special Victims Unit detectives as well as thorn-in-her-side FBI Special Agent Avery Hill. Then, a cold case of her father's resurrects old hurts—a distraction Sam cannot afford.

As Sam's investigation heats up, so does Nick's political career—and the heat carries over to their bedroom. Will Sam put the pieces together in time to catch a killer and find the baby, or will ambition, greed and lies prove fatal?

My Thoughts

Book 5 in the Fatal Series and I am jonesing for the next book to come out. Nick and Sam are hot in this book. As they are enjoying newlywed bliss learning more about each others likes and building their lives together.

The story line is as always awesome with the death of a very high ranking officials wife and a missing baby the plot is thick and Sam and her homicide team are knee deep in it, of course with the help of an FBI agent she would rather not have to deal with and who Nick thinks is into his wife, little does Sam know one of Sam's team members feels the same way.

While Sam is dealing with this new head scratching crime, she gets involved in another incident and as typical is hurt but the outcome is "kick ass", and Nick's career is begining to really heat up as he prepares for the speech of a lifetime.

Scotty comes to a decision on living with Sam and Nick and it turns their world upside down. And Sam comes to another decision regarding having a child of their own. McBride and Arnold dig back into her fathers unsolved cold case and confront Sam with what they find which brings Sam and her father together again about this topic - I wont say how that ends but as always its good.

I have read a lot of series in the past but this is by far the best, strong female & male lead detective thriller, political crime thriller, romance combination I have ever read and is by far my all time 5 star favorite. Way to go Marie - you are a Force to be reckoned with.


Book Review for Fatal Destiny: A Fatal Series Novella by Marie Force (The Fatal Series)

  Fatal Destiny: A Fatal Series Novella 
(The Fatal Series) 
5  Stars

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Reviewed by: Tonya
Published:  Carina Press 
Source Purchased copy Genre: Romantic Suspense


With the week of their wedding finally upon them, Washington, D.C., Police Lieutenant Sam Holland and her fiancé, Senator Nick Cappuano, are at odds. In the aftermath of a tragic loss, they struggle to reconnect as the big day draws near, but their work keeps pulling them apart. When a new clue into a cold case surfaces, Nick asks Sam not to take any foolish chances before the wedding and to leave it alone for the time being.

Sam agrees, but she can't let it go entirely and winds up trapped in an explosive situation. Then an unwelcome visitor from her past threatens her future happiness... With trouble at every turn, will Sam survive long enough to walk down the aisle?

My Thoughts

Marie did a great job sharing Nick and Sam's wedding. From wedding planner Shelby aka Tinkerbell to the dress by Vera Wang it is the perfect wedding, but getting there isn't so perfect.

As always there is something going on in Sam's world of homicide that always seems to keep Nick and the reader slapping your hand to your palm saying OMG not again Sam. LOL

The book starts out with Nick worrying about Sam's where abouts as he is home with a house full of guest for their wedding shower. There is something going on between them and he is worried as they seem to have drifted apart. He thinks its from his extreme amount of time with work. He doesnt know she is trying to fight through an inner turmoil after the loss of their unborn child.

This novella is perfect it is mostly about the wedding of course but there is some work for Sam thrown in there which of course just has to be with Nick and Sam. LOL Sam learns her team mates have been working on the lead they found at the Reece house in regards to the shooting of her father. She is also dealing with the fact her ex husband who is in jail for the attempted murder of her and her soon to be husband Nick may get out of jail on a technicality. Sam turns to an old informant for some help in searching through the clues into her fathers shooting. And in the process she learns of a horrible man who committed a horrifying crime and walked away without a slap on his hand. In digging into this she learns of something the AUSA did and why.

This story digs more into that and what the fall out is just before the wedding (of course) and then its the big day the wedding and OH WHAT A WEDDING IT IS........

You wont be sorry for reading Fatal Destiny.

Book Review for Fatal Justice: Book Two of the Fatal Series

Fatal Justice
by Marie Force
Book #2
5 stars

Reviewed by: Tonya
Published:  Carina Press    
Source: Purchased copy Genre: Romantic Suspense


She looked into the dead face of the man she'd dined with the night before

Standing over the body of a Supreme Court nominee, Lieutenant Sam Holland is hip-deep in another high-profile murder case. The fact that she was one of the last people to see Julian Sinclair alive just complicates things even more. On the plus side, her relationship with Senator Nick Cappuano is heating up—but it's also attracting a lot of unwanted media attention and blinding flash bulbs.

The pressure is on for Sam to find Sinclair's killer, but a new lead in her father's unsolved shooting puts her in unexpected danger. When long-buried secrets threaten to derail her relationship with Nick, Sam realizes that while justice can be blind, mixing romance with politics has the potential to be fatal...

My Thoughts

If you liked book 1 in the Fatal Series you will LOVE book 2 "Fatal Justice" OMG I could not put this book down. I fell in love with the main characters Sam "Samantha" Holland and Nick Cappuano in book 1 but this book sealed it.

Sam and Nick go through some very real life issues in this book, learning more about each other, a lot of Sam's past is revealed in this book and what she went through. How her and Nick handle each incident is very well laid out and feels so very true to life. You laugh, you cry, and you can't wait for the next page to see what happens.

This one starts out with a man who commits a horrific crime on his family and during the investigation inforamtion about her father is found. Sam's on high alert how is this man connected to what happened to her father all those years ago.

A high profile murder and Nick is back in the spotlight as he and Graham and Lainie are close to this person. Then a young man almost murdered related to the person who was murdered and this investigation becomes very twisted, Sam struggles to put the pieces together.

Sam goes through a lot of trials in this book, from being held hostage, shot at, horrible car accident, yes even almost losing Nick. All test her strength and resolve and her relationship with Nick. They hit some bumps in this one, but its really great to read how they get through each one.

I really love the epilogue on this - oh now don't go and rush to get to it but it is by far the best, and I mean the best way for this to be done that I have seen in a book EVER........

Hurry up and get this book now if you havent read book one "Fatal Affair" you have to start there first but then rush to get this one. I am off to get book Three "Fatal Consequences"


Book Review for The One Knight Collection by Samantha Holt

 The One Knight Collection 

5 stars
Reviewed by: Tonya
Published: Samantha Holt

Source Gifted Copy Genre: Erotic Romance

The One Knight Collection - A collection of sensually erotic short stories

Novella length - approximately 25,000 words

If you had one night to prove your love...could you?

One Knight
Katerina's arranged marriage promises to be one of indifference as she is convinced of her new husband's dislike of her. Will her wedding night prove her wrong?

Black Knight
Lady Katherine yearns for excitement and danger, something far removed from her life as a lady. So when she discovers a dark intruder in her chambers will she take the opportunity to discover where her lust for danger could lead or will she reject her one chance for excitement and maybe more...?

White Knight
On the eve of her wedding, Lady Sara makes a bid for escape, having little intention of marrying a man she's never met. But Sara's plans go awry when she ends up in the hands of a mysterious knight.

As she finds herself consumed by the fiery passion that lies between her and this mysterious man, she has little idea that it is not just his name that he is hiding from her. Her knight holds a much bigger secret, but will it tear them apart or will she forgive his deception?

Highland Knight
The Mackenzie and Sinclair clans have been warring for years so Anna is not impressed when she is told she'll have to marry the arrogant, if handsome, Niall Sinclair She vows never to let go of her hatred of the Sinclair's but she quickly finds herself questioning her dislike of Niall. Can one night together erase centuries of hatred between two clans?

All stories are also available to purchase separately.

My Thoughts

What a great collection of four short stories by Samantha Holt. What a great author.

I really loved each story all hot and steamy and erotic and each so very different.

What would it be like to prove your love to the one you are meant to be with in one night. What would you do, what would you say?

Katerina and Guy are celebrating their wedding. An arrangement made by her father to a man she thought didnt like her. Little does she know Guy thinks she doesn't like him. But once they retire for the night they both quickly learn how very wrong they each were. The passion sparks and in one night the learn how very much they love each other.

Forced by her father into marrying Naill a man from a vlan she grew up hating but her father believed would end the war between the clans Anna was resigned to the fact it would be an unhappy alliance. But later when trapped with Naill on the ramparts Anna and Naill both quickly learn how very right they are for each other. Their passion ignites and the cold night soon heats up.

Katherine and James are best friends having grown up together and she shares with him how she longs for more than just excitement and adventure but dark and dangerous. As night falls and she retires for the night a stranger awaits her in her chambers and quickly brings her to the very edge. As she soon learns her best friend loved her as much as she loved him.

Sara doesn't want to be married to someone she doesn't know. As she sneaks off into the night with plans to meet a girlfriend and run away to France a mysterious stranger is waiting for her. He aids her in her escape but little does she know he was aware of her plans and planned to use them to his advantage and show her how much he loves her and to win her love. He's loved her for years. And in one facinating and dangerous night she too falls in love.

Each of these are down right hot and passionate. Each one completely different yet equally erotic. Steamy from start to finish.