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Book Review for Los Perdidos MC Sons of Glory Motorcycle Club Romance By Daphene Loveling

 Los Perdidos MC
Sons of Glory Motorcycle Club Romance
By Daphene Loveling

3.5 stars
Reviewed by : Angels

Format : Kindle Edition

Published by : Amazon Digital Services & Daphne Loveling

Source: Purchased Copy

Gene: Motorcycle Club Romance ,Bad Boy Romance 


I knew Smoke was bad news. It was written all over him like the tattoos that lined his muscular arms. From the moment the vice-president of the Los Perdidos MC approached me with that panty-melting stare, I should have run far, far away. But I’ve never been one to take the easy way out. 

No matter how wrong it was, no matter how much I fought it, I couldn’t stay away. My friends tried to warn me. They tell me he’s dangerous. They’re right. But with him, I feel more alive than I ever have. Men like this don’t come with a white picket fence. If I stay with him, I’m risking everything. It’s his world or mine. All out, or all in. Once I choose, I can never go back.

Los Perdidos MC  is a full-length, standalone romance novel with steamy hot sex, strong language, a HEA and absolutely NO CLIFFHANGER. 

Our Review

A new MC Romance author for Angels to read.I have to say this was an interesting story with like-able characters in it but,was just missing something for me.The two main characters Smoke and Flame (aka Jennifer) had a instant attraction toward one another from the moment they met.Smoke gave off the aura of a Bad Ass super sexy hot male alpha that said (Danger Beware).Jennifer was a hot sexy college student who felt she was missing something and went looking for someone to change all that.

Smoke comes from a family with a past where two parent's were from two different worlds that created friction in there marriage with his mom never really embracing the Motorcycle Club life.Smoke is at that crossroads in his own life which causes him a bit of turmoil on how to deal with his own current situation.Can he make this relationship work with Jennifer or call it quits before either party gets hurt?

I did feel for both characters.You do feel for Flame and what she is going through trying to decide if she can embrace this kind of life to be with Smoke or to walk away.There is really no in between for her so her decision is a very big one.From the very beginning you don't see a happy ever after for this couple.

I will say that that Flame really surprised me in this story.I did not think Jennifer had the guts to do the things she did in certain situations in this story and turn around and be cool with it.I will also say she surprised me on how she handled the ex girlfriend situation.I have to say that girl had some major backbone to stay with Smoke after this confrontation.If this had be me I would have said see yeah...

The relationship with Flame and Smoke was very intense.The sexual situations between these to where sexy, fun and loving.I think the reader new they to were falling in love before they did.

Enjoyable read and we are giving this story 3.5 stars.I wanted to really give it 4 stars but the story was lacking a bit .I felt that there was that intense element of danger missing from Smoke and his club activities and his own involvement in it.Another thing that bothered me was his interactions with Flame about what the club was involved in and how they make there living and his explanations.I realize this is a story of fiction but from all that I have read and learned about the club life and club business I could not see a conversation that he had with Flame being at all possible when mums the word when it comes to there old ladies or possible old ladies.I was waiting just for the story to wow me and it just did not.For me as a reader it is important to connect with the characters I read about and I wasn't able to connect with the characters in this story.That being said it was an enjoyable story of two people from two different worlds trying to meet each other half way to find a future together.

About the Author

Small town girl in the big city. Incurable romantic. Hopeless optimist in a realist's body. 

Owned by two cats. 

A sucker for a bad boy with a soft center.

You may find us here !

Excerpt Reveal: The Rule Maker (RULE BREAKERS) By Jennifer Blackwood

All her rules are about to change…


The Rule Breakers #2 

Jennifer Blackwood

Releasing January 16th, 2017

Entangled Embrace

Steps to Surviving a New Job:

1. Don’t sleep with the client. It’ll get you fired. (Sounds easy enough.)

2. Don’t blink when new client turns out to be former one-night stand.

3. Don’t call same client a jerk for never texting you back.

4. Don’t believe client when he says he really, really wanted to call.

5. Remember, the client is always right—so you can’t junk punch him when he
demands new design after new design.

6. Ignore accelerated heartbeat every time sexy client walks into room.

7. Definitely ignore client’s large hands. They just mean he wears big gloves.

8. Don’t let client’s charm wear you down. Be strong.

9. Whatever you do, don’t fall for the client. You’ll lose more than your
job—maybe even your heart.

10. If all else fails, see rule number one again.

~ Coming January 16th ~

He scrubbed
his palms over his face and rested his elbows on his knees. “This was not how I
saw this night going.”

Valentine’s Day plans?”

He lowered his
hands and looked at me like I’d just claimed I single-handedly caused the storm
raging outside. “I didn’t even know that was today. Does this mean we’re each
other’s valentines by default?”

I scoffed.
“Not a chance.”

He chuckled.
“Always so blunt. I like that about you.” He quickly cleared his throat as if
he hadn’t meant to say that. “Well, non-valentine, looks like we’re going to be
stuck here a while. Have anything in mind?” he said.

I decided
against packing on another insult. He was being nice, and this sure as heck
beat staring at the wall the rest of the night. “My form of entertainment is at
6 percent battery, so I’m open to suggestions.”

“Mine is fully
charged. Want to watch something?”

“Sure.” What
else did I have to do? Before I knew it, I was sitting on the bed next to him, leaning
against the ornately carved headboard. Snow gusting against the window was the
only sound in the room as he searched for a show for us to watch.

So quiet.

Way too quiet.

I fidgeted
with my necklace, moving the small diamond back and forth on the chain. The
last time I was in bed with Ryder… I didn’t even want to finish that thought,
because it’d do nothing but make this situation worse. I chanced a peek in his

He chewed the
inside of his cheek, swiping through our options. “This is awkward, huh?” he

achieved Urkel status.”

He chuckled
and scrolled through the show queue. “Would you rather watch Law
and Order: SVU or Criminal

“That is quite
possibly the worst Would You Rather question ever asked.”

His eyes cut
to mine. “I didn’t know I was playing a game.”

“You’ve never
played it?”

He shook his

Lainey and I
played this game all the time in college, and when we’d take road trips
together. She always came up with the grossest ones. “It’s simple. All you have
to do is ask the person which horrible thing they’d rather do. The harder the
question, the better. Like would you rather lay in a pit of snakes, or eat
questionably dead roadkill?” I pointed to his phone. “Oh, John
Tucker Must Die. I like that one.

ghost rider.” He scrolled past my suggestion. “And what the hell does questionably
dead mean? Is it still twitching, or are we talking
suspicious cause of death?”

I shrugged.
“The interpretation’s up to you.”

absolutely no help.” He swiped his thumb across his beard and contemplated. “I
guess I’d go with the snakes.”

“Okay, now
it’s your turn,” I said.

“Do I really
have to play? I thought we were picking a show.”

I shot him a

“Fine. Would
you rather have me or Chewbacca as your valentine?”

“Too easy. The

He put his
hand to his heart. “You wound me.”

“Stop being
such a baby.” I swatted at his chest and immediately pulled my hand back. Nope.
Would not go there. “Okay, would you rather not be able to see or talk for a

He answered
instantly. “See.”

“Right. You’d
probably go nuts if you couldn’t open that big mouth of yours.”

His lips
twitched. “You’re one to talk.”

“Excuse me?”
Okay, I did have a tough time keeping my thoughts on lockdown outside the
office, but that was my own cross to bear.

“Don’t even
try to play it off like you’re innocent.”

I’d dated a
lot of losers in the past, most who hadn’t even bothered to get to know me, but
even after only hanging out a few times, Ryder had me pegged. He was
perceptive. I saw the look in his eyes whenever I dealt with Jason. His attention
focused solely on me was unnerving. “Jerk,” I sputtered.

“Now I know
you’re holding back. You can do way better than that.” He scrolled through his
phone again. “How about Die Hard?”

“Are all your
show selections about death? I’m starting to worry I made a mistake coming over
here.” My lips pulled into a smile and I quickly extinguished it. God, I wanted
to hate him.

“Fine.” He
continued looking at the Netflix queue. “Would you rather eat sushi from a taco
stand, or lick an airplane armrest?”

“Good one.
Sushi.” I pointed to his screen. “How about 10 Things I
Hate About You?”

He shook his
head and chuckled. “Are all of your suggestions
going to not-so-subtly tell me you hate me?”

I smiled
sweetly. “Maybe.”

“Just think,
most people would find this to be a romantic escape. Two people, stuck in the
mountains on Valentine’s Day,” he said.

Hallmark movie material, all right,” I deadpanned.

“Okay, fine.
How about The Walking Dead?”

“Your show
picking powers have been officially revoked.” I grabbed the phone from his

“Hey!” He
grabbed for the phone, and I held it out of reach. “You’re going to regret
that.” Within seconds he was on top of me, playfully pinning me to the bed, his
strong hands circling my wrists. Air evaporated from my lungs as our gazes

I was
immediately transported back to that night.

me what you want, Zoey. Tell me what you need from me.


I swallowed
hard. That was months ago, and those words still haunted me from time to time.
Because he did exactly that, gave me what I wanted and needed. Repeatedly.

Blackwood is
a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance. She lives in Oregon
with her husband, son, and poorly behaved black lab puppy. When not chasing
after her toddler, you can find her binging on episodes of Gilmore Girls and
Supernatural, and locking herself in her office to write.