Monday, October 21, 2013

Book Review for The Bad Boy Series Finding You by S.K. Hartley

The Bad Boy Series 

Finding You 
by S.K. Hartley
3 1/2 stars
Reviewed by: Tonya
Published: S.K.Hartley
Gene: New Adult/Contemporary Romance


'I will always take care of you'

My pain started when I was just ten years old, it was the day my mom got that dreaded phone call. Life has never been the same....

'I will always protect you'

I am all kinds of broken....

I have known Logan White since forever, he is my brothers best friend and my secret protector. I used to have nightmares that drew me into a dark place and when the nightmares got too much, Logan was by my side. The nightmares are few and far between now, but my life is centered around the tragedy of my past. 

Logan is the definition of 'man whore', with girls lining around the block to drop their panties at the click of his fingers. But after an unexpected moment things change. Now Logan is somebody else; hot, sexy and so damn delicious and I want to know him. Desperately. 

But then there is Angel Walker who is far from the angelic nature of his name, with eyes so hypnotic that I lose my inhabitation’s just by staring into them. But he is a broken man who just screams sin. He doesn't want to protect me or care for me, He just wants me. 

Do I want the man who can cut through all of my pain or the man who could cause me more?

Fists will fly, hearts will shatter and desire will be fueled.

Our Review

What can I say. I loved the book up until the end. My heart broke for 10 year old Neva and it broke again for 20 year old Neva when she was torn between two men. Both men equally gorgeous mind you. One there all her life, one who knew her past, her pain, her nightmares, her brokenness-Logan. The other who she thought she could be just herself with, not broken-Angel. Just an FYI I am all team Logan. 

The pull she has to both of them is so strong and each one is so equally moving and charged. I can't think of another word for it. The sheer emotion in this book is undeniable but I wont lie. I HATED THE END. Literally "The End". Just when something different was being thrown in, something very unexpected, well no I had a feeling about Angel from the start, I felt something just wasn't right, but yet as I read I thought maybe I am wrong. But I wasn't expecting what was going to happen or what I thought was going to happen. And I sure the heck didn't expect "THE END"!!! 

I was all set to give this book a much higher rating but seriously I love books in a series and I love endings that leave you wanting the next book to hurry up and be published. But this one, this one takes you to the top of the roller coaster and then slams the door shut just before hitting the highest part it is beyond leaving you in suspense. Its bucket of cold water waking you up from a deep sleep.

Book Review for Torch Take It off #1 by Cambria Herbert


Take It off #1
by Cambria Herbert

5 stars
Reviewed by: Tonya
Published: Cambria Herbert
Gene: New Adult/Contemporary Romance


If you can’t take the heat… stay away from the flame.

Katie Parks has been on her own since the age of fifteen. All she’s ever wanted is a place to call her own—a life that is wholly hers that no one can take away. She thought she finally had it, but with the strike of a single match, everything she worked so hard for is reduced to a pile of smoking ash. And she almost is too.

Now she’s being stalked by someone who’s decided it’s her time to die. The only thing standing in the path of her blazing death is sexy firefighter Holt Arkain.

Katie’s body might be safe with Holt… but her heart is another story.

As the danger heats up, sparks fly and the only thing Katie knows for sure is that her whole life is about to go up in flames.

Our Review

What can I say but yet another reason why I love author Cambria Hebert so much. I fell in love with this book as soon as the hero fire fighter walked through the fire to save the girl. Of course I did not see the tossing her in the pool coming but hey as he said "you were on fire"... yes "there was that!" Oh the banter in this book between Katie (aka katie cat and mostly freckles) is absolutely hilarious. 

Who couldn't love Katie, sweet, innocent, but very let it all fly out of the mouth Katie. Poor dear someone is trying to kill her, she has no idea why, no where to turn, no one for support, except you guessed it the hero fire fighter Holt. Yeah he can be my hero any time... Just sayin'!

And Holt, gorgeous, hunky, chiseled, hot, sexy, delicious, large feet, steamy, are you getting my thinking here girls.... This man is swoon worthy with a capitol SW.... 

Just when you think things are finally going to settle down, boom everything explodes and Holt is saving the day again. Heck I think I would create stuff just so he could save me over and over. But I promise that isn't what is happening in here. Katie really does have a stalker bent on her death and the reason why was a really nice twist to a story. 

If you want to find out who wants Katie dead and why, and if it is Katie or Holt who saves the other in the end hurry and get your copy of Torch you will love the read.