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Book Review Mistletoe Cowboy by Carolyn Brown

Mistletoe Cowboy
Spikes and Spurs Book #5

by Carolyn Brown

Reviewed by:Angels
Format:Kindle Edition
Published by : Sourcebooks Casablanca Source: Netgallery
                Gene: Western Romance


'Tis the season for:

- A matchmaking grandma on a long-disantance mission.
- Mistletoe temptation in every doorway.
- A sexy cowboy with a killer smile.

When Gran Presely agrees to sell Creed Riley the Rockin' C Ranch for a song at Christmastime, he can hardly believe his good fortune. There's just one little catch - her tantalizing granddaughter Sage is part of the deal...

Our Review

I am a big fan of Carolyn Browns books !

I have to say that I did enjoy this book and others in her Cowboy series.For me the story was a little slow going but, sometimes that is okay.I did enjoy both characters both Sage and Creed.Both characters are have commitment phobias and don't always trust there hearts.

I love strong women in stories and Sage was definitely one of those strong characters.Sage is an artist/painter and has come home to paint at her grandmothers ranch but , to also talk her grandmother out of selling the ranch she grew up on. The ranch gave Sage a sense of security and love. The ranch is more of a safety net , there she knows she is well loved and safe and does not have to put her self out there among the others where she might get her heart stomped on again.

Creed on the other hand has similar issues but, mainly because his previous relationship didn't goes so well an has the same commitment issues as Sage and also not wanting to open up to others leaving him vulnerable  again. But, he is one determined Cowboy and he wants this ranch and will fight Sage to the bitter end to have it for himself as it as been a dream of his for a long time to own his own ranch.

One of the things I like about Carolyn's books are that they are the kind of books you can curl up and read anywhere . I also call her books the feel good books meaning that once you start one of her novels you find yourself smiling and grinning and laughing throughout her stories and most often have you crying. But, once opening one of her books especially if you have had a bad day she has you smiling in no time at all.

There are lots of things that I enjoyed about the story the slow budding romance between Sage and Creed. I enjoyed seeing them opening up to one another even though each may have not ave realized they were helping one another to heal there past hurts.Loved Sage's interactions with the animals even though she was never really been a lover of them.Creed was just one down home Cowboy with a big loving heart for those he cared about and especially they way he went about caring for those animals in this story.He was one sexy cowboy who makes your heart go a flutter with his good looks and good deeds.He's the kind of cowboy we all wish to bring home to momma.

You got to love the spunk of both Sages grand-mother and Sages grandmother's sister these two gals were a hoot to read about giving you quite a few laughs the interaction between these two old gals who have so much spunk had you laughing out loud many times throughout the story. Priceless...

A cute Christmas time story where a couple of loners find love perhaps even there soul mate when neither is looking .But, fate put this couple in each other paths and destiny just has to flow and in the end they will gain there hearts desire if they both can just get over there pasts and not let it hurt there future that this couple has started to forge. Both need to let go and trust there hearts.

Great book and quite an enjoyable fast read ! Who doesn't love a romance story taking place in a massive snow storm ? Me ....I am a sucker for those kinds of reads there right up my alley as they say !

A recommended read to all. And be sure to read Carolyn other books in her cowboy series you won't be disappointed.

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“I used to be a full time teacher (11-13 year olds) then I became a full time mother. During that time I also found my passion for writing. Over the last ten years I have been studying the craft and putting myself out there.

My first trilogy came out in November, 2011. It has been a wild ride swimming in this indie river and I have loved so much of it. I have learned so many amazing things and met so many great people. It has totally solidified the fact I want to be a writer for as long as I possibly can!

I now have five books published and am working on a new YA Fantasy trilogy for 2013. I am having so much fun with it and can't wait to share it with everybody.

I am from New Zealand, but am currently living in China with my husband and two sons. It has been a culture shock, but it's pretty cool living in such a different country.” ~Melissa Pearl

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Book Blast Coven Series Elise Michaels Series # 1 By K.A. Young

Title- Coven
Series- Elise Michaels Series # 1
By- K.A. Young

Expected Publication Date- October 4th, 2013

Elise Michaels' motto has always been: no guts, no glory. She is a thrill seeker, continually craving excitement and adventure. The idea of being tied down to a place or man never interested her, even though a betrothal spell was cast linking her and the Head of Council’s son when they were mere infants.

Being a distant third in succession to assume the Head Mistress role, she felt confidant that her secret would remain in her past along with Coven life. Unfortunately, nothing in our fun loving heroine’s future is anything she or anyone from the supernatural realm is prepared for.

Now, she’s forced to return to the place and the Sorcerer she so desperately sought to forget.

Elise has no idea the power and gifts that await her. Can she let go of her own desires and embrace her new role? Or will she surrender to the faceless evil coming for them all?

Book one in the tantalizing Elise Michaels Series a spinoff of The Nephilim Warrior Series.


K.A. Young is a paranormal/ urban fantasy romance author that lives with her family in the South. She began writing because her mind was swimming with incredible stories that were begging to be told. Her love for reading began as a small child when she realized that a good book was an instant escape to a mystical land that could be reached anytime and from anyplace.