Friday, March 19, 2010

Real Vampires Hate Their Thighs (Glory St. Claire, Book 5) (Paperback) by Gerry Bartlett

 A customer Review:
For vampire Glory St. Clare weight loss has never been an option, since vampires go through all eternity with the exact same body they had on the day they were changed. Work-out, starve yourself, get a tattoo, a piercing - doesn't matter - one night of healing sleep and you're back to the exact body you started with.

Four hundred years ago, when her on-again/off-again boyfriend Jeremiah (Blade) Campbell III turned her vampire, Glory's voluptuous body was ideal for that time - fast forward to the 21st century and now she's slightly cubby. And that's bad enough when you are running a vintage dress shop in Austin, Texas, but in Hollywood Glory can't help but feel self-conscious of her size twelve body in a size zero world.

Newly turned vampire, rock star Israel Caine (Ray to his friends), was literally dumped on Glory's doorstep and she became his mentor, teaching him how to survive his new `life'. Soon the tabloids link Ray and Glory together and to defuse the gossip they pretend to be engaged. Ray has been nominated for a Grammy award and Glory accompanies him to Hollywood to walk the red carpet at his side. Of course, the tabloids are having a field day making fun of Ray's fat fiancée.

Enjoying the active Hollywood nightlife, Glory learns of a new weight loss drug for vampires. In spite of the astronomical expense, she starts taking the drug. The very first night, Glory wakes before sunset and, if not for the intervention of her body guard, she would have fried in the sun's rays. Unfortunately, there are even more potentially fatal side effects.

Blade insists Glory stop taking the drug because its inventor is a MacDonald and the MacDonalds and Campbells have been feuding for centuries. Blade is certain Glory is being used as a tool in the MacDonald/Campbell feud.

But, the pounds are coming off and the Grammy's are just a few days away...

Will Ray win the Grammy? Will the feud between the Campbells and MacDonalds finally erupt in the war to end all wars? Will Glory live long enough to find out?

If you are new to the REAL VAMPIRE series, witty dialogue, fascinating adventures and a captivating cast of characters are just a few of the reasons all five books are must reads! Each stands alone, but read one and you'll be hooked. 

I enjoyed yet another book by Gerry. Her books are great. They are nice easy reading and you can't help but get caught up in Glory's escapades. This time she finds sometime willing to help her lose weight but he happens to be her lovers greatest enemy. She want's more then once to be thin and is doing what ever in her power to do  taking diet supplements and exercising vigorously, drinking blood from a mortal. But she is having side effects from the supplements and crazy dreams that leaves her sleep walking and almost into the sun a few times if not for her body guards. If she keeps this up it just might kill her. But some good side effects have come from this she is awake during the day more and more each day and has seen the sun come up after centuries of going without.As always there are always problems along the way people trying to kill you, your fake lover wanting to be your lover in truth, a jealous Scotsman in your bed and your attraction to you bodyguard Rafe who is a shifter (dog) at the moment but is totally handsome when he is a man. What more could a a vampire ask for lol.

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