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Mesmerized by Candace Camp ( A Magical Romance)


5 Stars *****

At a seance Stephen St. Leger tries to prove that it is a fake by capturing a woman he thinks is part of the act, but instead he catches Olivia Moreland, an investigator of Psychic Phenomena. All her life Olivia had been fascinated with the idea that people can communicate with spirits, but had never run into a "psychic" who proved to be the real thing. Her grandmother, one of the first to be called a 'mad Moreland', had the 'second sight' and claimed Olivia did too. Stephen's frustration lies in the fact that his mother is being duped by a medium, Madame Valenskaya. His brother had died the previous year and in order to ease her grief she turned to Madame Valenskaya, a woman who manipulates Lady St. Leger's feelings to extort money from her, pretending she can communicate with the Lady's dead son. Stephen wants to tell his mother that the woman is just making a fool out of her, but he knows it is going to take more to convince her of that so he hires Olivia to help him show his mother that the medium is a fraud. Olivia is determined to keep their relationship strictly on a business level, but will she be able to ignore the attraction she feels for Stephen? After arriving at Blackhope Hall, Olivia starts to have dreams about a woman who lived long ago. Did this woman really exist or is she just a figment of Olivia's imagination? Olivia soon finds out Stephen has dreams about a knight who loved the woman Olivia has been dreaming about. Are these dreams real or are they just another trick of Madame Valenskaya? As darkness and evil loom around Stephen and Olivia, they find themselves falling in love, but will that love be powerful enough to save them?

I found Olivia to be a very believable and like able heroine. She wasn't an impossibly beautiful woman, her looks bordered on plain and ordinary, but in the eyes of the hero she was beautiful. She was witty and open-minded, loving her family despite the things that other people in society found odd. It was nice to read about a heroine who had a loving and unique family; they only helped add to the story, they never took away from it. She was very confident in her abilities, but in the ways of being a woman, she wasn't sure how to act. I found this very endearing and relatable. Stephen wasn't your typical hero; he wasn't a womanizing, lustful creature. He was compassionate and truly cared about what the heroine thought and felt. His love and loyalty to his mother was touching, even though he didn't believe the medium was the real thing, he let his mother keep her around. He was never cruel to any of the main characters, which I found to be a refreshing change from the norm in historical romances.

Even though there are a lot of romance novels out there, many don't contain true romance, but this novel was an exception. The moments between the hero and heroine were breathtakingly romantic, not simply an exchange of passionate kisses and bold caresses. The reader can feel the deep connection and love between these two characters. Instead of spending all their time kissing, they actually talked to one another, building a foundation for a deep and strong love. I enjoy reading about characters who converse in a story, it helps draw in more emotion from the reader and makes their confession of love more plausible. I'm not usually one for a mystery in a romance novel, but I felt Camp did a great job weaving it into this story. The mystery never overpowered the novel, it simply complemented the romance between Stephen and Olivia. I was pleased with the novel as a whole and I can find no real faults with it. The storyline was fresh and original as were the characters, the secondary characters never overpowered the storyline, and all the events in the novel fit together perfectly.
  • This is a rare and out of print book a very Magical Romance !
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Tempt Me With Kisses (the Maiden and Her Knight Series, Book 2) by Margaret Moore


    Lord Carodoc of Llanstephan Fawr does not have to look at the near empty hayloft to know his estate is in trouble and wonders when King Richard will take the castle from him for failure to pay taxes, a deed he has not done in months. Though he would prefer to flee from his responsibilities, Carodoc vows to remain and do everything he can to turn the property solvent until His Highness takes it away.
    na MacDougal, daughter of a Scottish wool merchant who died two months ago, arrives with a proposition. She will pay off the royal arrears if Carodoc marries her. She says she wants a titled husband with no previous children and he needs her dowry. Reluctantly, Carodoc agrees, but seals the deal with a passionate kiss. As they fall in love both shares in common feelings of inadequacy and they feel undeserving of one other.
    The historical romantic story line of TEMPT ME WITH KISSES is more of a character study than the usual action-packed tale. The readers observe first hand the doubts of the lead protagonists as they struggle to make their relationship succeed even as Carodoc and Fiona are weighed down by personal baggage that threatens to destroy their marriage. Fans who relish an insightful look at the primary couple will enjoy Margaret Moore's marvelous romantic narrative, but readers who need plenty of action should look elsewhere.
    • This is a great historical romance love the book and love Margaret Moore she writes great medieval romances.Enjoyable 4 star ***** read ...
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    All My Desire by Margaret Moore (The Maiden and Her Knight Series, Book 3)


    4 stars ****

    Product Details

    • Hardcover: 373 pages
    • Publisher: Avon Books; Book Club edition (January 1, 2002)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 0739428772
    • ISBN-13: 978-0739428771

    His Every Desire
    Seeking vengeance on the lord who robbed him of his birthright, Sir Alexander DeFrouchette set out to steal his enemy's bride ... and, in his haste, carried off the wrong lady! Now it would be far too dangerous to release the exquisite Lady Isabelle -- whose sister was the true captive he sought. This bold, spirited hellion has enchanted him, and Alexander longs to tame her and taste the sweetness of her kiss. But she is related to his hated foe, and the noble knight will never know Isabelle's love until she offers it willingly -- and this she dares never to do.
    All Her Dreams
    Gallant knights are supposed to protect fair maidens -- not kidnap them! Yet here is Lady Isabelle, a prisoner of Sir Alexander, who is strong, virile, handsome, everything she ever dreamed of in a man. But proud, fiery Isabelle will never succumb to force -- no matter how powerfully he inflames her passion ... or how quickly her heart beats when he's near ...

    This is a great historical romance love the book and love Margaret Moore she write great medieval romances. 

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    Wolf Tales


    4 STARS****

    Wolf Tales

    by Kate Douglas
    About this title: When Alexandria's car goes off the road in a terrible blizzard, she has no idea night will bring a powerful rescuer and the start of an ecstatic sexual awakening. The moment Xandi wakes in Stefan's muscular arms, feels the heat of his body pressing against hers, she feels no fear. Instead, she allows herself to be taken by one who is more than a man, whose primal nature is never far from him. As their connection grows, and as Xandi gradually loses her sensual inhibitions, experiencing pleasures she never dreamed possible, she is drawn deeper into Stefan's mysterious world, meeting the alluring beauty, Keisha, as well as the dominant and sometimes ruthlessly commanding Anton, who can have any man or woman he any way he wishes...

    This was my first book by Kate Douglas and won't be my last. ! It was one of the most Erotic books I have ever read. This story involves the story of shape shifting wolves trying to find the mates along with the mystery that will lead  to them. This book is very explicit the sexual scenes start on the first page and end on the first page and all the way in between. This book is not for the faint heart and you need to be open minded sexually to read this porn its like pron on paper LOL. I enjoyed this book and the series so far going on book 4 now. ! Shayla Black and Joan Elizabeth Lloyd were my 2 favorite erotic authors but Kate Douglas is now #1 in my book.

    I have listed in the series in which it should be read so you don't miss anything. Here Goes !

    Wolf Tales
    Sexy Beast—Chanku Rising
    Wolf Tales II
    Wild Nights—Camille’s Dawn
    Wolf Tales III
    Sexy Beast II—Chanku Fallen
    Wolf Tales IV
    Sexy Beast III—Chanku Journey
    Wolf Tales V
    Sexy Beast IV—Chanku Destiny
    Wolf Tales VI
    Sexy Beast V—Chanku Wild
    Wolf Tales VII
    Sexy Beast VI--Chanku Honor
    Wolf Tales VIII
    Sexy Beast VII--Chanku Challenge
    Wolf Tales 9
    Sexy Beast VIII--Chanku spirit (Spring 2010)
    Wolf Tales 10 (July 2010)
    Wolf Tales 11 (January 2011)
    Wolf Tales 12 (July 2011)