Wednesday, February 3, 2010

To Tempt and Angel by Patricia Grasso HB BCE


 4 star read ****


This was a cute historical romance. The characters were funny and witty. This was and enjoyable all around read. Cute love story between Angelica and Robert. This was my first read book by Patricia and it won't be the last !


Angelica Douglas years for revenge against the men who drove her family into poverty, forcing her to earn a living by skillfully cheating at cards and dice.After Robert Campbell, Marquess of Argyll, learns that his own father is one of her intended victims, he decides to keep a watch on the enchanting Angelica.
His resolve is complicated by growing desire, however , and when danger threatens the beautiful thief, Robert feels compelled to protect in the only way he can think of:by tempting the stubbornly independent, unlikely angel into becoming his wife.


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