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Book Review for Corrupted Deathstalkers MC Book #1 by Alexis Noelle

Deathstalkers MC Book #1
by Alexis Noelle
Reviewed by: Angels
Published: Alexis Noelle & Amazon Digital
Source: ARC
Genre:  MC Romance,Romance,Erotica,
Bad Boys


She is being hunted.
Prey left defenseless.
She needs to hide.
They cannot find her.
They will kill her if they do.
When Lucy decided to run, she didn’t know where to go. They were coming for her. She needed protection, but she had no one to help her. Until she came across the warehouse of the Deathstalkers MC and begged them for protection. Now she owes them her life and her loyalty. Her family will never end their search for her; she is a piece of property that needs to be recovered at any cost necessary. For Lucy, there are worse things than needing to hide for the rest of her life, being found is one of those things.
Sometimes the obvious evils aren’t the ones you need to fear.

*Disclaimer - The book is not recommended to readers sensitive to graphic depictions of violence. This book is not suitable for persons under 18 years of age.*

Alexis Noelle's Corrupted stole my heart, twisted it inside out, cut it wide open and then ripped it to shreds before putting it back together. There were so many emotions that they're impossible to describe. Kudos to her for a wonderful book.- JA Hensley, Author

Alexis Noelle has written a brutal and beautifully raw no holds bar MC book. - Glenna Maynard, Author

"Corrupted is not your average MC book. It's beauty and pain, heartbreak and triumph women onto the pages expertly. It's a masterful combination of raw emotion, love and the hard-fought happily ever after. "Dark and sexy, emotional and suspenseful, Noelle corrupted me in the best way..." - Casey Bond, Author

An emotional roller coaster of a story. Alexis Noelle weaves an enthralling tale of family, lust and danger, drawing you into a love story with twists and betrayal. This is a "can't put down read", and will leave you with the best kind of book hangovers. A must read. - Melissa Huie, Author

"Corrupted is Alexis’s best work yet to come. She dug deep into the nitty gritty, making my heart bleed for the main character and all she’d been through. Corrupted is a must read if you want raw and real love." - Brooke Page, Author

Our Review

I have to start off by saying this is a new author for us to read and enjoy.I have to say that I enjoyed the author's story of Jordan and Lucy and their journey to finding love and happiness among the Deathstalkers MC.

I have to say that this story was a heart wrenching  story to read.Lucy is brought up in a religion where a man takes multiple wives as long as childhood brides.Although she enjoy's certain aspects of her religion she know's she must find a way to escape.Lucy's desires in life are much more than being more that one mans wife.

Lucy's life changes monumentally when she decides to escape her future.Lucy's escape leads her to the Deathstalkers MC warehouse.This character does not know how much her life is about to change as her religion goes against everything this MC club stands for.

I always find myself having a favorite character in its story and mine would have to be Jordan.I picked Jordan because you could not help but  fall in love with the protective possessive man.He also had a heart as big as the grand canyon along with patience of a saint.I loved seeing him squirm with all his sexual frustrations in dealing with the lovely Lucy.


Jordan now is a prospect in the MC was assigned as Lucy's protector once coming to the club to look after a frightened and the abused 14 year old girl.It was love at first sight for Jordan he felt and urge to protect and love this beautiful young girl.For Lucy she as well felt the instant connection with Jordan.Jordan foraged and incredible bond with Lucy from the very beginning in meeting one another.As a reader you felt it to.

I have to say that I loved Lucy also.I think out of all the characters we read about we saw the most emotional growth from her.I found as I was reading this story that Lucy was forced to grow up really quickly if she was going to survive in her change of circumstances.Being part of MC life is not for the weak hearted.I also found Lucy to be sweet,innocent,loving and also had a bit of a temper and backbone when warranted.Lucy proved that only the strongest survive that is for sure.She amazed me how strong she was to survive the things that she had overcome past and present.I am not sure I could have done what she did.

I really enjoyed this heart wrenching story of Jordan and Lucy's.This story is not for those faint of heart it deals with all sorts of issues like,rape, abuse,torture and the sexual encounters were super hot.I have to say that the story and the characters engaged my interest from the very first few pages.I found the main characters and those of the MC engaging and gripping to read about.I loved how all these hardened Big Bad A** men all fell for a 14 year old runaway girl treating her like a sister they never had.

I love a story when you are able to connect with the characters from the very beginning which we were able to do.This story was a page turner from beginning to end.I enjoyed being part of Jordan and Lucy's adventure along with all those bumps in their road to get to their happily ever after.You will experience so many emotions reading this story .You won't be able not to become emotional yourself and feel just what these characters are feeling.

I loved reading about these Bad A** Biker Bad Boys Shooter,Twisted,Torch ,Jordan who were all taken down by a mere slip of a girl.The ending wowed me as I never saw what happened coming.I look forward to reading more in this series and reading about the others members that were graced to see in this story as well.

This was an ARC copy given to us for an honest review and we are giving this story 5 stars.

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About Author

I love reading romance books! I feel like being able to lose yourself in a book in one of the more exciting aspects. The books I love to read and write will be ones that make you feel for the characters. You should have an opinion on every character in a book. Whether you love them, hate them, or think they are up to something.

I live in Philadelphia Pennsylvania with my husband, two kids, and two dogs. On top of starting a writing career I am a full time student, and a full time mom. I love spending time with my kids, although I have to hide the computer from them when I am writing! I love being active and being able to do any activity outdoors.

I have always thought as an author the most important critic is your reader, so I would love to hear from you. If you read the book and loved it or hated it, tell me. As long as it is in a constructive way I will always answer and interact with you. I want fans to feel free to tell me what they want for the characters in the story and what they want to see happen.

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Book Review for Bodhi Lost Creek Novella Series Book 4 by Samantha Leal


A lost Creek Shifter Romance
by Samantha Leal
Reviewed by: Angels
Published: Samantha Leal and AmazonDigital
Source: Purchased Copy & ARC
Genre:  Romance,Shifters.Paranormal Romance Romance,Bad Boys


 Welcome to Lost Creek... a quiet mountain town full of secrets... 

When Natalie leaves her hometown and heads off to make it in the city, she didn't bargain on just how tough it would be to make it on her own. Now with big dreams and a yearning to return to her roots, she heads back to Lost Creek, where nothing is quite what she remembered, nor all that it seems. 

After a brush with danger, fate throws her into the arms of a mysterious stranger - but who is he, and why does he appear to be hot one minute and cold the next? 

As Natalie begins to build her life – hopefully her empire as she sees it - her sexy stranger reveals himself as useful in more ways than one…acting as something a guardian angel as he helps her along the way and also builds up a raging fire within her heart.

Bodhi is like a dream come true…but a dream with a dark and wild secret of his own, one that is embedded deep within Lost Creek’s past. Yet it is about to make itself known very clearly in the present in ways she can’t even imagine! 

With great love comes great risk, but Natalie and Bodhi know that it will be worth it! And it's a risk that they are willing and eager to take... 

Our Review

This is a new author for us and we enjoyed Samantha Leal's story of Bodhi and Natalie on their adventure of finding love.
Bodhi and Natalie first meeting chance or destiny ? I am thinking destiny.I loved Natalie's sense of humor and her confidence.I loved how she had no trouble telling someone like it is and telling them off.I have to say that when she had her first meeting about opening a nail salon in town with the building owners made me laugh out loud.That scene was the funniest part in this story.
This was a sweet fun romance to read.This story had humor,love, romance,and hint of danger to it.
Natalie falls for a  guy who turns out to be were-bear shifter.You felt Nat's conflicting emotions that are overriding her fierce attraction. Bodhi has those same feelings, neither sure how to cope with them.
This story was a cute sweet romance.I found the character's engaging fun and love-able as well as like-able.I found it was easy to connect with these main characters.Loved watching this couple fall in love.I like stories like this about shifters who fall in love with mortal women because their sexy, possessive and have such big hearts that they would die to protect those they love.You cannot help but fall in love with them.

Looking forward to reading the other stories in this novella series.

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About Author

Samantha Leal loves nothing more than spinning tales of alpha male romance, whether it be about Bad Boy Bikers, Highlanders or Werebears. She feels incredibly grateful to be able to make a living through her creativity and imagination, and in a way that allows for an endless exploration of that most central drive in us all – the drive to connect, to be loved and to love…and let’s not forget about the Sex. Sex is the most natural of all our drives and she is happy if she can empower woman, even in the smallest of ways, to explore that side of themselves, whether it be in a dark fantasy or a more prince charming form. It is her humble hope that her readers enjoy reading her work as much as she enjoys pouring it out on the page, so to speak. 
Samantha lives in a quaint little town that is probably not too different than many you might know. In the moments when she is not writing or raising her little girl, she loves a good TV night, as well as the occasional dabble with a paint brush. Her other passion would be to be out in nature among the woods, where she still hopes to encounter some sprites or perhaps some other sort of mythical creatures one day – the good kind of course! She is always open to the possibility that fantastical things do exist beyond the confines of her own fertile imagination.

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A War Like Ours by Saffron Kent Reveal

A War Like Ours

by Saffron A Kent 
Publication Date: February 24, 207 
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
A liar… Three weeks ago, James Maxwell’s wife died in a car accident, but he hasn’t been able to tell his five-year old daughter the heartbreaking truth behind her mother’s death. Instead, he packs them up and leaves for a summer resort in upstate New York to spend a few peaceful weeks and to gradually break the news. But a spirited and outspoken maid at the resort has figured out his secret. A hater… After witnessing her mother’s violent death at the hands of her stepfather, Madison Smith has turned aimless and bitter toward the world—men, in particular. Her dead-end job at the local resort and her convenient girlfriend barely keep Madison from falling apart. When she meets James, however, she’s driven to protect his child from the darkness she sees inside him. A forbidden kiss… But Madison doesn’t expect to find that very darkness irresistible. Drowning in guilt and memories, neither does James expect to be drawn to the sharp-witted woman who has made his life miserable. When their tempers flare, a brutal kiss triggers a need that blurs the lines of hate and desire. As their lust spins out of control, they must decide if their attraction is worth fighting for or if love is the real enemy. Please Note: This book is intended for mature audience. 18+ ONLY.

About Saffron A. Kent

Romance Writer and Reader. Coffee Addict. White Russian Drinker. Imaginary Ballet Dancer. Wanna-be Poet. Lana Del Ray & Gillian Flynn Worshiper. My stories are grey-shaded and NC-17. I write what I love to read. And what I love to read is always twisted and angsty and emotional. My characters desperately need therapy. They tend to kiss a lot too, among other naughty things. I LOVE to chat with readers about reading and writing so come follow me!

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Book Blitz for Finally Fate by Tamra Lassiter Role of Fate Series, #6

Finally Fate

by Tamra Lassiter Role of Fate Series, #6 Publication Date: January 25, 2016 
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Purchase: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | iBooks | Kobo
Fate may take its own sweet time, but true love is worth the wait.
Kennedy Simms has grown weary of love passing her by, and she’s tired of her well-meaning but overprotective brother meddling in her life. When fate brings Kennedy a handsome, intelligent, and wealthy boyfriend, she thinks it’s finally her turn. But if William is her one and only, then why can’t she stop thinking about someone else? Bryce Chambers has liked Kennedy from afar for too many years. She’s smart and beautiful and unfortunately, the sister of his very good friend and boss. Bryce abides by the Guy Code and tries to keep away from Kennedy, but when he can’t suppress his feelings any longer, Kennedy’s with the perfect William. Will Bryce find a way to move on with his life, or will fate finally bring him the love he’s been waiting for?

About Tamra Lassiter

 I live outside Washington, D.C. with my wonderfully supportive husband and two daughters, one of which is approaching her teenage years. Help us all! If that isn’t enough, we have a Great Dane and an English Bulldog to keep us on our toes. It’s crazy around here, and I love every minute of it! Writing is my third career. I didn’t set out to be a writer, it was just meant to be. My Mechanical Engineering degree from Virginia Tech prepared me well for my first career as an Engineer/Program Manager. My second career was in Human Resources. Long story, but I figured it out. I believe the best start for a writing career is to be a reader first, and I’ve been an avid reader my whole life. I’ve loved to read ever since I picked up my first Nancy Drew mystery in the fourth grade. Now, I love reading just about everything, but I don’t read sad books. I don’t watch sad movies either for that matter, no matter how many awards they’ve won. Life’s too short, and who needs all that strife to bring us down? Many of my words have been penned late into the evening, which explains why I’ve never viewed whatever television show you recommend to me. I would, however, love to hear your recommendations for a great read!

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