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Book Review For Game Changer (Playing Games #1) by Rene Folsom

Game Changer 

Book 1 in The Playing Games Series

by Rene Folsom

5 stars

Reviewed by : Tonya

Format : Kindle Edition

Published by: Amazon Digital Services

Source: Purchased Copy

Gene: Contemporary Romance


Maci strives for one thing in life—anonymity. With her writing career in full bloom, all she wants is to work in peace while concealing her true identity from the public. Though readers love the science fiction worlds she creates, Maci knows that gender stereotypes could damage her career if she is exposed as a woman. 

Liam is the envy of all gamers as the lead developer for nZone Studios. Over time, he builds walls around himself, keeping people at arm’s length who only gravitate to him for his material possessions rather than who he is as a person. 

With thick barriers around their hearts and their past looming in the shadows, Liam and Maci challenge each other by slowly peeling away their protective layers and seeing each other for who they really are. It doesn’t take long after their chance meeting at a coffee shop for them to become one another’s game changer. 

Note: If a strong, quirky heroine makes you roll your eyes, If you hate sexy heroes who would rather lose a game than the woman of their dreams, if fast-moving relationships and hot sex aren’t your thing, if you can’t stand when humor is used to cover up life’s awkward moments, if cliffhangers anger you beyond comprehension… this series is not your cup of tea. This contemporary romance novel is the first book in the Playing Games series and contains adult situations meant for ages 18+.

Our Review

This book picks up a little over a year past the first meeting between Liam and Maci. This time in a coffee shop, neither of them knowing they had met once before and had a patio ate night all after a wager.

Like the other book this too is a fast read. The character development between Liam and Maci is great. Each with a past, burdens and secrets. Steamy sex scenes make the book even more interesting. But trouble soon unfolds and a few bumps come into play. And what would a story be without those.

You learn a little more about Maci's story with her grams and the slimy Jim. And we Lear the sexy, gamer geek Liam has a few issues of his own. 

I do wish there was a little more interaction between Maci and her editor and friend Sky as well as Liam and his partner and friend Thad. But that aside loving the story and the way this ends, you kind of know what slimy Jim wants and now I have to rush and see what Maci will do. 

About the Author

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Rene Folsom, author of contemporary and paranormal, lives in Florida with her husband and three kids. She has officially diagnosed herself with creative ADD and often has a million and one writing projects going at once. In addition to writing, she is also a graphic artist who enjoys creating custom book covers for indie authors. She is definitely an artist at heart and would love nothing more than to be elbow deep in clay during her waking hours.

Rene believes that all fiction is based on some form of reality—otherwise we would never have the inspiration or knowledge to dream up the realistic situations we portray with our words. She is proud to say that her personal experiences have been inspirational, though perhaps not always identical to that of her fictional characters. Where reality and fantasy diverge, however, must remain her little secret…

Book Review for Incandescence by Xunaira J.


by Xunaira J.

4 stars

Reviewed by : Tonya

Format : Kindle Edition

Published by: Xunaira J.

Source: Purchased Copy

Gene: New Adult and College, Romance



Alisha had everything she ever wished for: a loving family, a career and friends who doted on her. But a late night at work, a cup of coffee, and a burning candle changed her life forever. Then Anis--a tall, dark, and handsome engineer, heir to his father's vast empire--walks back into her life. After a brief meeting a few years ago, she isn't sure he'll remember her. When he does, he wants to help her overcome her life-changing injuries. Has her accident scarred not only her skin, but also her soul? 

Incandescence is a story of love and friendship in the face of disaster, and one young woman's quest to make the most of her new life.

Our Review

Incandescence takes place in Islamabad Pakistan with a trip to Canada and is about a beautiful young lady Alisha Khan and the undeniably good looking Anis Mughal. This story is about love, friendship and the bonds they create to help Alisha overcome what could be a devastating injury.

For me it started off a little slow I had to get used to the authors writing style, since this takes place in Pakistan and the translation from that language to English at times I would need to re-read something but I caught on quickly and really ended up enjoying reading how things we think of something are thought differently by others. I also loved that the author used traditional words throughout the entire story some I knew from having friends around the world others I used the lovely tools on my kindle and learned many new things. Especially wedding traditions. Very interesting.

I really fell in love with Anis and at times wanted to shake Alisha and tell her stop pushing him away girl this man loves you and wants nothing more than to take care of you. But then I also understood her need for independence and to overcome.

Alisha graduated college and had started her own successful business which her best friend Sadaf and her husband Shahmir also helped her run, on one late night a tragedy befalls Alisha and she is seriously injured and left with some very deep scars. Physically, mentally and emotionally. Her family and friends are there for her, through it all, encouraging her, and helping her get back on her feet, back in the world, and supporting the decisions she makes. And then there is Anis, heir to his fathers hotel business and a very confident man. Good looking and falling for Alisha, even after what happens. In his eyes she is just as beautiful as she was the first time he met her. He see’s deep into her soul and the more they are together the deeper he falls.

This is a story of tragedy, overcoming, friendship, family, strength and love. It was a really good book. Look past the difference in writing style, learn about another country, lifestyle and watch two amazing people fall in love.

About the Author

As a thirteen year old teenager, Xunaira J. aspired to be an author someday. From short stories to novellas, she has written them all but as an adult now, she has published two short stories and is now aiming to publish her first Novel, Before Time, scheduled for November release. Xunaira resides in Islamabad, Pakistan and enjoys a hot cup of cappuccino, a good romance novel and her favorite music from the 80’s. Apart from that, when she’s not working on her current literary project, she loves developing mobile applications and studies as a software engineer.