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Cover Reveal for Mr.X by Clarissa Wild

Title: Mr. X

Author: Clarissa Wild
Publication Date: July 2014
Genre: Dark Romance (18+)

** Author Note: This is not your avarage romance. Some people will kill for love. **

He’s come to kill me.

I’m a user and abuser of my own body. In the darkest hour I sold my soul to the devil and now I must pay the price. With his gun to my head I have no choice but to listen and obey, but I refuse to go down easily. Nothing is stronger than the will to survive. My instincts kicked into full gear the second he stepped into my motel room.

Except when I look at him I see my own heart staring back at me. A history tainted by blood.

I don’t know his name, but I know he wants me. To save myself I’ll sacrifice my sanity. My body. My soul. Something tells me the x-shaped scar that marks his eye is the only escape I have. He is Mr. X; the man who comes to claim my life. Can I save myself before he demands my heart?

WARNING: This book contains very disturbing situations, dubious consent, strong language, drugs and alcohol, and graphic violence, which might be considered triggers.

Clarissa Wild is the Amazon Bestselling Romance author of FIERCE, a top
200 and top 15 New Adult Romance novel. She is also a writer of erotic
romance such as the Blissful Series, The Billionaire's Bet series, the
Doing It Series and the Enflamed Series. She is an avid reader and
writer of sexy stories about hot men and feisty women. Her other loves
include her furry cat friend and learning about different cultures. In
her free time she enjoys watching all sorts of movies, reading tons of
books and cooking her favorite meals.

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Super Book Blast for Calculated By Renee Novelle

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An investigative journalist gets an unlikely tip from a mysterious informant. Dismissing it as impossible, she disregards the information and drops the story. Until the informant turns up dead, as predicted.

Plunged into the murky waters of a seedy underground prostitution ring, this psychological thriller provides twist upon dark twist in a story that would ultimately pin the church and several government officials in the largest murder cover-up the city has ever witnessed.

But is it true, or has the journalist merely been used as a pawn in a greater scheme? And how many people is she willing to sacrifice trying to figure it out?

Enjoy an excerpt:
When she arrived at the little facility her building provided, a quick look around confirmed she was the only one there. Just as she’d hoped, and exactly how she liked it to be. Smiling in satisfaction, she flipped on the television that was perched on the wall, and turned up the music on her iPod as loud as she could handle it. The multiple distractions would help her get through the extra mile she was planning to conquer. With chilled water bottle in place, she cranked up the treadmill to a nice brisk pace.
As her breathing picked up speed and her muscles began to warm, Ana’s eye caught a red flash along the bottom of the screen. Breaking News filled the bar, and the too-chipper-for-their-own-good reporters were suddenly getting serious. Since the volume was still muted, Ana couldn’t understand exactly what was going on, only that they were showing the wide stretch of river that ran along the outskirts of the city. She wiped the first beads of sweat from her brow, and used the remote to turn the volume of the television higher while simultaneously adjusting her music.

As the reporters spoke, home-video footage of something floating in the water rolled before her eyes. The camera zoomed in, the frame ever so shaky, and it became clearly apparent that the “something” was a person - face down with long brown hair spread out like a Catholic halo. It appeared another victim had been pulled out of the water; the count was quickly tallying up. A young woman this time, and possibly one who had gone missing the night before.
Ana’s pulse skipped a few beats as they replayed the video over and over. There was something familiar about the long, lean body. Slowing the treadmill to a stop, she ripped the ear buds from her head to give the segment her entire attention.

...it appears at first glance that the victim suffered from a deep cut to the throat, and received multiple stab wounds to the chest...
The beads of accumulated sweat turned cold on Ana’s brow. She immediately reached for her phone and dialed Kylie’s number.
“What the hell, Ana?” Came her friend’s groggy voice.

“Turn your TV on. Channel four. Hurry.” Ana said, eyes transfixed to the screen in front of her. “Recognize that face?”
...It’s thought the victim may be one of the young girls recently reported missing. The screen flashed candids of three possible women. All brunettes. All tall and thin. All roughly the same age. Among them was a photo of Mara, just as Ana had expected there would be.

But the body was too bloated and disfigured to be absolutely certain, and an autopsy would be needed.

... The body will be taken in for processing where officials hope to shed more light on the case in the near future. In the mean time, they’re cautioning residents to avoid....
“Did you see that?” Ana’s voice escaped in more of a demand than a question. “Please tell me I’m seeing things.”
“Oh my god...” Kylie whispered into the receiver, confirming the dread that was building in Ana’s stomach. “Do you really think it’s her?”
“I know for a fact it is.” Ana declared, the pull in her gut getting stronger by the minute. “The autopsy will confirm it.”
“So, what does this mean exactly now?”
“That maybe I should have been listening a little closer when I was talking to Mara.” She said with regret as she swiped her forehead with the back of her hand. “And maybe I should have asked more questions. There’s a story here, I’m sure of it now.”
“What are you going to do?” Kylie’s voice was decidedly more alert now.

Ana shook her head. “I have no idea.”
Though if she were to be truthful with herself in that moment, she’d already made up her mind. Ana flipped off the television, and left the little gym to get started.

About the Author:
Formerly a freelance journalist, Novelle has found placement of her pieces in both online and print publications since 2008. Additionally, she has written multiple screenplays, and contributed her writing to many non-profit and for profit organizations. She has launched several blogs over the years, which garnered international attention.

In 2013, Novelle returned to her first love – fiction. Writing under the names Renee Novelle and R.S. Novelle, she has a publication schedule that includes Psychological Thrillers, Suspense, Paranormal Fiction, Contemporary Women’s fiction, Chick Lit, and New Adult.

Though she received her Bachelor’s of Science in Communication, summa cum laude, she considers herself a constant student of the written word. She’s an avid reader, an enthusiastic quote poster, and rarely takes “no” as a final answer. She has an unhealthy obsession for theater, dance, music and art, and strongly believes that wine is simultaneously the beginning of, and resolution to, all of life’s problems. She believes in following dreams, and that in the end, you always end up where you’re meant to be.

You can find out more about her books and connect with her here:

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Blog Tour & Giveaway for Em Petrova for her newest novel Pushin' Buttons

Pushin Buttons - Tour Banner

TITLE – Pushin’ Buttons

SERIES – The Boot Knockers Series 

AUTHOR – Em Petrova 

GENRE – Western Contemporary Erotic Romance 

PUBLICATION DATE – June 10, 2014 LENGTH (Pages/# Words) - 56,000 PUBLISHER – Samhain Publishing

Pushin Buttons - Book Cover

About Book

Sexual dysfunction. The words make Sibyll cringe, but after one too many failed relationships, she has to face reality. Her O-button is broken, big time. Sick of sitting on the sexual sidelines, she books a week at Boot Knockers Ranch. If a passel of rugged cowboys vying to bring her bliss can’t get her off, nothing will.

Hugh had planned to sit out this week’s rotation of sexual therapy, but when he spots sultry Sibyll, he pulls rank. His bone-deep urge to possess her isn’t enough to coax elusive orgasms out of her body, though. And his resolve to give the lady whatever she needs wavers when she shyly makes a mind-blowing request.

Riggs stepped aside when Hugh muscled in to claim Sibyll, but he jumps at the chance to fulfill her ultimate fantasy—a threesome. But once they come together, all barriers are stripped away, exposing his love for the one man—and woman—he’d break every last rule to make his own.


Our Review

Wow ! What and interesting read and super hot !Who would have thought to read about a Cowboy Camp that specializes in helping women in need whether sexual or getting over a messy divorce feel good about themselves again.Sex Camp ?Just loved all the characters they were interesting and fun sexy and bruting and just to damn HOT !

Just loved the concept of a bunch of cowboy's fighting over a bunch of women to have sex with them .Too funny.Although this is a working ranch that sells horses this Ranch specializes in helping women.Everyone of the cowboys plays a part.There main goal is to have there women leaving happy and feel good about themselves again and give them anything that they want while they are there.The men are at there beck and call.YEAH!

Just loved all the character's but, I alway pick a favorite on to rave about and my pick would have to be Sybill. She just surprised me the most of all.She arrived at the ranch hoping to get over her sexual dysfunction in not being able to have an orgasm hoping one of these cowboy's will do the trick. Sybill was a bit uptight and had a controlling personality I believe this is part of her problem she just needed to let go.Hugh her gorgeous cowboy was the one just to do that.Instant sparks between the two. Sybill really surprised me the most she had the whole another personality to herself that she kept suppressed but, once she let it come to the surface she was some Hell cat as the men would say...One man couldn't do the trick but two !Who would have thought the stuffy uptight gal is into threesomes ! And I just loved how she came to care for her two cowboy's so quickly they just all fit together.There relationship justed worked and when things come to the end my heart broke a bit for her as there seemed to be no happy ending for her. Sybill was just a sweetheart loving caring and smart and love able all wrapped up into one package.

Have a mention too how much I just loved Hugh and how he kept saying that Sybill heart throbbed him after all the women he has been with one stuffy little librarian type is the one to make this sexy hot cowboy fall in love.He was just cute sexy love-able and bruting and I was just a little bit in love with him myself.Riggs on the other hand was just one love-able sexy sweet cowboy the kind you could spill all your secrets to and go to when you need a good cry on one's shoulder.He was just too adorable.

I just loved it and we are giving it 5 stars.Em is a fairly new author for me and I am just loving her books.This was one great fun read and I am looking forward to reading some of Em's other titles in this continuing series.

Recommended Read to all that love Erotica reads!

Excerpt Sibyll followed her gaze to the door between stage entrance and hallway several feet away. His back was to her and the other dozen women, his shoulders taking up most of the door frame and his white T-shirt molded to a chiseled back. Sibyll outlined his back muscles with her gaze, cutting a path down to a backside hugged by worn denim. The cowboy pivoted. His face was illuminated by the overhead lights as he talked to the perky Isabel, the ringleader of this insane audition process. “He has a black eye!” someone whispered. “From a bar fight? Please let it be from a bar fight!” a woman with a gorgeous head of red hair and thick glasses added. The cowboy raised his head and stared at the women. Suddenly Sibyll’s muscles tensed to run. She didn’t want to be here, had made the wrong decision. So what if I can’t experience “physical and emotional sensation at the peak of sexual excitation” according to Dictionary.com? Isabel swooped through the door and pointed at the curvaceous brunette to Sibyll’s right. “You’re next.” Then she returned to the doorway, where she leaned and talked to the cowboy with the black eye. Dust motes swirled hectically in the lights streaming from the stage. Sibyll tried to follow one with her eyes. Anything to keep from looking directly at that cowboy’s handsome, rugged face. He was huge—tall and broad and muscled in all the ways that made the knot in Sibyll’s core want to unravel. But it never did. Maybe if he fights to win me, I could. He glanced up again, and the group of women tittered. The leggy blonde was led offstage on the arm of a cowboy wearing all black except his shiny silver and turquoise belt buckle. “Wow, he’s fine. Jenny’s lucky to get him,” the virgin whispered after they passed. They stopped at the door, and the production manager moved to the side so they could pass. The black-eyed cowboy with the two-day-old dark stubble on his jaw shook hands with both cowboy and contestant. “You—sexy secretary—you’re next.” The production manager jabbed a finger in Sibyll’s direction. She looked around herself. A slight girl to her right wore a peasant dress and thong sandals, and the tall, toned girl to her left wore sporty shorts and a T-shirt with an energy drink logo. “Wh—? Me?” Sibyll pointed to her chest. “Yep, you.” The production manager whirled back to speak with the cowboy, but he’d strolled through the door and was making his molasses-sweet way across the stage. He passed the first group of contestants, who froze like a herd of deer in the middle of Highway 495. He dipped his head and positioned a battered brown cowboy hat on it. “Howdy,” he drawled, lips curled in the perfect dose of Southern gentleman and cocky bad-boy. Feminine sighs sounded in response. Sibyll’s heart thumped as he neared her small group standing nearest to the stage. The closer he got, the more his bulk seemed to take up all the space in the room. Or maybe that was testosterone. He dropped a wink at the virgin and leaned in to speak to her. “The black eye was nothin’ as glamorous as a kick-ass bar fight. Took a hoof yesterday working with the horses.” He straightened and settled his gaze right on Sibyll. She stopped breathing as electricity passed between them. That’s my imagination. I’m so keyed up. The cowboy cleared his throat but didn’t say anything. Around them, women gawked. Hell, even Isabel the production manager stood with her mouth open, glancing between the huge cowboy and her clipboard. “Hugh, you’re not filling in today, are you?” Isabel asked. The man blinked, severing his hold on Sibyll. He shook his head. “Nah, I’m not competin’ today. I’m Master of Games as usual.” He pinned Sibyll again with his gaze. Something dark and exciting coiled low in her belly. What if this man did stand up for her? I’d choose him in a heartbeat.
Pushin Buttons - Author Photo


Em Petrova lives in backwoods Pennsylvania, where she raises four kids and a Labradoodle puppy named Daisy Hasselhoff and pays too damn much for utilities. She loves to write gritty characters with lots of heart and is well-known for scorching, panty-soaking erotic romance.


Our Author Interview

What would you have done differently if you were the main character of your book?

I’d book a 2-week trip to the ranch. 1 is never enough, believe me.

What was your inspiration behind this book? 

Pushin’ Buttons is a product of my sick mind wondering what would happen if you went onto the show THE VOICE and Adam Levine pushed his button b/c he wanted to seduce you. 

Why did you become a writer?

I had no choice. Write or die.

Do you have a favorite author or authors?

I adore Anne Rice and Stephen King. If they ever ask me to do a kinky boxed set, I’m in!

Do you like to write your books in a continuing series? 

My books, even if in a series, can all be read as single titles. Often the characters do not cross over. In the case of The Boot Knockers series, though, the same characters make appearances.

If you could date any character from any book, who would it be and why?

Peter Pan. Because he never grows up and gets low testosterone. Also he pulls off a fierce pair of tights.

What kinds of books do you like to read in your spare time?

I’m a literary fiction reader and I adore the classics.

As a reader and writer I think it is important to get to know your fans and make a connection with them as an author who takes the extra step to hear what their fans think and want in their continued writing is continued success and key to selling more books .Do you agree with that?

I talk to my readers daily, and while I do keep an ear to the ground about their current tastes, I always write what I love. I believe the passion shines through no matter what kind of book it is.

Do you cry when writing sad scenes?

No. It takes a lot to make me cry. Like PMS and no chocolate. LOL.

Did you have a Cover Designer?

For self-published books I work with an awesome artist. If the book is through a publisher, I submit a cover art form and their artists are assigned. So far I’ve been very blessed. I’m sort of a cover diva and will really let you know if I’m unhappy about a cover! For instance, I once had a hero on a cover with a mullet. No, the mullet wasn’t part of the story.

Who is your fictional boyfriend or girlfriend crush? 

Fictional BF is David Beckham *shiver* and my GF crush is Shakira! Whew!

If you were able to dine and have a one on one with your favorite writer/author who would it be?

Kris Mallory. He writes horror and I adore him. We talk daily on the internet but we’ve never met in person.

Do just re-read your favorite books? 

I don’t have a lot of reading time, so I go for what I’m in the mood for. Before I was a writer I would read my faves in a cycle—Diana Gabaldon in spring, Dickens at Christmastime…

Do you ever get in a reading slump like your readers do? 

Reading feels like work to me, and I don’t often unplug enough to read. *sad face*

What is the funniest book you ever read?

I heart Bridget Jones’s Diary.

Thanks for having me! Great questions!

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