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Book Review For Forsaken (Daughters of the Sea #1) by Kristen Day

Forsaken (Daughters of the Sea #1)

5 stars
Reviewed by: Tonya
Published: Kristen Day
Source:Provided by author  Genre: Paranormal

About Book

Once you’ve been touched by darkness, it never leaves you…
Abandoned by her parents as an infant; seventeen year old Hannah spent her childhood wading through countless foster families until being adopted by the Whitmans three years ago.
Unfortunately, Atlanta’s high society wasn’t quite ready for Hannah…or the strange events that plague her.
Chilling visions of murder, unexplained hallucinations, and dark, mysterious guy who haunts her nightmares all culminate to set in motion a journey of self-discovery that will challenge everything she’s ever believed; not to mention her sanity.
Sent to live at The House of Lorelei on Bald Head Island, NC for ‘kids like her’, Hannah quickly realizes things are not what they seem. Her fellow ‘disturbed’ teens are actually the descendants of mythical Sea Gods and Goddesses. And so is she.
But when Finn, the ghost from her dreams, appears in the flesh; her nightmares become reality and her dark visions begin coming true. Inexplicably drawn to him, she can’t deny the dangerous hold he has on her heart. The deadly secrets he harbors will ultimately test her courage and push the boundaries of her love.

She must decide if she is ready to embrace the ancient legend she is prophesied to be a part of. The fate of all the descendants will forever depend upon it.

My Thoughts

What a truly amazing book – I have loved reading this book. Let’s just say that if I could make time stand still so I could just read and never have to put the book down until it was finished (though I hate that it comes to an end – as all books do). I really got into this book and while reading I really felt transported into the story, like I was right there watching every moment unfold before my eyes. To me an author is only as good as the story’s ability to draw you into it and making you the guest of honor that is there, but not there. Author Kristen Day has done that with Forsaken.
Let’s start with the main character her parents leave her as a baby at a police station in the middle of the night in the middle of a storm. Even though the storm is referring to the weather outside you can tell that it represent the storm within the hearts of the parents that are leaving their beautiful daughter for what one can only assume is a better life.

Flash forward and she is all grown up. Hannah Elizabeth Whitman or that is what the foster system named her. Her newest family comes from money and adopted her as a teenager. Though she has never truly felt like she fit in she does the best she can to make her adoptive mother happy. At a party something happens that for Hannah is normal but very embarrassing for her adoptive mother. So her adoptive mother sends her to a therapist. Not long after Hannah’s world is completely turned upside down.

Hannah’s therapists recommends sending her to a special school for people like her. Only she doesn’t know what that meant “people like her.” Coming to this school is a new start for her, a start where no one knows about her past, her life in foster care, the things she has seen and subject to and so with that fresh start Hannah decides to change her name and becomes Anastasia.

Anastasia is special as are all the rest of the students at this school. At this school she begins to learn where she really came from, she makes great friends and meets a very dark, very handsome guy. And even though they never met until this point she knows him, she has known him most of her life. Finn as she comes to learn has been in many of her dreams throughout her life. And not long after coming to the new school he saves her life. She soon learns what is special about everyone at this school, all of them are children of Gods or Goddesses. There are different types, each having something special about them based on who their parents were.

Anastasia’s friends in this book have such character. Her roommates Willow, Phoebe and Carmen each are so very different from each other but are also like “Stasia” as they end up calling her. Only Anastasia is a bit more special than the rest, and everyone but Anastasia knows this. A great bond grows between the girls from the moment Anastasia arrives and instantly they take to each other. I love Phoebe’s whit, she is funny, spunky and quirky and you can tell she loves to get under Carmen’s skin – but in a good way. Willow she is the motherly type of the group a healer and great in the kitchen. Carmen is the exotic one and has a bit of fire in her, attitude which you see throughout the book and I really loved. I really liked all three of these girls, so well written in the story and so easily like-able. And others are as easily dis likable such as Olivia one of the other girls from across the hall who had serious attitude and what seems like jealousy issues. But they always say never judge a book by its cover – Olivia is a good example of that.

There are moments throughout this book that your breath is completely taken away, you are laughing at Phoebe and her comments, holding your breath waiting to see if Carmen is just going to let her have one. There are moments that you are brought to tears, okay well I was brought to tears. You can feel the pain that ‘Stasia’ and her friends feel. The struggle, the laughter and joy. I could feel the struggle within Finn every time he was with Anastasia and she would ask a question. The author did such a great job writing the emotions into the book that they are right on the tip of the page and as you turn to it, it’s like it grabs hold of you and you feel what they are feeling within those pages.

The story flows from beginning to end, there is no down time, there is no okay let me skip a page or two so I can get to a good part, it’s all good from the very beginning when you are drawn into the parents pain of leaving their daughter to the very end when who and what Anastasia truly is and is truly meant for comes to light. You can close your eyes and hear the music play as Finn and Anastasia are dancing, you can imagine her wonder when she is battling the elements to save something very dear to her. You can feel the pain as she tries to save a friends life and you can feel the tender moments between her and Finn.
This is one book I thoroughly enjoyed reading and now I am going to close this review and head right into the next book of this series “Awaken”.

Book Review For Awaken Daughters of the Sea Series-Book #2 By Kristen Day

Daughters of the Sea Series
Book #2 
By Kristen Day
 5 stars
Reviewed by: Angels
Published:Kristen Day
Source:author copy Genre:Paranormal Romance

About Book

The sacrifices we make have the power to shift the very fabric of who we are, and ultimately who we are meant to be…
After learning of her true destiny as the intended Leader of the Tydes, Anastasia Whitman must now embark on a perilous quest to the Underworld before the age of eighteen in order to plant the seed of immortality and complete her essence to become a true Sea Goddess. But before she can make her legendary journey, an unexpected new student transfers to Lorelei; initiating a sequence of events that will unravel Stasia’s new life, and test the boundaries of her relationship with the mysterious, dark, and sexy Finn Morrison. The line between the Underworld and the Living begins to blur as gruesome ghosts, morbid reveries, and pure evil haunt her waking hours as well as her sanity. Once the details of Finn’s own startling destiny are revealed, the dangerous secrets he’s been hiding will threaten the very love Stasia believed to be indestructible. As time begins to run out, she will be forced to choose between the one she loves and the destiny she cannot escape.

My Thoughts

Wow ! Another keeper for sure. This continuing story just picked up where the last story left off.I never realized I was reading a new book! How fantastic is that.Another page turner that kept me up all night again but, I am not complaining this book was well worth it !

The danger became even more real for Stasia strangers are in town are now making her life a living hell.What to do ?After learning of her true destiny that she is the intended Leader of the Tydes. She must prepare herself for a quest to gain entrance to the underworld where she will gain her immortality.It is a dangerous quest she needs to learn to control all the powers she been gifted with to use in the up and coming fight. With the help of Finn and her friends she will learn all that she is capable of.Stasia is struggling with all of this its a lot to take on so soon. All these powers are coming so fast she has not been able to control them or learn even to use them to her advantage.She having reveries that she is not understanding.She is able to travel to the past and to the future and present just by dreaming.Learning some very discerning stuff as to what is to become or her...

Love all of character's.They were very brave, funny and characters for sure. We are introduced to even more characters as Stasia roommates are also learning to craft there own powers along with engaging in the dating scene themselves.

Got to say that Carmen was my favorite character this time around. That girl had such a demanding presence about her. She was one tough cookie.She made me laugh more then once with her altercations with Ricker.The couple had a love hate relationship.Carmen and Ricker had a past making there situation even more complicated. But, all the while all the tense fighting and teasing was going on you could tell Ricker truly cared about Carmen. If you ask me he really wore is heart on his sleeve.

Then we have Liam and Willow taking there stab at romance or trying to.There developing romance was slow they seemed to be testing the waters both of them.Well maybe more so Liam he was so painfully shy and Willow a little more bolder I think well, maybe in her mind.But, I really think they will make a really cute couple.One thing that this author did is create all her male love interests to carry on as gentlemen.I just love that.

I have to say that I just loved following Anastasia budding romance with Finn.He just kept getting and better in my eyes.Both are now taking there relationship toward the next level. Finn is an important part of Stasia future as well as her past he knows so much about her that even Stasia doesn't know.

I have to say that I kept getting more and more excited as Stasia learned one ability after another. She was so surprised at herself at the abilities she had mastered and learned to control and command. In a sense they really scared her a bit. She grew even more powerful than even her mother ever was and she held extreme power so you can only imagine the things Stasia was capable of a even surprising Finn.

Not only does Stasia have a destiny to follow so does Finn.He will need to fight is own brother to the death to take his next chosen place as the leader of there clan.Its a fight to the death for both. I can only imagine how that weighed on Finns thoughts and what Finn must have been going through not only worrying about his own path but Stasia's. I had one pet peeve or didn't like about Finn at times it felt as he kept a lot of information to himself about his own clan and destiny and Stasia's at times it seemed like he was trying to hide things.But, then on the other hand maybe he was trying to protect Stasia by not telling.What pressure he must have be under to know what he had to accomplish himself and still protect his love at the same time.

Even more intrigue is happening and even more twists and turns and now even a few road blocks.At this point Stasia and Finns relationship is be put to the test and Anastasia love is being tested.This couple will have to have faith in each other for there love to survive.Bombshells are dropped and are having you wonder if there relationship was nothing but a joke.

I have to say that Stasia's roommates all stepped up to the plate a rallied with Stasia supporting her in her quest to come.Helping anyway they can.You will be amazed to learn the sacrifices her pals were willing to make.They impressed me greatly.

Such a moving story with so many ups and downs so much intrigue and how much we were able to learn about all the characters pasts and what was expected of them for the future.Amazing relationships built on love and friendship being put to the test.

This is a book to be read again and again and will remain in my keeper pile .A recommended read to all ages. A fascinating story not to be missed.

Book Review for Chosen Daughters of the Sea Series-Book #3 By Kristen Day

Daughters of the Sea Series
Book #3 
By Kristen Day

 5 stars

Reviewed by: Angels
Published:Kristen Day
Source:Gifted Copy
Paranormal Romance

About Book

The essence of who we 

are lies not in what we have, but in what we are willing to give up.
Because in the end, Time and Tide wait for no one.

sacrificing all that she had, the evil princess of the Underworld is
still successful in her bid to tear Finn from Stasia’s life.  In the
midst of her search to reclaim him, Stasia is summoned to the island
nation of Cyprus to take part in an age-old ritual; unveiling the
missing pieces of her ancestry and re-igniting an ancient war.  As she
struggles to both save Finn’s soul and free Carmen’s mind, Stasia’s
bravery and determination will be pushed to its breaking point.  A dark
storm is forming on the horizon, and the forces who are vying to destroy
 her may be much closer than she thinks.  Destiny weaves a sticky web of
 evil, betrayal, and revenge that can only be undone by the purity of
love and the soul’s unyielding will to survive.  In the last installment
 of the Daughters of the Sea trilogy, the past will collide with the
present as Stasia’s future hangs in the balance.  The prophecy that
paved the way for her new life may indeed be the very thing that strips
her of the ones she loves the most.

My Thoughts

This best series I have read so far this year !I have to stay that I haven't been this excited about a series since reading Claudy Conn's Shadow series.Once I started reading I was already feeling a loss thinking that this is the conclusion to this on going series. I am so sad...

Another fabulous read! Another sleepless night well worth it !I have to say how impressed I am with this author and her writing .Her books never included a dull moment and each book just kept getting better and better and even more intriguing.

Another amazing read with a great cast of characters.We are introduced to Anastasia's mother if only in ghostly form. And we learn even a bigger secret about her father.

Anastasia and Finn at this point have gone there separate ways.They have to conquer there own destines by themselves .They both are experiencing heart break .Its kind of sad neither could be there to support the other for the final chosen quests.

Stasia powers are almost to her full capacity at this point she just is learning to adjust to them more like fine tuning them.Once she completes are test and becomes immortal she will be a force to be reckoned with !At this point I am really feeling Stasia pain so much pressure put on one so young.

Stasia parents left her with some really big shoes to fill. Not only does she need to succeed at her quest in the underworld she needs to gain access to it.She needs the approval of a bitch of a Goddess to gain entrance.Then she needs to survive the quest with some heirlooms her mother has passed on to her and a moonstone she found at a wreck when playing in the ocean with Finn.She will need to find a way to used these items in her quest.Once free she will need to battle against her mothers sister (clan sister) to prove she is the strongest of them to be the new and rightful leader of the Tyde's not only that again the approval of all there clan.

I was impressed with the sacrifices that Finn and Anastasia were willing to make for one another just to be together.It almost broke my heart.There whole courtship was a very intriguing one and one that never felt rushed.Every decision each made about the other had much thought behind it.It felt like that they were striving for a Happily ever after so took the romance slowly.

Poor Carmen she went with Stasia to the underworld and came home a prisoner in her own body something a someone got into her mind and was controlling her thoughts making her insane.They were killing her really.Ricker has been with her non stop lending his love and support and knowledge to free his love of this demon or what ever has possessed her.What a rock he was he impressed me greatly any other guy would have taken a hike.How there relationship has blossomed over time.So sweet..

So much has happen .So many secrets have come to light taking us down new avenues.The pain and loss are becoming bearable now.So much intrigue and new twists and turns coming to light we are on the seat of our pants and waiting for answers.We are hoping they will be able to heal Carmen and make her whole once again.

We see Finn and Stasia love become even more greater.Will they take that finally step to be together for all eternity ?But can you trust the others around you not to betray you ?Can Anastasia accomplish all her goals without losing her life?Have you gained all that you ever wanted a family, fantastic friend's a kind a loving boyfriend that was meant to be your soul mate just to lose it all ?

Wow ! So many mixed emotions did I experience in this last novel.I experience happiness, sadness, and plenty of tears that is for sure but, also love a laughter.We see compassion given and respect gained leaving you in awe because you never saw that one coming.

Another thrilling and truly amazing read for me!Another story by Kristen not to be missed.I am seeing a bright future for this young writer and can't wait to see what other amazing stories she will have for us in the future.

Oh wait I said I was sad to see this series come to an end that I would feel a great loss and will miss an amazing cast of character right ? Well Kristen has surprised me greatly she has another yet to this series .Hearken (Daughters of the Sea #4) coming soon yeah !!!! 

Can't Wait ! 

Book Review For Shadow Heart: Slayer (Shadow Vampires #2) by Claudy Conn

Shadow Heart: Slayer (Shadow Vampires #2)

by Claudy Conn


Reviewed by:Angels

Format:Kindle Edition

Published by : Claudy Conn Source:Purchased 

  Gene: Paranormal Romance


Her name is Nikki Walker, and she is a vampire slayer. She never thought she would have to use her slayer powers…but she does.
She is on the trail of an ancient and secretive vampire called Deadly Moon, and Nikki wants her dead. She has her reasons.
His name is Damon Drummond who some of you have met before, and already know that he is a hunk of an unusual vampire. He is bent on keeping Nikki away from Deadly Moon.
The sociopath vampire, WB, who had been Pentim Rawley’s right hand man has taken over the Pentim clan, and is turning out to be even more of a problem than his predecessor had been. In fact, if someone doesn’t do something soon…Dublin will go dark under his power, and other cities will follow.
Damon and Nikki are on opposite sides. He is a potent vampire--she is a skilled and powerful vampire slayer. Problem right there…but, when they look at each other, sparks of all kinds fly. Too much stands between them. He will live forever…she will not…and yet…

My Thoughts and Review

Oh My ! This series keeps getting better and better. Who would have thought a vampire and a vampire slayer not me ! I am just so loving this series it is nice to be excited by a new author its been a while for me so this is a nice treat.Claudy's books are just full of mysteries and by that I mean her characters they are all so mysterious and are not what they all seem on the surface and yet so much more.

We met Damon in book one of the series and I was falling for him then with his mysterious ways about him and his talk and dark brooding looks but, after reading his story I am totally in love.He is tall dark and dangerous and a very powerful and yet has a caring and sensitive side to the 1000 plus year old vampire that one would not expect.Nikki Walker vampire slayer is on the war path to avenge her brothers death.. But , at every turn Damon is in her way.The person Nikki is after is a very close friend of Damon's and he just cannot believe she would murder someone in cold blood even for a vampire.

The two go round and round.Damon is so much more then a vampire and Nikki does sense this he knows way to much about her. He says she has untapped powers that need to be released in order to fight the war they have ahead of them. War she is not here for war she is here for one purpose only and that is to kill the vampire that killed her brother.

Nikki and Damon make and odd couple right? A slayer and a ancient vampire? These two have a connection whether they want one or not the sparks are always there between these two.You feel heartache for the couple as there looks to be no future for the both of them one mortal and one immortal.

Nikki and Damon team up for whats ahead and develop a relationship not knowing were it would take them they will have to just have to live in the moment right ? New characters are introduced to us and the people who look the most normal have secrets themselves and it is so hard to trust anyone as they are not who they seem.Chad from book one graces our pages in this story and I was glad to see him there as Damon and he have developed a lasting relationship.

The story had so much going on that you need to pay attention so many developments coming to life.The story was a page turner from the very beginning trouble followed Nikki everywhere.We saw her grow more powerful throughout the story which would have made her brother Jack very proud .They story was full with wonders and laughs and magic and so much more.The Camaraderie between the two main characters had me smiling on a off throughout the book. More of the puzzle comes to light but, the danger is still there and they are all still in for another adventure.The stories new characters were all so amazing I am talking about the good one of course not the bad ones ! LOL Just love them all ..

This was another amazing read and and enjoyable tale .As always can't wait to read the next in the series to see what happens next I am on pins and needles!A recommended read to all and Claudy is at the top of the list for people to read in my book anyway. Kept the stories coming Claudy...........your biggest fan............ 

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Book Review for Shadow Life Hybrid by Claudy Conn

Shadowlife-Hybrid by Claudy Conn

by Claudy Conn


Reviewed by:Angels

Format:Kindle Edition

Published by : Claudy Conn Source:Purchased 

  Gene: Paranormal Romance


Chase MacAdams is a hybrid with extraordinary abilities…
 Roxie is an Indian beauty, a shapeshifter on her mother’s side and
hales from a little known tribe in the Adirondack Mountains of New York.
 Her father is an immortal—Scottish by choice and time.
Thus, a
friend, Nikki Walker thinks and rightly so, that Roxie will help in the
fight against WB and his vampire clan. They need help because the
vicious vampire now has Count Dracula on their side and all of Europe is
 in danger.
However, they have given Roxie a difficult task. The
team wants her to visit with Chase in the highlands of Scotland and
convince him to join in the fight. He has already refused, but Nikki
doesn’t think he will refuse Roxie MacBran. And for all the wrong
reasons he doesn’t

My Thoughts and Review

conclusion to and ending series! I loved this entire series and all
books were all worth the time to read.The two main characters of this
story were perfect for one another. Chase and Roxie made a lovely
pair.Just loved the book. The book became a page turner right from the
beginning with lots of laughs, humor ,mystery and tons of danger to keep
 your interest in the story.

I found along with the other books
 to this series that each book including this one had hero and a heroine
 who both played there part for a favorable outcome in eliminating the
evil that was about to take over mankind.The two were very different
but, each needed each to find each other in order to play there part in
there own destinies.One of the main things I loved about Roxie was about
 where she was from and the tribe that she came from was a nice twist.
Growing up in Adirondacks myself it was nice that the story included
where Roxie was from making her character even more lovable in my

Roxie had her work cut out for trying to get
Chase in on this mission as he and his father were loaners but, there
was not stopping Roxie from her mission she just needed to be her fun
sexy self and he was a goner.But, Chase fought a long and hard battle
not to succumb like all the men characters that made up this group of
stories.But, one look at there women and the were goners from day one
they just didn't know it.

I believe the Queen had her hand in
making all the matches throughout these stories even this one but she
just doesn't come out and say it or let be known as common
knowledge.There was so much action that came to life on the pages and
also new secrets that were revealed .Also it shed some more light on
things all bringing us up to speed and solving some mysteries we might
have had..But, Roxie was the one thing needed to stop Dracula in his
tracks along with a little help to keep one deeply guarded secret in
tact and if not for her who knows what would happen to the outcome of
this story.

The story was a wonderful read and recommended to
all.The book had everything a reader could want strong characters,
humor, sexy men,beautiful sexy heroines,tons of mystery, magic, vampires
 and the Fae all while taking place in the glorious highlands even
making the story even more magical.Even though this story had and ending
 I believe if the author at some point wanted to write another to this
series or a continuation mayhap going in another direction she could
easily do that.Loved the entire series and if a reader choose to read
the books out of sequence they wold not have a problem catching on.

 My only thing and this is only me personally that I felt missing in the
 ending was this.Throughout the entire series several persons would play
 a part in the books ending series.Why weren't they all there at the
finale. They were all spoken about throughout this story but, Why
weren't the couple that started it all there to see the ending or the
couples that came after before they all played a part.Would it have
caused a more dramatic ending or not ? This observation is only a
personal one and in know way diminishes the authors the ending of the
story saying it wasn't a good one but for me if I started a chain
reaction that lead to the chain of events to come to pass I would have
liked to have been there personally at the ending even if I was not
needed to see how the whole thing played out

Be sure to put
Claudy's books in your to read pile if they are not there as you don't
want to be missing out.Currently reading her Fae series and loving
it.She is a wonderful author and is worthy of being in your current
library there in mine !