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Cover Reveal for Embracing Us by Author Delisa Lynn

Life was perfect.
Lila Carls-Ellis had a perfect life, an amazing husband, beautiful twin girls, and a job she had always dreamed of. But, in the back of her mind, there was still that one person from college that she thought about, the only other man she ever loved.
While flying to New York for a friend’s wedding, she was trying her best not to run into her old flame. But low and behold, the one person she was trying to avoid coincidently was the first face she saw once landing in New York. Seeing Evan brought back so many memories, and seeing him with his ex-girlfriend, made her need his attention even more. After much thought, she decided to visit him. Just a friendly visit turned into dinner, drinks, and a night of passion that she had yearned for since leaving him four years ago.
Liam Ellis loved his family more than anything and would protect them no matter the cost. He knew his wife had a secret, but he wanted her to tell him when she was ready. No matter what may or may not have happened, he was devoted to standing by her side. All while wondering in the back of his mind what forced her to make that decision that could possibly destroy their future.
There was so much she needed and wanted to tell her husband, but getting the courage to do so was the hardest part. Will this change everything for Lila and her husband Liam? And what part does Evan play in all of this? No one knew that one night could change the course of everything.
Until that one night changes everything.
Delisa Author Pic
My name is Delisa Lynn, I grew up in Columbus Ohio, I am currently residing in Western New York. I love music, all generations, I do have a soft spot for country and 80’s hair bands. My favorite season is fall, I love the weather that time of the year, watching the leaves change and most of all being able to watch football. Go Bucks!! I am also a 49ers fan and New York Yankees fan. My favorite color is pink, not baby pink hot pink. My mother in law thought I was joking when I asked her to add hot pink in my wedding dress. I’m married to my high school sweet heart, we have been together going on nineteen years, sometimes I can’t stand him but I wouldn’t trade him for the world. I love you Jay. Our baby is a five year old spoiled Yorki named Sophie and yes she thinks she is human.
I have always had a passion for reading and writing. I remember being around eight or nine years old reading my Mama’s romance magazines. Then once I got a little older I was reading full length novels by the time I was thirteen. I remember my freshman year in high school, I told my English teacher I wanted to be a writer he laughed when I said I wanted to write love stories. So Mr. Gatti look at me now. Of course it took me twenty plus years to get here. I have a very vivid imagination and have always felt I should express it in my writing. When I’m not writing you can find me snuggled with my hubby watching a movie, or cuddled in the corner of the couch with my fur baby reading.
I hope you all enjoy reading my books as much as I did writing them.

Cover Reveal for Broken Elements & Shifting Shelves by Mia Marshall



Broken Elements & Shifting Selves Mia Marshall 
(Elements series) 
Genres: Adult, Urban Fantasy

Synopsis - Broken Elements:

“It’s happening again, Aidan. We didn’t stop it, after all.”

As an elemental, Aidan Brook holds the power of water at her fingertips. A descendant of the earth’s oldest magic, she can cause tides to ebb and flow, put out house fires without calling 911, and give anyone who’s annoying her an impromptu shower.

But even her magic has its limits. After it fails her one terrible night, she hides from the world and everyone she once loved, trying to escape the memories that haunt her. Ten years later, her exile is brought to an abrupt end when her former best friend appears on her front porch. An elemental killer is once again murdering her friends, and she must return to the scene of her own crimes.

Lake Tahoe proves more than she bargained for. Between a sadistic killer, some clever FBI agents, an annoyingly attractive landlord, and way too many new roommates, she has a pretty full plate. Add in a past she’s desperate to escape and her own uncontrollable powers, and Aidan Brook is having a very, very bad month.

Synopsis - Shifting Shelves:

Aidan Brook's world was shattered when the actions of a brutal murderer revealed long-buried secrets about her past--secrets even she didn't know. A powerful elemental, Aidan discovered she possesses the wrong kind of magic. It's a secret that could cost her sanity—or even her life.

What she needs is some peace and quiet. What she gets is a phone call from a division of the FBI so secret it doesn’t even have a name, asking for her help with a series of shifter disappearances.

Before Aidan can settle into a new routine of pancakes and evenings by the fire, the case develops claws. She quickly finds herself caught between uptight bears, deadly mountain lions, overprotective parents, and unhappy federal agents. Throw in a stalled romance with an enigmatic shifter and the slow dissolution of her chosen family, and it’s hard to say which will drive her mad first: her magic, or her chaotic life.

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Mia Marshall has been a genre reader from the first moment she cracked open The Wizard of Oz series and discovered it was even better than the movie.

A few decades after that, she decided to create her own imaginary worlds. Broken Elements and Shifting Selves are the first two books in the Elements urban fantasy series. The third book, Turning Tides, will be available May 2014.


Lycan Gladiator Spotlight with author Eva Gordon

By: Eva Gordon 
shed By: Corvallis Press
Published: Aug 20, 2013 
ISBN # 9781625289803
Word Count: 95,000
Print Length: 282 Pages

Book tagline:

A lycan gladiator in Rome's b
rutal arena vows to claim his forbidden mate … but her secrets may seal their doom.
 Book Blurb:
During a time of bloody gladiator games and treacherous schemes, a secret society of lycans live amongst the Romans.
When Ulric, a lycan gladiator, meets a mysterious human woman with green eyes, he’s drawn to her fiery beauty, enraptured by her alluring aroma. Unfortunately, Ulric and the beauty are slaves. To make matters worse, he can mate only with someone marked with the sign of the wolf.
Cassia’s hidden wolf mark burns in the presence of the handsome gladiator. While her heart yearns to be near Ulric, logic warns her against it—having a slave as a mate is against the lycan society’s plans for her.
In spite of the lycan society’s rules and the emperor’s brutal plots, their love grows … but their passion just may cost them their lives.


His fangs emerged and drool pooled in his mouth. Fresh kid. People in his way quickly stepped aside lest they be caught in his blood lust. He smiled. What did it matter if he started the performance earlier with a fresh kill? Let them know the ferocity of a wolfen. His claws sprang out, and he stalked his prey. Ready to break its neck. His low growl silenced the frozen bystanders. A woman screamed and he hesitated. He stiffened, thunderstruck at the vision of the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.

“Egidius!” The woman dressed in a fine, white gold-laced tunic and matching palla dashed from the alleyway. Her veil askew, she knelt by her goat and covered him with her arms. She glared at him with intense, captivating green eyes. A sprig of green in the dust-ridden market. “You will not eat my goat!”
He forgot his fangs were out and drool dripped from his lower lip. Realizing his beast-like state, he cupped his hand over his mouth like a bashful child. A curled strand of her rich brown hair slipped from its upswept style and hung down her exquisite long neck. Her figure, slender like a swan.

Her hand gripping her goat’s rope, she stood. He did not smell fear, most unusual for a Roman woman facing the infamous wolf man. Her emerald eyes pierced through his hardened soul. He sniffed her aroma. Her divine scent made him forget his hunger, at least for food. Something about her calmed him. What manner of spell had she cast? He felt drunk with wine, not to the point of belligerence, but enough to make him relax and nap. She appeared to be upper class, a woman unavailable to him not only for his status but also because of his kind. Yet she did not look Roman. Was she from Gaul or perhaps the north? He gave her a wolfish grin. “If you are off to the butcher, I would love to share a bite of meat with you.” He gently guided her from the major thoroughfare.

She frowned and adjusted her fallen veil with her free hand. “Egidius is my pet. I brought him to have his hooves trimmed.”

He boomed a laugh. “A goat for a pet?” He glanced down at her beautiful face. He heard the loud beat of her heart even in the din of the passing crowds. The sound pleased him. Was she his mate? Not possible. She did not wear the red cloak of the wolf maiden.

Her green eyes met his. “I have heard of you, gladiator.” She scoffed. “Ulricus, wolf king of the Verspilles.”

If only he could tell her he was not what the Romans called a monstrous wolf man but rather a lycan from the north, but she would not understand the difference. Like an adolescent boy, he boasted, flexing his biceps. “Come tonight and witness the Wolf Hunt.”

Where to purchase Lycan Gladiator
Buy links for Lycan Gladiator

Kindle: US  UK  CAN | Barnes & Noble | Apple | Kobo | All Romance

Other links for Eva Gordon
Paranormal Romance/Fantasy Author
Animal Lore Specialist/Raptor educator

Praises for Lycan Gladiator:

“A fast-paced, historical Roman adventure filled with edge-of-your-seat suspense and sizzling hot passion!” –Ann Charles, Multiple Award-winning Author
If you like your paranormal romance with jagged edges and tension as taut as a garrote, strong characters and larger than life conflict, this new series is going to rock your world as you are pulled back in time and find yourself standing in the arena hearing the shouts for blood. Eva Gordon knows how to make a bold paranormal statement!
-Tome Tender Book Blog Dii’s 5 Star Review
Werewolves and gladiators oh my!

Lycan Gladiator is a wonderful mix of history and the paranormal. This is a unique tale filled with intrigue, action, danger, and a forbidden romance. I couldn't put it down! The story was well thought out and beautifully executed. It was plain to see there was a lot of thought put into this world of gladiator werewolves.

-Katy Cody’s 5 Star 

Praises for Eva Gordon’s other book, Apocalyptic Moon (review snippets) in After the Bane Series
Over 21 5 Star Reviews on Amazon!
Ms. Gordon has put her own spin on the often-used lore of zombies, werewolves and witches, making them attractive and new even to the most jaded reader. The dry sense of humor mixed with suspense and action is well-balanced and the point-of-view switches go smooth, adding depth to the characters and story. I love this read. It has kept my attention till the end, and I would suggest it to anyone tired of the same old zombie and werewolf stories.
Coffee Time Romance

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Blog tour for Wildwood Creek by Lisa Wingate with Giveaway

There is a mystery in Wildwood Creek's history, a mystery that affects Allie's present...

Wildwood CreekWildwood Creek
by Lisa Wingate
Christian Romance
Paperback, 384 pages
February 4th 2014 by Bethany House Publishers

Allie Kirkland has never been one to take wild risks. But when she’s offered a costuming assistant’s job on a docudrama in the hills near Moses Lake, she jumps at the chance. She’s always dreamed of following in her director-father’s footsteps, and the reenactment of the legendary frontier settlement of Wildwood is a first step. The family expectations will have to wait.

But in 1861, the real Wildwood held dangerous realities. Town founder Harland Delevan held helpless residents, including young Irish schoolteacher Bonnie Rose, in an iron grip. Mysterious disappearances led to myths and legends still retold in the folk songs of Chinquapin Peaks. Eventually, the entire site was found abandoned.
When strange connections surface between Allie and the teacher who disappeared over a century ago, everyone in Wildwood, including Allie’s handsome neighbor on the film set, Blake Fulton, seems to be hiding secrets, and Allie doesn’t know who she can trust. If she can’t find the answers in time, history may repeat itself . . . with the most unthinkable results.
Bethany House

Lisa Wingate Author PictureLisa Wingate is a journalist, inspirational speaker, reviewer for the New York Journal of Books, and the author of over twenty novels.  Her novels combine elements of history, romance, mystery, and women's fiction with nuggets of Southern culture, from the sublime to the humorous. She is a seven-time American Christian Fiction Writers Carol award nominee, a Christy Award nominee, an Oklahoma Book Award finalist, a Christianity Today Book Award nominee, an Inspy Award nominee, and a two-time Carol Award winner. Her works have been selected for Booklist’s Top Ten List in 2012 and in 2013. Recently, the group Americans for More Civility, a kindness watchdog organization, selected Lisa along with Bill Ford, Camille Cosby, and six others, as recipients of the National Civies Award, which celebrates public figures who work to promote greater kindness and civility in American life.

Bethany House

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