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Book Review for Share You (Roommate Romance) by Rene Folsom

   Share You (Roommate Romance)   

Reviewed by: Tonya
Published: Roommate Romance
Source:Purchased copyGenre: Romance

About Book

After werewolves attack her family, Amelia Singer escapes to Cutter's Folly in search of her long lost grandmother. There she finds the strangest revelation yet: not only is she descended from a long line of shapes-hifters; Amelia's firstborn is destined to lead the pack to dominion over all others. Now power hungry shifters everywhere will stop at nothing to share in that prophecy. Choosing a mate is the only way to end the violence, but how can she be expected to choose a man she's known for less than a week? At the heart of this struggle, Amelia is torn between Chase, who makes her pulse race with a single sultry glance, and Cutter, a reclusive but tempting loner with secrets of his own. Can fiercely independent Amelia find happiness with the pack, or will she rebel under the pressure and take her chances on her own?

My Thoughts

I don’t normally do this but let’s just start with the cover. Hello sweet cheeks can I grab that amazing arse of yours too? Rene sure does a great job making sure the cover completely fits the story, and gets the steam going right from the start.

So this little erotica is a husband and wife looking for a roommate when hot little Ava comes along. Imagine my surprise when it’s the wife who is fantasizing over being with her instead of the guy. Now there is a real twist for you. Of course in true male form Nick things that is the hottest thing ever asking his wife to tell him all about it. Making their love session even hotter than normal. I mean this couple is hot to start with, she is beautiful, he is down right gorgeous so you know they are already knocking the boots without any issues but throw in a girl on girl fantasy and this man is going nuts and the wife is over the edge. LOL

Okay and I think this is probably the hottest book of this Roommate Romance series that Rene Folsom has written so far and worse yet I chose to read this while I was sitting at my daughter’s softball practice. Yeah not a good idea – no cold showers LOL. There are so many sexually charged ions floating around the pages of this book you could recharge batteries with it.

The bathtub scene between Kelli and Ava is pretty hot – so be ready, I am not kidding when I say you best be prepared to take a very long and very cold shower or have your partner handy because this book, this scene and the following bedroom scene are going to get you extremely revved up. This is a very mature book, a very adult book; don’t leave this one laying around for your teenagers to get their hands on. LOL But hey it just may give you some ideas to spice it up in the bedroom or bathroom for that matter.

Blog Tour The Twelfth Paladin‏ by Nora Weston and Author Interview and Giveaway !

Title: The Twelfth Paladin 
Author: Nora Weston Publisher: Melange Books LLC Length: 242 pages 
Sub-Genres: Erotica 


             In The Twelfth Paladin, good against evil battles as an angel, demons, and a temptress extraordinaire, named Rachel Darnell, vie for the soul of Jake Cottrell. Jake foolishly dares Hell to burn him. Hell agrees.

Scarred with angelfire by a rebellious angel, named Micah, Jake Cottrell is sanctioned to become the twelfth paladin in Micah 's supernatural unit of slayers. However, regret abounds as Micah is banished and ordered to protect what he now despises a human he believes is unworthy of such an honor. Never fear, Jake is a seeker of mischief who soars on a blistering blacktop to escape the wrath of Hell while he transforms into the twelfth paladin.

             In The Twelfth Paladin, good against evil battles as an angel, demons, and a temptress extraordinaire, named Rachel Darnell, vie for the soul of Jake Cottrell. Jake foolishly dares Hell to burn him. Hell agrees.

Scarred with angelfire by a rebellious angel, named Micah, Jake Cottrell is sanctioned to become the twelfth paladin in Micah 's supernatural unit of slayers. However, regret abounds as Micah is banished and ordered to protect what he now despises a human he believes is unworthy of such an honor. Never fear, Jake is a seeker of mischief who soars on a blistering blacktop to escape the wrath of Hell while he transforms into the twelfth paladin.

Youtube Trailer:

The Twelfth Paladin


Excerpt 1

Forbidden desire incited, I fell into Rachel’s maddening world feeling her splendid, bare breasts upon me. No rest for the wicked. A bit delirious, “Damn you,” slipped through my lips knowing I stood upon the jagged edge between life and death. Fuming with monstrous hunger, I danced on that edge feeling good and evil collide in every cell of my body. “Wait…oh…my God, just wait,” I said running my fingers through her black as midnight hair.

“I’ll wait for nothing,” said Rachel skimming my neck with claws fit only for a beast. “You’re mine.” More bewitching kisses, irresistible and dreadful at the same time, demanded I fall into chaos.
Tightening my grip on sin, I said, “You’re unbelievable, magnificent.” The computer screen flickered with a deep blue light as hatred in my soul grew for Rachel, but my flesh…cursed and weak, was so anxious for her essence it made me sick. You’ll be the death of me, but I’d die a happy man. Uh, hold on a second. I don’t want to die. Ready to escape her vindictive entrapment, I dared to look upon Rachel’s eternal beauty saying, “I won’t…can’t let you in.”

“Too late.” Refusing to budge, Rachel slithered her smoking-hot body all over mine sparking a wildfire in my lust filled skin. “You beckoned me,” she said mesmerizing me with eyes so dark they had to be portals to Hell. Soft laughter, accompanied by a playful caress, extracted all fear while Rachel ingested the precious beams of moonlight. “You need me, Jake.” Left awestruck by the mystical presence, shadows froze at the mere sight of her.
“Wrong…you need me,” I proclaimed as every inch of my throbbing, hard body burned for her.

“Choose your words carefully, well…that is if you want to keep your tongue.” Sitting on top of me, she scraped my jaw with those deadly claws saying, “So shut up. I know what you crave. Yes…I…do.” Rachel slid down my tormented body making sure I’d regret rejecting her. Molten hot lips scorched my flesh, and then she chanted a devilish spell that devoured all guilt.
Sexual torment, synthesized to the nth degree of potency, ignited in my veins with a vengeance. No, stop—don’t ever stop. Sh—shit. This can’t be happening again.

No mercy existed as Rachel licked my face and then bit my bottom lip drawing fresh blood to quench her primitive thirst. Glaring into my eyes, she smiled wiping warm blood from her perfectly glazed, red lips. “Um, sin-filled wine.” Soulless eyes gleamed with unadulterated evil as her intoxicating scent and mouthwatering body seduced my soul.
Choppy, maniacal rambling echoed like thunder and then dulled to become a terrifying murmur the likes of which only the Tower of Babble could contain. The hushed turbulence in the room frolicked with Rachel’s enticing lawlessness, until at long last…my conscience revved up to kick my ass. I halted Rachel saying, “I don’t want you anymore. To Hell with you!” I awoke sweating and exhausted from the lunacy buzzing throughout my mind.
Heavy from the encounter, my eyes twitched. Free from Rachel’s spell, moonlight attacked optic nerves extinguishing the rampant fire inside me. Light? Yes, it’s virtuous…and when light is summoned, it’s an almighty force to be reckoned with. That was a priceless lesson for this seeker of mischief to learn.
In the unguarded stillness of the night, I sat up in bed shaking my head while marveling at Rachel’s ardent pursuit. That beautiful…but dangerous bitch is still messing with me. Will it ever end? Feeling fresh, blood-ridden wounds on my chest made my heart flutter. “I let her into my dreams and now look at me,” I whispered catching my breath. Well, thank God I survived this one. Close call…yeah, really close. Sorry to say, the netherworld had splattered my nighttime reality with enviable, but hazardous sexual antics that, if accepted, had the ability to conquer any sense of righteousness I still retained.

Our Interview

What would you have done differently if you was the main character of your book?
This is a great question! Jake Cottrell is the reluctant hero in The Twelfth Paladin. He has many issues, including the inability to forgive his mother for abandoning him when was a young boy, and Jake refuses to acknowledge his father did the best he could to raise him. This burden of always feeling like he should have never been born is the root cause for Jake’s anger, recklessness, and his “live for the day” attitude.
So, I think…hope if I’d been in his situation, that I’d still count whatever blessings I had. Making the future more important than the past would be something I’d pursue relentlessly. Not as easy as it sounds, I know, but I’m an optimist at heart. 

What was your inspiration behind this book?
It’s been said truth is stranger than fiction. The Twelfth Paladin was inspired by a super creepy email I received years ago. It invited me to play with danger and join a club like no other. I was so tempted to check out the invitation much more, but something stopped me. Thank heavens! Who knows what trouble may have been connected with that email.
Hence, Jake Cottrell was created to dive into a virtual reality filled with wicked temptations from the dark side that put his soul at risk. He gets to do everything I would not!

Why did you become a writer?
Oh, goodness! My love of writing was birthed from my hatred of geometry. Instead of listening to my geometry teacher in high school, I wrote poems, which were mostly frightening in nature. I also spent way too much time watching Dark Shadows and The Twilight Zone. Throw Star Trek in, and my imagination plus my loathing of math equaled fiction. Ah, see-I can compute!

As a reader and writer I think it is important to get to know your fans and make a connection with them as an author who takes the extra step to hear what there fans think and want in there continued writing is continued success and key to selling more books .Do you agree with that?
Absolutely. There is nothing like getting feedback on my work, especially if one of my stories brings a smile to someone else. I know a few nightmares have occurred for a few of my readers too! That being said, those nightmares included Jake Cottrell…who is a supernatural hottie, so my readers were perfectly fine with their steamy dreams caught between Heaven and Hell. I love to hear from anyone who has ventured into my lands of horror, fantasy, and science fiction.

Do you have a favorite author or authors?
I enjoy reading new authors like Mysti Parker, Cambria Hebert, and Brett Talley. They all will easily transport you away into their mystical realms. My favorite author is Alexandre Dumas who wrote The Count of Monte Cristo, although I will also escape reality with Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King, Wilfred Owen, Mary Shelley, C. S. Lewis, and J. R. R. Tolkien. I like dangerous stories with wild adventures that take me far, far away from ordinary days. A bit of romance thrown in is icing on the donut. Yes, I did say donut. I can live without cake, but donuts are the best.

Do you like to write your books in a continuing series?
Yes, I sure do. I’m working on sequels to Guardian 2632 and The Twelfth Paladin. It was pointed out to me in a review of The Twelfth Paladin, that Jake is number twelve…so eleven other stories are brewing. Alas, I must confess, though, that another story has sidetracked me a bit, so I hope to finish it up soon so I can get back to Zane Grayson and Jake Cottrell.  

If you could date any character from any book, who would it be and why?
Easy answer for me! No doubt about it, I’d date Edmond Dantès from The Count of Monte Cristo. He is brave, loyal, incredibly smart, and Edmond does not give up when he’s down. He is a fighter. I like that.

What kinds of books do you like to read in your spare time?
Most of the time, I’m drawn to books in the speculative realms because anything is possible. Knowing a long lost love can time travel or be brought back from the dead is awesome! It’s really mind-blowing to read about heroes who’ve become supernatural to protect mankind. However, if I know a book (or movie) has a sad ending, I cannot spend time on it. City of Angels? I know, what a complete bummer!

Do you cry when writing sad scenes?
Nope, not cry. There have been a few scenes that have certainly made my eyes water, but then I must get a grip so I don’t lose the creative energy. Later on though, at night when my mind wanders, I do dream about those sad scenes because the characters seem so real. I do feel a bit guilty about what I put Jake through. He’s a tough one though…

Did you have a Cover Designer?
Yes! Caroline Andrus from Melange Books did the cover for The Twelfth Paladin. I was very fortunate to work with her because I was able to choose photos to use in the cover. Caroline put the cover together exactly the way I had imagined it. 

Who is your fictional boyfriend or girlfriend crush?
Well, you can probably guess! Edmond Dantès from The Count of Monte Cristo.

If you were able to dine and have a one on one with your favorite writer/author who would it be?
This is a super difficult question! I’d love to speak with Alexandre Dumas, but Wilfred Owen and Mary Shelley would also be fabulous dinner guests. Oh! I can’t exclude Edgar Allan Poe. He is such a mystery, so wouldn’t it be grand to pick his brain?

Do you re-read your favorite books?
I don’t re-read entire books, but favorite passages do beckon me once in a while. If I’m doing a review, then I have to go back through and seek out the best parts to write about. 

Do you ever get in a reading slump like your readers do?
In the warmer months, I find outside work keeps me slumping a lot! I always read more in the colder months. Hot tea, a cozy blanket, and a great book are perfect companions at the end of long, dark days of winter.

What is the funniest book you ever read?
My gosh! I can hardly believe this, but I’ve never read a so-called funny book! Books I’ve read have had a few humorous parts, yet the humor was not the focus of the plot. Okay, suggestions? I’m willing and ready to try a funny book.
 Thank you for having me at Angels With Attitude Book Reviews! 
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About The Author:

Nora Weston’s fiction and poetry slips in-between and all around science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Her publishing credits include the novels Guardian 2632 and The Twelfth Paladin, plus anthologies, magazines, and e-zines. Themes found in Nora’s work relate to good against evil, Internet safety, the powerful consequences for one’s actions, and the ability we all possess to improve the world. She’s had the pleasure of reaching people through the airwaves on radio stations throughout the US. Recently, her work was published for Bête Noire and Crack the Spine. Feel free to download previous interviews and segments from Desmond Haas/Romance Radio Network and Blog Talk Radio’s Not Picture Perfect, plus B.K. Walker has interviewed Nora on Blog Talk Radio as well. Contact Nora Weston:
Nora Weston
Twitter: almostsanelady

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Silver Heart Cover Reveal & Book Release Blast JULY 25th for Author Victoria Green

Book Info-
Title-Silver Heart (novella)
Series-The Unspoken Collection #1
By- Victoria Green
Genre-New Adult Contemporary Romance
Expected Publication Date- July 25th

There comes a moment in everyone’s life when they must decide which road leads to personal happiness. For Dylan Silver, this is that moment…

For the past twenty-two-years, Dylan has been living in her parents' carefully crafted world, always putting her own dreams on hold to play the role of a dutiful daughter.

So when her best friend coaxes her into a winter getaway to a mountain cabin, she sees it as a chance to forget about the responsibilities waiting for her at home. At least for a little while.

But then her past catches up to her—in the form of world-renowned snowboarder, Sawyer Carter.

Six years ago, Dylan bid goodbye to the only boy she ever truly loved. Now he's standing right in front of her, looking sexier than ever, bringing up suppressed feelings and bittersweet memories as he dares her to be the person she has always wanted to be.

Dylan and Sawyer’s unexpected meeting is a second chance, but will a girl who doesn't believe in fate and taking risks be able to overcome her fears of losing control and finally embrace the life she desperately wants?

Only one thing is certain: after a week in Whistler, Dylan's world will never be the same.


About the Author-
NA Author writing for those suffering from unspoken love and believing in second chances.

Will work for chocolate. And puppies.


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