Friday, February 3, 2012

Acting Like Family – Montgomery Family Series by J.J Massa

Riker Montgomery is a famous actor in Hollywood. Every woman wants to be with him and every man would love to be him. He is 6 foot 2 with salt and pepper hair and dreamy yellow gold eyes. Did I mention that he gets a bit hairy? No man is perfect and Riker is no exception to the rule. He is a werewolf with a very high metabolism.
Bethany (Bet) Black normally lives in the Bahamas but flies out twice a year to meet with her publisher in Chicago. Bet is petite at only 5 foot 5 with long wavy blond hair and green eyes. She is always cold no matter where she is, but being in Chicago is making it much worse.
Bet is stuck in Chicago due to the airline overbooking her flight. They set her up in a hotel where she passes out from exhaustion. Riker is known to find strange woman in his bed and dreads it all the time. Coming back to the hotel after a shoot and finding a woman in his bed is no surprise but her scent is. What does a man do when he finds something like her in his bed? He seduces her through the night and into the morning. Bet wakes in the morning feeling embarrassed but reading a newspaper article about Riker’s woman makes it even worse. She flees thinking that Riker will see her as another groupie. The next few months Riker searches for Bet so he can make her his. Bet has other ideas and keeps running, literally.

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