Thursday, January 28, 2010

Like A Charm by Candace Havens


Thought this was a very cute story. First time reading Candace's work. This book was fast paced and enjoyable read it in just a couple of hours. It is a mix of a love and magic. Kira is a high powered lawyer in the big city after becoming ill her mothers convinces her to come home with her to the town in which she grew up to get well. While there she meets Caleb and starts forming a relationship with and she is torn as she needs to get back to work and Caleb would be thousands of miles away. She has been in the fast track of her career working 90 hours a week and now has had a chance to sit back and relax and do the things she so missed out on lately.She meets up with her old friend Mabel who owns and operates the local Library in Sweet. Mabel and Kira were close when she was young. While there Mabel becomes ill and passes away. Mabel has left Kira her the library to run with conditions that must be followed the to the T but in the end its Kira choice. As the library has strange things going on.It is filled with dead people and pets that only Kira can see. She thinks she is losing her mind. There is a book she needs to find to read to tell her what is going on . She can't seem to wrap her mind around any of it. She has a career and doesn't plan to stay so she is torn on what to do because if she leaves the library will close and the town would be without. She is sent a guide to help her along her journey which turns out to be a guy in drag. LOL. Kira has been chosen and is special and there are few of her that have the power to face what is up ahead.What will she do... This book earned 5 stars from me as it was funny a witty and made me laugh threw the whole book.

The Accidental WereWolf by Dakota Cassidy


What a funny and charming story. This story was upbeat and very funny from beginning to the end read this book in a couple of hours. Marty Andrews is out walking her poodle when she encounters another dog along they way and ends up bitten. She starts going through all kinds of hormonal changes , mood swings, and all of a sudden she is having to shave her legs 2 times a day. But help is on the way when Keegan Flaherty shows up to her door telling her that he is the one who bit her but it was a accident and by doing so her has now turned her into a werewolf. He feels awful about what has happen and now he needs to convince her that what he is telling her is true. This is not going to be a task as Marty is fiercely independent strong willed and a hard working girl. She is all about fashion and looks and being the best seller for Bobby Sue Cosmetics. She is on the fast track and looking forward climbing the latter to get that blue convertible that comes with success in the company. It is not going to be easy to get Marty to come with him to his family home to make her transition easier. But then she is kidnapped and now someone is out to get her so Keegan rescues her and is keeping her in hiding until he can find out what is going on. Twist and turns from here on out. Who is plotting to get rid of Marty ?While trying to solve the riddle these two are on there way of falling in love..... Will there be a happy ever after...This book earned a 5 star rating from me !